What Size Cabinet is Right for a Pull Out Trash Can

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Your cabinet requires a specific size pull out trash can. Here's how to figure out what'll work.

So you’ve found a sweet pull out trash can to use in your home, but aren’t sure what size cabinet is right for it…

There’s good news.

Just like there are many sizes of cabinets, there are also lots of pull out trash can sizes as well. However, there are some ideal cabinet widths which I’ll list out within this article.

Here's the Trick (minimum cabinet opening)

The trick with pull out trash cans is this…we need to give them room on both sides (at least 1/2″) to allow them to slide in and out of the cabinet without hitting hinges or side frame walls.

You want to know what the manufacturer or brand lists as the minimum cabinet opening for your particular pull out trash can.

But where can you find this so called minimum cabinet opening? Once you determine the name of the manufacturer, you can often times visit their official website and look for product details or download a product catalog.

For example…

If the manufacturer for a certain pull out trash can product says their minimum cabinet opening is 15″ in width, you know your cabinet size needs to be at least 15″ or wider (bigger opening) in order to accommodate the assembled pull out trash can.

Typically, for this example, we would see this product installed inside of an 18″ base cabinet.

Right Cabinet Size for a Pull Out Trash Can

The most ideal cabinet size for a trash pull out is 18 inches wide. This width allows you to fit a dual waste bin pull out inside the cabinet. You can also find various dual pull out trash cans that can work in a 15″ width, 21″ width and 24″ width cabinets.

Single bin trash pull outs can work in a 12″ width or 15″ width base cabinet.

Standard Base Cabinet Widths

Many cabinet manufacturers use standard opening dimensions for base cabinets. Common width dimensions are 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″ and 24″.

Many trash pull out products work within these dimensions already, but make sure to reference the manufacturers physical dimensions of the trash pull out frame.

Standard Base Cabinet Height and Depth

Most standard base cabinets will be 34.5″ high. If you add another 1.5″ for the countertop, you get a total of 36″ in overall height. Be sure to measure the inside dimensions too.

The depth of standard base cabinets is typically 24″

Popular Pull Out Trash Can Brands

There are several great pull out trash can brands out there. Here are a few to check out.

Comes with a cabinet door moutning kit, bin(s), frame assembly and all mounting hardware for the install.

Bottom Line?

There’s no perfect solution or definitive answer to what cabinet can work. As long as the pull out trash storage has room to operate, you are good to go.

The trick is gathering the correct measurements of your cabinet width, height and depth and selecting a trash pull out that is smaller than those dimensions.

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