Gain Space and Accessibility with These Two Wall Cabinet Pull-Down Organizer Options

Pull Down Shelves for Kitchen Cabinets

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As a generation moves towards retirement and the inevitability of aging, storage solutions are also adapting to the growing demand this brings to convenience hardware products. We need the ability to not only store medical supplies and prescriptions, but to easily access it with relative ease.

Having wall cabinet pull-downs is a great way to meet these requirements. While initially created to meet the demand for medical storage, these pull-down organizers can be used to store various supplies like, craft items, pet supplies, baby essentials and more.

These two organizers glide down towards the operator and lock into place. Once supplies is retrieved, a simple downstroke on the handle pull will unlock it and the unit will soft-close back into the cabinet.

The Universal Pull-Down with Acrylic Storage Bins

This pull-down is designed for a 24″ opening and uses nitrogen charged gas springs to assist in the movement of the product.

It can be side mounted or bottom mounted in your cabinet. The 5UPD-24CRN comes with the frosted acrylic bins that provide easy access to prescription bottles, medical supplies, pet supplies, tea or coffee goods, etc.

The anti-skid liners assure the items will remain intact and protected. Pre-printed and customizable labels are provided to customers to make it even easier to uniquely identify the outside of the bins and quickly access what’s inside.

Two-way dampening provides soft-close for downstroke and upstroke. The pull-down will lock into place when completely extended.

To engage the gas shock to close, simply pull down the handle and the unit will unlock. Removable acrylic storage bins, customizable labels and drop-in dividers are included.

Image Source: Rev-A-Shelf

Standard Chrome Wire Shelf Pull-Down

There are two sizes to note with this version of Rev-A-Shelf’s 5PD product. Units for openings of 24″ and a 36″ are offered. Like the 5UPD above, this can be bottom mounted and side mounted in your wall cabinet.

It is offered with chrome wire shelves and uses a gas assisted shock to help with the opening and closing of the unit. The pull-down organizer will extend 16-3/4″ out from the face of the cabinet frame.

Easily access hard to reach items and create counter space by putting unused kitchen or cooking products up and out of the way. This is a great product for the elderly, height challenged or handicapped.

Image Source: Rev-A-Shelf

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