9 Inspiring Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas & What Color Paint to Use

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Are two tone kitchen cabinet designs in style? I would say so! Here's some inspiring blue, black and brown kitchen color ideas that proves it's the way to go.

Are two tone kitchen cabinets in style? In this article I’ll take a look at some evidence that says it certainly is.

Two tone kitchen cabinets are contrasting upper and lower cabinets. More often than not, designers are pairing white upper wall cabinets with colorful base cabinets.

What color kitchen cabinets are in style for 2021?

Instead of using all white cabinets or traditional wood, designers and homeowners are using neutral lower cabinet colors paired with white upper cabinets to make a contrasting look. This helps to add depth without bringing a heavy feel to kitchens. (chart from Sherwin Williams)

Try using these cabinet color palettes:

  1. Blues
  2. Greys
  3. Browns
  4. Sages
  5. Blacks

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with your kitchen designs! Two tone kitchen cabinets can be a hard choice to make, especially when it comes to the color.

Think about your overall space and kitchen layout. Do you have floor to ceiling cabinets, open shelving, a huge kitchen island or a small galley kitchen? These factors can often play a role in choosing how bold you should go.

Some of the most popular two tone kitchen cabinet ideas use blue, brown, black and neutral color paint on the lower cabinets paired with white or cream upper cabinets.

Black and White Two Tone Cabinets

Black lower cabinets are a strikingly bold move, but it does add a bit of elegance to the space. Black lowers and white uppers are also ideal in smaller kitchens where the contrast isn’t so robust.

photo: Kays Monochrome Home
photo: Home Cabinet Westbury
photo: Kelly Hopter Interiors

Blue and White Two Tone Cabinets

Blue or navy lower cabinets are probably one of the most popular trends. Used with white upper cabinets and brass or black door hardware creates a nice sophisticated and charming space.

photo: Grace In The Home
photo: Semihandmade
photo: Ariella Horowitz Design Group

Brown and White Two Tone Cabinets

Using brown lower base cabinets can be intimidating. Lean into your gut feel with a classic neutral color and you won’t regret it.

photo: The Tetbury House
Two Tone Brown Kitchen Cabinets
photo: Home Cabinet Westbury
photo: San Diego Custom Cabinets

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