TWCSC Series Trash Pull Out









  • Soft-closing slide system
  • Door mounting option
  • Pre-assembled frame
  • Blum Tandem Slides


  • Hard to clean
  • No lids
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We like to dive into what makes trash pullouts unique and this post is no different. In an effort to figure out what the best trash pullouts for kitchens are, we’re always discovering cool products like the TWCSC Trash Pull Out from Rev-A-Shelf.

All trash pull outs seem so similar, but in reality they are very different. Whether it’s the drawer box material, slide systems, door mounting solutions or can sizes, each product has subtle nuances that really matter to the overall look and performance.

When investing top dollar for a premium product, it’s always nice to find out what makes it the best. Let’s take a look at the TWCSC Series trash pull out and what sets it apart…

TWCSC Quick Overview

  • Designed for 15″, 18″ and 21″ base cabinets
  • Single and double 35qt. and 50qt. bins
  • Full-extension Blum Tandem soft-close slides
  • Pre-assembled frame

Will the TWCSC pull out fit in my cabinet opening?

If you have a 15″, 18″ or a 21″ base cabinet the simple answer is yes, it will.

There are a number of size variations on the TWCSC trash pullout. In the graphic, we note the difference between a full height base cabinet and a base cabinet with a drawer above it.

Keep in mind if you have a drawer above, only the 35 Quart size bins on the TWCSC will work.

If you have a full height base cabinet and want to utilize the entire space, go for the 50 Quart size bins.

What sizes are offered?

There are currently six TWCSC size options to choose from. Make sure to do your due diligence and double check the manufacturers exact size specifications to verify proper fit with you cabinetry.

TWCSC Trash Pull Out Single Bin
TWCSC Trash Pull Out Double Bin

Do I need to Door Mount it to my cabinet door?

The TWCSC Series trash pull outs are designed to be mounted to your existing cabinet door. The built-in door mount brackets make it fairly simple to achieve this.

Sometimes using double-sided tape can assist in the process of lining up the door once the unit is installed and mounted to the base of the cabinet.

The TWCSC drawer box and slide system…

The drawer box is pre-assembled so you can install it straight out of the box. It is really only a few screws to mount it to the base of the cabinet. A formed white MDF insert inlays within the frame making the containers secure.

The slides from Blum, an industry standard, are what sets this unit apart from basic ball-bearing guides. If you want the best, this product has it. The concealed Blum Tandem slides have a smooth running action that’s perfect for trash pull outs. The slides are full-extension and rated for 110 lbs.

Does the TWCSC come with a lid?

Lids are not offered on the TWCSC trash pull outs, however you can purchase them separately via Rev-A-Shelf or right here on Amazon. Depending on cabinet construction and pull hardware, a lid on the rear waste bin may not fully function.

Our take…

Trash pull outs are being spec’d into new kitchen designs and also being retrofitted with DIY projects. Finding the best trash pull outs for the kitchen or options for the under-sink areas is a great way to add functionality. 

The TWCSC product falls on the contemporary side of trash pull outs. Having concealed slides and a white drawer box frame make it a nice fit for transitional and contemporary kitchens. Most trash pull outs are white wire, wood maple or have an aluminum look to them. 

Along with the modern look of the TWCSC, we like the Blum soft-closing slide system. We also like the ease of install and door mounting capabilities. Overall, it’s just a great trash pull out.

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This is an impartial review. is not associated with the manufacturer of this product. Each individual’s unique needs should be considered when deciding on chosen products. Specifications and dimensions are suggested as of the time of this post.

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