3 Sample Setups for Tresco Lighting – Suggested Layouts Included

What configuration is best…

So, first and foremost there is no one answer when it comes to choosing or selecting the products for your project. There are a number of ways to produce the same outcome. This will simply depend on your job, customers preferences and your knowledge of Tresco Lighting installations.

We often get calls about offering suggested products to cabinet makers looking for a quick and easy answer. Unfortunately there is no easy answer. Tresco Lighting has various ways to achieve the results you may be looking for. For example: various power supplies with different wattage outputs, a plethora of puck pights with all sorts of finishes, lenses, and sizes…or on/off controllers that dim, operate on doors or sense motion.

Below are a few examples to consider. There are suggested setups for base cabinets, upper cabinets and a tall pantry. Keep in mind, this is all applicable only to the Tresco Lighting product line that we frequently discuss on the website.

Possible Tresco Lighting Setups

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Disclaimer: The components displayed here are exclusive to Tresco Lighting. The schematics or “setups” referenced here are simply for visual purposes only. Please consult your cabinet maker, installer or Tresco Lighting before attempting to replicate. Any hardwiring needs to be completed by a licensed electrician.


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