Tresco Infinex LED Aluminum Extrusions

Infinex is the innovative, LED aluminum extrusion system by Tresco Lighting. Infinex is a truly custom program with 6 aluminum profile styles to choose from. Each aluminum extrusion is compatible with all Tresco FlexTape options and gives the installer the ability to make a custom sized fixture. Infinex revolves around a 4 step process: choosing the profile, selecting the FlexTape and diffusers, cutting the aluminum extrusion, and finally, assembling the LED fixture.

Choosing the Aluminum Profile

Currently, there are 6 unique profiles to choose from. Square, Round, CurvedAngledRecessed and Flush. These distinctive styles give you a range of potential options and design aesthetics. Among the visual differences, there are subtle characteristics that make each profile appealing. The Round profile offers the ability to rotate the fixture 0°-30° for optimum light coverage. Perfect for corners, the Angle profile also directs light at 30° and the Recessed profile produces a concealed option that can be used under upper cabinets or shelving.

Selecting End Caps

These are a big focal point within the Infinex program. Each profile type has its own unique End Cap. These pieces close off the end of the fixture on one end and acts as a connection point for the FlexTape and the Starter Lead on the other. The Starter Lead would then connect to a Tresco Power Supply or mounting block.


FlexTape LED Lighting Options

Tresco’s FlexTape LED lighting has been a staple among all product offerings. The Infinex program is only compatible with Tresco FlexTape options. The tape fits perfectly within each aluminum extrusion and secures with 3M adhesive backing. With various wattage outputs and color temperatures, Tresco has a plethora of options to suite the needs of the project.

Diode Blending Film & Diffusers

Clear and frosted diffusers are offered along with diode blending film. The frosted diffuser and diode blending film options are used to help eliminate the appearance of diode reflections on surfaces. The clear or frosted diffuser is required to help complete the assembled fixture, however, the diode blending film is an optional feature. If used, the blending film would slide into grooves under the diffuser as seen in the photo.

Infinex Assembly

Assembling the light is very straight forward once you determine the steps previously discussed. The Infinex program currently offers 8′ lengths that can be cut-to-size. Tresco recommends a high tooth count blade with the extrusion and diffuser wrapped in shrink wrap or a similar material to avoid chipping of the aluminum and plastic. Once the size is decided upon and cut, cutting the FlexTape and End Cap assembly can begin. Cutting the FlexTape along the copper lines is required when measuring for custom lengths. The End Caps have “crush ribs” within the plastic and need to be inserted into the chosen profile before assembling a completed fixture.

Starter Lead Cords

If you’ve worked with Tresco LED Lighting in the past, you may be aware of the standard starter lead cord. Four of the profiles discussed above have a unique starter lead cord used only by the Infinex program. The exception is the recessed profile, which will use a standard starter lead cord (L-LED-TPEPKT-2M-1).  The (L-XPKT-2M-**-1) Infinex starter leads are to be used on square, curved, round and angled Infinex profiles. Another noted aspect of the Infinex starter lead is the negative and positive sides of the wires. The negative side of the wire has black writing and the blank white wire signifies the positive side. The starter lead is to be inserted into the End Cap with the flat side of the lead cord facing downwards.


Link Cords

New link cords have been introduced by Tresco. These will allow connections between two assembled light fixtures.

Mounting Types

Depending on the profile, there are a few different ways to mount the assembled fixture. Tresco provides customers with screws, u-clips, magnets and also with the ability to pressure fit the recessed profile. Magnets are a great options for metal display cases. and the u-clips make for easy adjustments.

The Infinex program is a great solution for professionals doing regular lighting projects, as each component can be stocked and fabricated on the job site. For installation instruction head here and for those who are looking for a local supplier, we can send you to a stocking distributor as well.



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