How to Use

How to Select a Cabinet Type

Use the tool to select a cabinet type. Most kitchens and homes will have one of two common cabinet types.

  1. Face Frame Cabinet
  2. Frameless Cabinet or (European Cabinet)

You also need to know if you have a full height cabinet or a cabinet with a drawer in it. You need to get a trash pull out made for these options.

Face Frame Cabinet

Frameless (European) Cabinet

Full Height Cabinet

Cabinet With Drawer

How to Measure Cabinet Openings

Use the tool to select your cabinet opening.

  • Measure the opening width from the inside edge of the frame to the other inside frame edge.
  • Account for any protruding hinges as well or disregard if the trash pull out will be mounted to your existing cabinet door.
  • Measure the depth and height of your cabinet(s).

The trash pull out needs to be able to move freely and extend in and out of the cabinet.

Measure Width (Frameless Cabinet)

Measure Width (Face Frame Cabinet)

Measure Height

Measure Depth

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