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How Wide Is a Pull Out Trash Cabinet?

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Adding a pull out storage accessory like a trash pull out is a great way to add permanent functionality in your home. Often times we need to determine where they can work properly though.

That’s where we need to know what base cabinet widths work. Base kitchen cabinets will usually range in widths from 9″ all the way up to 24″ in sizes.

Many manufacturers of the best trash pull out storage products design their products for these particular cabinet widths.

Trash Pull Out Cabinet Sizes

What Cabinet Sizes Fit One Bin?

These cabinet widths will of course, be a bit narrower in size. These will need to accommodate a trash pull out containing one single bin with waste bin sizes of 20 quart, 27 quart or 35 quart.

  • 9″
  • 12″
  • 15″

What Cabinet Sizes Fit Two Bins?

Keep in mind that the two bins will not be side-to-side in most case. They’ll fit on behind the other.

These cabinet widths need to accommodate larger trash pull outs containing two bins with sizes of 35 quart or 50 quarts. The 50 quart bin storage pull outs will need a full height cabinet without a drawer above it as well.

  • 18″
  • 21″
  • 24″

A Full Height Cabinet vs. Drawer Above Cabinet

There are many trash pull outs that need a full height cabinet. A full height cabinet is one without a drawer within the cabinet. Most 50 quart trash pull outs need a full height cabinet to function.

Will a single or double trash pull out matter? Regardless if the trash storage pull out is a single or double, it will still need a full height cabinet if the bin size is 50 quarts.

Trash storage pull outs with 35 quart bins will work in a cabinet with a drawer in it. Whether it is a single bin or two bins, the drawer will not interfere as long as the bins are under the 35 quart size.

35 quart bin in cabinet with drawer
50 quart bin in full height cabinet

Trash Pull Out for 18 Inch Cabinet

An 18″ cabinet is a common size, so you may be looking for a product to fit this dimension. We always recommend looking for the physical dimensions of the trash pull out when it’s fully assembled. This will tell us if we can fit it inside our existing cabinetry.

If you have an 18″ base cabinet with a 1.5″ face frame, you’ll end up with a 15″ opening. Since we need the pull out trash can to slide in and out of the cabinet, we’ll need some extra space on each side.

Ideally, our pull out trash can would be less than 14-3/4″ wide.

Comes with a cabinet door mounting kit, bin(s), frame assembly and all mounting hardware for the install.

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