The Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Trash Pull Out

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If you are new to the big world of cabinet accessories and trash pull out storage, this is the article for you. This helpful guide will take beginners through some of the steps to choosing and installing a trash pull out.

Sometimes technical jargon and lack of information can be a hindrance to choosing a trash pull out product.

Not to worry though. We’re here to help clarify descriptions and make things easy to understand.

Why’s it so important to try and select the right option? Mainly, the size and style of your cabinet needs to be compatible with the trash pull out and its dimensions. There’s quite a few bullet points to discuss, so let’s dive in!

1. Tips On How To Choose A Trash Pull Out

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine what trash pull out might be best for you and your application.

What Are Your Cabinet Dimensions?

Keep this in mind on your search. We need to get the right size trash pull out to fit inside of our cabinet. Along with the cabinet opening width, depth and height, we need to know the assembled dimensions of the trash pull out itself. Look for these assembled dimensions on the manufacturers websites.

Need A Trash Pull Out That’s Easy To Install?

Sometimes we need a quick and easy solution with less tools and templates. Look for something that comes with a pre-assembled frame and requires just a few screws to mount it to your cabinet floor. Just like out first tip, make sure to double check your cabinet dimensions first!

What Type Of Trash Volume Is Generated?

If your family is continually disposing of garbage throughout the day, you need the right size waste container bins. Look for bin sizes of 35 or 50 quarts. You can also look for a Dual Bin trash pull out which allows two bins to fit in the pull out frame.

What’sYour Style?

Contemporary or traditional? Trash pull outs can vary in finish and frame material. The frame is usually what dictates the overall cost.

  • Wire Frame (Economical)
  • Aluminum Frame (Medium to High-End)
  • Wood Frame (High-End)

Need A Quiet, No-Slam Trash Pull Out?

Trash pull outs have a slide on both the right and left side of the frame. Slides mount to the floor of the cabinet and is what allows it to move in and out of the cabinet. Some trash pull outs feature ball-bearing slides and some feature a soft-closing mechanism (no-slamming when going back into the cabinet).

Need A Trash Pull Out That Mounts To Your Cabinet Door?

Without mounting a trash pull out to your existing cabinet door, you will have to opening the cabinet door first and then reach-in to pull the frame assembly out of the cabinet. Look for a cabinet door mount kit if you want to use your existing cabinet door.

2. Different Cabinet Types

Do You Have A Cabinet With A Drawer Inside Of It?

Some cabinets will have an upper drawer. This limits the space for a trash pull out.

In this case, look for a product that has a 35 quart bin capacity and under. (35 quarts is equal to 8.75 gallons)

Using a smaller sized waste bin(s) or can(s) inside of the pull out frame is needed to avoid hitting the upper drawer.

Do You Have A Full Height Cabinet With No Drawer In It?

Full height cabinets are ideal for larger capacity waste bins.

These cabinets don’t have an upper drawer to interfere with it.

In this case, look for a waste bin(s) or can(s) size of 50 quarts. (50 quarts is equal to 12.5 gallons)

3. Types Of Cabinet Box Frames

Frameless Cabinetry

Often called Frameless, European, Full Access or 32mm, this style of cabinet construction is often thought of as a European way of manufacturing and mass producing cabinets.

  • More material combinations like glass, textures, colors, etc. are often used.
  • Frameless is “European” contemporary driven design.
  • More combinations for drawers and doors.
  • Great cabinet choice for closet, garage, laundry and kitchen.
  • Gain more cabinet space without the frame on the face.

Face Frame Cabinetry

This is a widely used, American style cabinet commonly seen in traditional designs.

  • Face frames can allow for easier installation and door/drawer adjustments.
  • Require separate skin panels to be installed on site, on exposed sides.
  • Harder to install pull out accessories due to frame.
  • Thought of as more sturdy.

4. Gathering Measurements

Measuring Cabinets For A Trash Pull Out

Most trash pull outs will work in standard cabinet opening sizes. However, write down your specific cabinet opening dimensions.

Measure the inside of the cabinet from frame to frame or on frameless, wall to wall.

Account for any protruding hinges on the side of the cabinet. This may hit the side frame of the trash pull out when it slides in and out of the cabinet.

  • Measure the width (side-to-side)
  • Measure the height (bottom-to-top)
  • Measure the depth (front-to-back)

Standard Cabinet Width Openings

Many cabinet manufacturers use standard opening dimensions for base cabinets.

Common width dimensions are 12″, 15″, 18″ and 24″.

Many trash pull out products work within these dimensions already, but make sure to reference the manufacturers physical dimensions of the trash pull out frame.

Standard Cabinet Height And Depth

Most standard base cabinets will be 34.5″ high. If you add another 1.5″ for the countertop, you get a total of 36″ in overall height. Be sure to measure the inside dimensions too.

The depth of standard base cabinets is typically 24″

5. Trash Pull Out Components

Common Parts Of A Trash Pull Out

Trash pull out components and assembly vary per manufacturer.

In most cases trash pull outs come fully assembled or partially assembled. This makes it simple to drop them right into your cabinetry and install.

Trash pull outs revolve around the slide assembly and frame. There are subtle nuances for various types of trash pull outs, but they all have similar components.

6. Single And Double Waste Bin Sizes

Single Bin Trash Pull Outs

Single bin options are a type of trash pull out that consists of one single waste bin within a frame and slide assembly.

This pre-assembled trash pull out gets installed inside of a cabinet and typically mounts to the base of the cabinet floor.

They are consistent with more narrow base cabinets of 15″ or less in width. They often fit within both full height cabinets and cabinets with a drawer in it.

Dual Bin Trash Pull Outs

Dual bin trash pull outs come as a pre- assembled product that consists of two bins that sit within a frame and slide assembly.

The dual bin trash pull outs are consistent with wider base cabinets of about 15′′ up to 24′′.

Double bin trash pull outs are far more common in kitchens than the single bins.

Why? users want to maximize the space and utilize a larger cabinet. Most households will generate a significant amount of trash throughout the day, so having a dual bin option is more ideal.

Common Single Bin Sizes

Bins or Cans come with trash pull out frames and the slide assembly. Common sizes for the single trash pull outs range from 20 quart up to 50 quart.

Narrow width base cabinets often use a single bin within the trash pull out frame. Depending on your cabinet size, you may often find these size ranges.

  • Used in narrow width base cabinets
  • Used in under sink applications
  • Best for kitchens, vanity, garage

Common Double Bin Sizes

Dual bin trash pull outs are more common due to their wide frames.

You often see bin sizes of 35 and 50 quarts used in kitchen base cabinet application.

Cabinet width sizes of 15″ or more is usually ideal for dual bin trash pull outs.

  • Used in wide base cabinets
  • Used in full height base cabinets
  • Best for kitchens

7. Trash Pull Out Frame Styles

Metal / Wire Frame Construction

Many trash pull out frames will be offered in a metal material. Often times this is either a wire, chrome or aluminum looking material. This is typically a more economical price point.

  • More contemporary looking
  • Often comes with ball-bearing slides
  • Some assembly may be required

Wood Frame Construction

Wood frame trash pull outs are commonly on the higher end of the price spectrum. They are usually made of maple wood and look great in traditional kitchens and applications.

  • Can match cabinet interior laminate
  • Usually coated with gloss finish
  • Dovetail joints
  • Maple wood

8. Trash Pull Out Slide Types

Ball Bearing Slides

Some trash pull outs utilize bearings within the slides to allow it to freely move and glide in and out.

This is a great entry level type of slide that is offered on lots of great trash storage products.

Soft-Closing Slides

Many trash pull outs feature “no- slam” soft closing slide systems.

Internally, the slides use pistons that activate once the slide assembly reaches a certain point upon closing.

9. Cabinet Door Mounting

What Is A Cabinet Door Mount Kit?

Cabinet door mount kits allow you to safely and securely mount the assembled pull out product to your existing cabinet door.

Do I Need A Cabinet Door Mount Kit?

It really depends on your personal preference. Lots of products come with door mounting brackets already pre-installed.

If you already have a pull out shelf or trash storage unit that you need to door mount consider this checklist.

  • You want to use your existing cabinet door
  • You have a knob or pull located on the center of the cabinet door
  • You want one fluid motion to access the pull out instead of two
  • You want adjustability to optimize your product
  • You may need to purchase a door mount kit separately

When To Avoid A Cabinet Door Mount Kit

Sometimes you may not want a door mounting kit used to pull out your in-cabinet trash storage. Most of the time, this is due to having a double door.

This is common when using pull outs in larger width base cabinets or under the sink areas.

Some pull outs, especially trash storage pull outs, come with a pre-assembled pull handle. This can be a great way to pull the unit out of the cabinet as well.

  • Wide base cabinets with double doors may prevent the use of a door mount kit
  • You don’t want to remove cabinet door hinges
  • Extra cost and installation can be cumbersome
  • Often times pull outs come with a pull handle already installed

Without A Cabinet Door

Without a cabinet door mounting kit or a pre-installed kit, you will be required to open your cabinet door first and then access your trash pull out.

With A Cabinet Door Mount Kit

With a cabinet door mount kit, you can pull the entire trash unit with your existing knob or pull hardware.

10. Kitchen Trash Pull Out Examples

Trash Pull Out Example #1

  • Cabinet Style: cabinet with upper drawer
  • Cabinet Frame Type: face frame
  • Bin Quantity: two bins
  • Waste Bin Size: 35 quarts
  • Frame Material – wire chrome
  • Slide Style: Ball-Bearing

Trash Pull Out Example #2

  • Cabinet Style: cabinet with upper drawer
  • Cabinet Frame Type: face frame
  • Bin Quantity: single bin
  • Waste Bin Size: 35 quarts
  • Frame Material – aluminum
  • Slide Style: Ball-Bearing

Trash Pull Out Example #3

  • Cabinet Style: full height cabinet
  • Cabinet Frame Type: frameless
  • Bin Quantity: two bins
  • Waste Bin Size: 35 quarts
  • Frame Material: maple wood
  • Slide Style: soft-close

Finally, Enjoy Your Trash Storage!

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