Top Rated Wood Drawer Box Pull Out Trash Cans

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Trash pull outs are a great way to add a permanent solution to something we use in everyday. With so many trash pull outs to choose from, what's the best for wood drawer box versions?

Trash pull outs come in lots of different configurations and finishes. You can often find them with white wire, chrome wire, aluminum or even powder coated frames. The frame of a trash pull out is where the garbage bin(s) sit in and the slides are mounted to0.

We usually install trash pull outs on the base of the cabinet, on the sides of the cabinet, or even in the under-sink area. This allows them to fit under the countertop and inside the cabinet and slide out when we need to dispose of our trash.

Trash pull outs are a great way to add more of a permanent solution to something we use in our homes everyday. Here’s a complete list of our top rated overall trash pull outs.

This is where aesthetics come into play. With so many trash pull outs to choose from, what is the best for wood drawer box versions?

Why a Wood Drawer Box Trash Pull Out

For those who want quality, wood drawer boxes are a great option for trash pull outs. They provide more of a traditional look in your home. Above all else, they are superior quality to the other pull outs made of wire.

  • They can match existing cabinetry
  • Traditional look
  • Clear-coated maple
  • Superior quality
  • Included door mounting brackets

Types of Wood Drawer Box Trash Pull Outs

Along with the various single bin, double bin and various size trash pull out options there are many other options to look into.

  • Bottom mounting
  • Side mounting
  • Ball-bearing slides
  • Soft-closing slides
  • Door mounting brackets
  • Lids
  • Replacement garbage bins

What Size Trash Pull Out Will Work

This is the big question, right? It’s perhaps the most important thing when looking at an in-cabinet pull out. You will need to measure your cabinet width, depth and height. You’ll also want to measure the width inside the hinges if they are protruding into the opening.

To find the right trash pull out, you will need to find one that is a bit smaller in order for it to fit and function inside your base cabinet.

For example, if you have a cabinet opening width of 15″, you will need a trash pull out that is 14-1/2″ or smaller for it to work.

Standard cabinet opening sizes are 9″, 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″, 24″ and so on.

Do you have a frameless cabinet? These will be a lot easier to fit trash pull out for as there is no frame surrounding the cabinet opening.

How to Install a Trash Pull Put

This is the fun part. Most manufacturers try and make it as easy as possible for you to install their products. They will usually include paper templates, screws, and any hardware needed.

All the products we mention on our list will come pre-assembled. What do we mean by this? We simply mean that right-out-of-the-box, these trash pull outs will be ready to be installed.

Depending on your specific cabinet and the trash pull out, you may need to do some simple modification to allow the slides to function properly.

You may need to put a false wood panel in the base to raise the slides over the lip of the cabinet floor. Or, if using a side mounting trash pull out, you may need to place a strip of wood to screw the slides into the side of the cabinet wall.

Best Wood Drawer Box Trash Pull Outs

1. Wood Trash Pull Out With Dovetail Maple Construction

This was on our best overall trash pull out list as well. The 4WCSC series comes in multiple sizes to fit your specific cabinet opening. It comes pre-assembled to make it simple to install with just a few screws. The wood drawer box is made of high quality maple and is clear-coated. The door mounting brackets have 5″ of adjustability.

Pre-assembled, maple wood, soft-closing slide system, bins included, middle wood divider, mounts to cabinet door, various sizes.

2. Wood Trash Pull Out With Cabinet Door Mounting Brackets

If you are looking for a bullet-proof trash pull out, this is the one. The 4WCBM uses a soft-close and soft-open piston mechanism in the slides to allow it to be abused over time and still hold its own. The wood drawer box is made of maple and has dovetail construction.

Soft-close and soft-open, pre-assembled, easy installation, door mounting kit included, great for recycling or pet food.

3. Top Mounting Wood Pull Out Trash Kit

Top mounting pull out trash cans can often times be more stable than their bottom mounting cousins.

They can be a bit more complex to install as the wood drawer box frame of the pull out needs to be level to ensure the slides work properly. With that said, it still is a great option for any kitchen.

The 4WCTM wood top mounting trash pull out includes the bins, smooth gliding slides and can mount to a cabinet door. The wood is solid maple and is clear-coated to last you a lifetime.

Maple clear-coated wood, front, side and rear mounted, 150lb. rated full extension slides, smooth ball-bearing tracks, includes two bins, mounts to cabinet door.

4. Single Bin Wood Drawer Box Pull Out Trash

Do you have a narrow frame cabinet? Using a wood drawer box designed for a single bin may be ideal.

Typically, single bin pull outs cans work with base cabinets of around 15 inches wide and under, but be sure to measure the cabinet you have and also know the physical specifications of the pull out you plan to install.

The 4WCSC Series is our top pick for wood drawer box pull outs. This is the version for single bins. If you are looking for quality, this is it. This is a bottom mount in-cabinet pull out that features soft-close slides.

Maple clear-coated wood, easy bottom mount install, dovetail drawer box, soft-close slides, bin included, cabinet door mountable.

5. Single Bin Top Mounting Pull Out Trash

The 4WCTM Series trash pull outs are a simple way to add an in-cabinet pull out. This top mounting single bin version mounts to the sides of the cabinet and rear wall to provide complete sturdiness.

Maple clear-coated wood, bin included, cabinet door mountable, rear storage bin included.

Our Takeaway...

There really is no one best trash pull out. There is a perfect solution for every cabinet and kitchen, so it will depend on your personal preferences and what you need out of a pull out organizer.

One thing is true though, adding a trash pull out within your home is a simple and effective way to add a permanent solution to something you most likely use everyday.

With that said, our top pick was the Rev-A-Shelf 4WCSC Series trash pull outs due to their overall quality and customer rating on top consumer sites. They are easy to install, feature high quality maple wood box and long-lasting soft closing slides.

As is often the case with home convenience hardware items like trash pull outs, it is imperative to measure your cabinet dimensions correctly and to find the right trash pull out for your cabinet opening.

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