Tired of Hardwiring Lights? Use These 3 LED Components Instead

Easy As 1-2-3

The simplicity of Tresco Lighting allows customers to get all the benefits of LED lighting. They often use the slogan, “Easy as 1-2-3”. This has never been more true with these three components.

Low voltage LED lighting allows the novice cabinet maker or DIY’er to tackle projects with relative ease. With all “plug-n-play” applications commonly used with Tresco products, we’ll need a power supply, a way to control or turn our lights on and off and finally, the light fixture itself.

With the new FREEDiM Series Wireless controllers we have the ability to get the look of a hardwire wall switch that we all love, but with the simplicity of low voltage LED lighting. This eliminates the need to hardwire your lights.


The 3 Items You Need to Get Started

You can see in the diagram we have our three components to get you off and running. First and foremost is the power supply. This will act as the backbone of your project. The wireless dimmer you choose can either be a Tresco Deco Wall Dimmer or a Micro Wireless Dimmer. Both will operate in the exact same way and will need to get “paired” with a receiver to operate the lights.

Another option you’ll have is the LED light fixture. This can be any dimmable Tresco LED fixture such as, a puck light, linear light or tape light. If you have any questions about how to choose the lights you need, contact our tech support for assistance.

1. The Power Supply

Most projects require you to choose a power supply, and this is no different. A Tresco 60W Power Supply is ideal for this system. You’ll need to add up the overall wattage of the LED fixture(s) you are using and make sure you do not exceed the 60 watt limit of the power supply. For example: twenty 3 watt puck lights will be a total of 60 watts.

2. Choosing a FREEDiM Series Controller & Receiver

The controller options are all wireless. Tresco offers a Deco Wall Dimmer which resembles a traditional hardwire wall switch, a round Micro Dimmer which can be mounted or magnetized, and two Zone Dimmers for controlling various “scenes” of light. A single dimmer can be programmed to up to 10 different receivers.

The Receiver is a required product that allows the controllers to be paired up to the receiver. A single receiver can be programmed to up to 8 different FREEDiM dimmers.

3. Selecting Your Dimmable LED Lights

The Wireless Dimmers can control all Tresco dimmable low voltage lights. You can select from a wide range of puck lights, linear or stick lighting and flex tape lighting. You can also select a mix of all.

Just make sure that you add up the total wattage of the fixtures and verify they do not exceed the wattage limit on your 12V DC power supply.

For example: using six 5 watt puck lights and three 4 watt linear lights equals 42 watts, which would be compatible.

The End Result…

Once all three components are connected you will have a FREEDiM Series Dimmer “synced” with a Receiver. On the trailing edge or the output side, you will connect your chosen light fixtures. Everything on the output side will be controlled by the Dimmer.

So, to recap, you simply need one power supply, a FREEDiM Series Dimmer, a receiver and your light fixtures to work this system. This will save loads of time and headaches from hardwiring. It will also allow many ways to adapt or change your setup down the road. Remember, all 12V DC Tresco components are compatible, so you know you are working with a true “plug-n-play” setup.

Traditional Hardwiring Job
Using a Wireless Deco Wall Dimmer








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