The Best Pull Out Laundry Hamper Systems That’ll Change Your Laundry Game

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Conceal your dirty laundry the right way! Add a slide out hamper basket to your cabinetry and have a permanent solution.

In this article I take a look at the best options for pull out laundry hamper baskets and some of the characteristics to look for when selecting a product.

Adding an in-cabinet laundry hamper pull out is a one of the best ways to add permanent functionality to your home. Often times homeowners with extra cabinet space will add more than one and use separate pull outs for dark and white clothing!

Just like trash pull outs, hamper pull outs are one of the easiest things to add to your cabinetry. Why is it so easy? Most pull out hampers require just four screws that mount to the base of your cabinet floor.

How to Choose a Pull Out Laundry Hamper

Theres a few things to look for when choosing a pull out laundry hamper. These can affect the price and overall functionality of the product. Let’s take a look at a few of the options that are available.

  • Basket Type: Do you need plastic bin, canvas liner or wire baskets?
  • Frame Material Type: Do you need chrome wire, white wire or wood?
  • Mounting Type: Do want to bottom mount, top mount or side mount it?
  • Pull Out Slide Type: Do you want it to glide on ball-bearing or soft-close slides?
  • Size (Cabinet Openings): Be sure to measure your cabinet opening. Do you have a 12″W, 15″W, 18″W, etc.?

Product Dimensions and Installation

In most cases, pull out laundry hampers come as a complete kit which includes the frame and slides, the hamper basket(s) and all mounting hardware. Of course, in order for them to function properly we need to make sure they fit within your specific cabinet dimensions.

Your cabinet opening width, height and depth will need to allow for some room for the unit to work. After you measure your cabinet opening, keep these dimensions in mind when choosing a pull out hamper.

The pull out hamper systems come with mounting hardware to fasten the slides and frame to the base of the cabinet floor. Typically, this is simply done with a few screws and a handheld electric screwdriver.

Cabinet door mounting kits may also be needed. These are used when you want to attach the pull out to your existing cabinet door and use the knob or pull hardware to pull the hamper out towards you.

Some products will have these included and some you will need to purchase as an add-on. Just be aware that they directly affect the products overall installation and functionality.

The Best Pull Out Laundry Hampers

1. Pull Out Hampers With Bins You Can Transport

Yes, ideally we want something that can be all self-contained. In some cases you may want a larger hamper to go back and forth from a bedroom to the laundry area.

Concealing you hamper inside of a cabinet is the best way to create functional storage. Having easy access to your hamper can be ideal too.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for a pull out hamper with full extension slides so that way you can remove the bin with no cabinet interference.

Another component is the hamper bin itself. Plastic or polymer is easy to clean to extremely durable. Hampers tend to take a good beating over the course of their lifetime, so might as well invest in a high quality one.

Full-extension slides, sturdy polymer bin, easy to clean if mold builds and 14-1/4″ width.

2. Pull Out Hampers With Canvas Bags

Unlike their big bulky plastic hamper friends, canvas liners can be washed out and are also a bit more aesthetically pleasing on the eyes.

A lot of people like the convenience of having a removable canvas liner. It’s a great feature, but it can also prevent ventilation like a basket would.

What happens if mold builds up? That can happen in any moist hamper that gets neglected, but you can simply hand wash or launder them as needed.

Pull out hampers with canvas bag liners will typically have a metal frame which supports the bag. The liner will have an elastic band around the top to make it secure.

Removable hamper basket with canvas liner bag, heavy gauge chrome wire, 14-3/4″ width for 15″ opening or greater.

3. Using a Pull Out Hamper Frame With Your Own Bin

This pull out frame from Lynk Professional is uniquely designed to adjust to almost any bin or hamper container. The hamper bracket structures can adjust/move to various size hampers.

It features stainless steel welds and strong cross-beam construction which give you unparalleled strength and durability. It does not include a hamper, but try this round wire canvas basket which is featured in the photo.

If you have a 11″ cabinet width or larger, this could be a nice option to consider. It’s also easy to install with just a few screws to the cabinet floor.

Can use your own bin, notches on frame allow for adjustability (works w/ various size bins), requires 11″ minimum opening width.

4. Pull Out Hampers That Mount to Your Existing Cabinet Door

With most pull out cabinet accessories there’s usually an option to mount it to your existing cabinet door. This way you can gain access to the item with one fluid motion instead of two.

Using a cabinet door mount kit or brackets gives you the option to mount the cabinet door to the hamper and then use the cabinet door knob or pull to extend the hamper out of the cabinet.

Using this method is especially nice if you have a single door that you can take off the hinges. It does require some additionally labor, but in the long run it provides a quality, finished look.

Machine washable canvas liners, cabinet door mounting brackets included, two wire hampers side-by-side and soft-close slides.

5. Soft Closing (No-Slam) Pull Out Hampers

It’s nuts just how innovative pull out cabinet accessories and home organization has come.

Just about every product has a soft-closing slide feature. What’s “soft-close”? The internal right and left slides (or pull out frame) will have dampener features to eliminate any slamming when closing the product.

So, if you have a large family that’s constantly using and abusing a pull out trash system or in this case, a pull out hamper. Soft-closing slides can help preserve the pull out and your cabinet frame from wear and tear.

Soft closing slides typically activate when the pull out is a few inches from closing. At that point the dampeners engage and slowly close the hamper.

Dovetail maple wood frame, great for heavy daily usage, soft-closing slide system, includes cabinet door mounting brackets.

6. Pull Out Hampers for Shallow Depth Cabinets

Closet applications can be less deep than traditional base cabinets. This requires a pull out hamper with a shallow depth to it.

When looking for a pull out hamper you’ll want to track down the physical specifications of it. This is the assembled width, height and depth of the product. This way you can make an estimated guess if that will function properly in you specific cabinet or closet frame.

Most closet cabinet panel depths are 14″-24″. If you have a shallow depth closet, you’ll need a pull out hamper that can work within those measurements. Luckily, there’s some out there.

Wire frame provides stability, full-extension slides, 14″ depth, comes pre-assembled and includes removable lid.

Time to make laundry day fun!

When it comes to convenience hardware and storage pull out accessories, we just want something that works on a consistent basis, that’s easy to install and is budget friendly.

One tip though…when working with any pull out cabinet accessory like a hamper, make sure you measure your cabinets.

Note down the manufacturer specifications if possible and then cross-reference that width, depth, and height with your own cabinetry.

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