The 6 Best Pull Out Hamper Systems That’ll Change Your Laundry Game

In this post we take a look at the best options for pull out hamper baskets and some of the characteristics to look out for when choosing a product.

Adding an in-cabinet laundry hamper pull out is a one of the best ways to add permanent functionality to your home. Often times homeowners with extra cabinet space will add ore than one and use separate pull outs for dark and white clothing.

Just like trash pull outs, hamper pull outs are one of the easiest things to add to your cabinetry. Why is it so easy? Most of these pull out hampers only require four screws that mount to the base of your cabinet floor.

Our Top Pick

Rev-A-Shelf HPRV Series Hamper

After reviewing a number of laundry pull out hampers, this product came out on top. It features a four screw installation, a removable hamper and full-extension slides.

  • Full-Extension Slides
  • Sturdy Polymer Bin
  • 14-1/4″ Width
  • Optional Door Mounting Kit
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The Best Pull Out Hampers

6. Lynk Professional 430121DS Hamper Pull Out (Best Adjustability)

This pull out frame is uniquely designed to adjust to almost any bin or hamper container. It features stainless steel welds and strong cross-beam construction which give you unparalleled strength and durability. It does not include a hamper, but try this round wire canvas basket which is featured in the photo.

Top Features

  • Need Your Own Bin (Hamper)
  • Notches On Frame Allow Adjustability (Works w/ various size bins)
  • Requires 11″ Minimum Opening Width
  • 10″ Width x 20″ Deep x 11. 25″ High
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5. Rev-A-Shelf CH Series Soft-Closing Pull Out (Best Door Mountable)

The double hamper pull out is a bit wider than most on out list. It is 24″ wide and the minimum cabinet opening is 24″W x 13-14/16″D x 18-14/16″H. It has soft-closing slides and a beautiful chrome look side frame. It also includes the door mounting brackets which are also adjustable for optimum mounting. The cloth canvas liners are included and wrap around two wire frame bins.

Top Features

  • Machine Washable Canvas Liners
  • Door Mounting Brackets Included
  • Two Wire Hampers Sid-By-Side
  • Soft-Close Slides
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4. Rev-A-Shelf 4WH Soft-Closing Wood Pull Out (Best Heavy Duty)

This wood frame pull out hamper has all the bells and whistles, which unfortunately drives up the cost. However, it is worth it if you are looking for an all-around great option.

This pull out has soft-open and soft-close slides which prevent any slamming and can quickly mount to the cabinet floor. It also has incorporated cabinet door mounting brackets. If you have a cabinet opening 14.5″ or greater this will work for you.

Top Features

  • Dovetail Maple Wood Frame
  • 14-1/4″ Width x 19-3/4″ Deep x 21″ High
  • Soft-Closing Slides
  • Includes Door Mounting Brackets
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3. Rev-A-Shelf HPRV Large Hamper with Lid Pull Out (Best Value)

The ideal feature of this particular pull out hamper is the shallow 14″ depth. It’s perfect for closet applications. It comes with full-extension, ball bearing slides which install with just a few screws. If you have a 20″ wide cabinet opening, this hamper is the one for you.

Top Features

  • Features full-extension ball-bearing slides
  • 19-7/8″ Wide by 14″ Deep by 26″ High
  • Comes With Lid
  • Optional Door Mounting Kit
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2. Rev-A-Shelf HRV-1520 Chrome Wire Pull Out (Best Canvas Bag)

A lot of people like the convenience of having a removable canvas liner. It is a great feature, but it can also prevent ventilation like a basket would. Regardless, this is a great pull out hamper that comes with a nice chrome finish.

It also features full-extension slides and can easily be mounted to the cabinet floor. This would work great in a 15″ or greater cabinet width.

Top Features

  • Removable Hamper Basket
  • Heavy Gauge Wire
  • 14-3/4″ Width
  • Optional Door Mounting Kit
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1. Rev-A-Shelf HPRV Series Wire Pull Out With Large Basket (Best Overall)

This hamper features a shallow 20″ depth for vanity applications. The width is 14-1/4″, so your cabinet opening will need to be 14.5″ or greater.  This optionhas sturdy full-extension ball bearing slides, a large bin and installs with four screws. A cabinet door mounting kit is offered separately.

Top Features

  • Full-Extension Slides
  • Sturdy Polymer Bin
  • Easy to Clean if Mold Builds
  • 14-1/4″ Width
  • Optional Door Mounting Kit
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How to Choose a Pull Out Laundry Hamper

Theres a few things to look for when choosing a pull out laundry hamper. These can affect the price and overall functionality of the product. Let’s take a look at a few of the options that are available.

  • Basket Type: Do you need plastic bin, canvas liner or wire baskets?
  • Frame Material Type: Do you need chrome wire, white wire or wood?
  • Mounting Type: Do want to bottom mount, top mount or side mount it?
  • Pull Out Slide Type: Do you want it to glide on ball-bearing or soft-close slides?
  • Size (Cabinet Openings): Be sure to measure your cabinet opening. Do you have a 12″W, 15″W, 18″W, etc.?

Product Dimensions & Installation

These pull out hampers come as a complete product which includes the frame and slides, the hamper basket(s) and all mounting hardware. Of course, in order for them to function properly we need to make sure they fit within your specific cabinet dimensions.

Your cabinet opening width, height and depth will need to allow for some room for the unit to work. After you measure your cabinet opening, keep these dimensions in mind when choosing a pull out hamper.

The pull out hamper systems come with mounting hardware to fasten the slides and frame to the base of the cabinet floor. Typically, this is simply done with a few screws and a handheld electric screwdriver.

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