The 9 Best Upper Wall Cabinet Organizers for Kitchens

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We explore some great products to help organize upper cabinet spaces. From super simple to more complex, let's take a look.

Looking for a way to create more storage in your upper cabinets?

All it takes is some creative accessories and organization to get the most out of the wall cabinets in your kitchen.

From my own personal experience in the custom cabinet industry, I always recommend the Rev-A-Shelf pull down shelves. If you want the most access, it’s the best way to permanently add storage that extends beyond the cabinet.

Form large to small, there’s lots of other accessories and nuances to learn about though. Let’s look at some of the best storage ideas to organize your wall cabinets!

Top 3 Picks


Best Choice

Rev-A-Shelf 5PD


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Lynk Professional


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Copco Turntables

What Do You Store in Upper Cabinets?

Common items to store in upper kitchen cabinets include:

  • Dishes (plates, bowls and dinnerware)
  • Wine Glasses
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Coffee Supplies (Beans and K-Cups)
  • Travel Mugs
  • Spice Bottles
  • Teas
  • Medications/Prescriptions
  • Pet Supplies
  • Blenders

How to Organize Upper Cabinets

The idea with upper wall cabinet storage solutions is to make it more accessible. Most of you probably have glassware, plates, bowls or maybe your go-to coffee mugs in these cabinets.

  • Heavy items on lower shelfs
  • Everyday items need to be accessible

There are also items like baking sheets, prescription medicines, spices and herbs or items that just don’t fit in the pantry cabinet.

There’s tons of options out there to help you organize the upper cabinet space. When you actually do a deep dive into all the storage organizer options for upper wall cabinets you might start getting a little overwhelmed.

We know, it’s easy to do. Everything from thousand dollar swing-out pantry products to pull down shelving to simple fifteen dollar plate organizers, you can go as crazy or conservative as you want.

Wall Cabinet Dimensions

As we often suggest when discussing products, make sure you examine both the product dimensions and cabinet dimensions to verify it will work properly.

Most standard upper wall kitchen cabinets will have a 12″ depth and widths of 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″ and 36″. Your cabinets could vary.

The Best Upper Cabinet Storage Ideas for Kitchens

Pull Down Shelves for Kitchen Cabinets

1. Rev-A-Shelf - 5PD Pull Down Organizer Shelf

The Rev-A-Shelf organizers come in two different widths. One in 24″ width and the other in 36″ width.

The organizer moves up and down with the assistance of a gas spring located on the sides of the unit. It also temporarily locks into place when fully extended.

It brings items out approximately 14-3/4″ away from the cabinet.

I’ve personally installed one of these. Although it looks complicated, it really isn’t. The organizer consists of a few components such as, side panels, baskets and pull-down rod. Once those are buttoned up, the unit can be installed into the cabinet relatively quick.

Mounts to bottom or side wall of upper cabinets, easily access hard-to-reach items and great for elderly or handicapped.

2. Lynk Professional- Two Tier Slide Out Organizers

The Lynk Professional pull out organizer is not only great for narrow cabinets, but also upper wall cabinets in general. It has a shallow depth and is perfect for smaller items like spices.

This version mounts to the back wall of your cabinet with included screws. A sturdy frame bracket provides stability.

If you have a really narrow cabinet it may be a little tough to get your hand back in the cabinet to install.

Great for spices and bottles, sturdy frame, easy to clean and has full-extension slides.

3. Copco - Non Skid Lazy Susan Turntable

Lazy-susans are a tried and true kitchen product. They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, craft room or even in the garage.

The Copco turntable is 9″ in diameter which is perfect for tight spaces in upper wall cabinets. It can easily hold spices, medications, oils, or coffee supplies.

The best part about this turntable is that it’s not permanent. You’ll find a spot to put it to use anywhere in your home!

Great way to access items quickly, non-skid surface, easy to wash/clean and the 9 inch diameter fits most spaces.

4. Grayline Shelf Helper - Drop In Adjustable Shelf

Super basic, but very helpful. The upper cabinet shelf gives you some extra organization and prevents the stacking of items you prefer to have separated.

The Grayline Shelf organizer is especially convenient if no or sparse shelfs are in your upper cabinets. It’s a good idea for above the refrigerator or microwave.

This product comes in various widths of 11″, 16″ and 18″ to accommodate larger items versus small. The shelfs can be adjusted as well. Make sure you double check the depth of your application to ensure a proper fit.

Adjustable for extra space needs, great for cabinet with no pre-existing shelves and easily separate your go-to items for quick access.

5. Vertical Spice - 3 Drawer Spice Organizer Pull Outs

If you need a storage slide out that is dedicated to your spices, this is a great product. The best feature is that you can visually see each bottle rather than searching and turning.

Vertical Spice makes them in this cool three section slide out as well as a two section. It can hold 30 regular sized spice bottles (2″ diameter x 5″ tall).

Each section can slide out independently of each other. This makes it simple to categorize and easily get access to your spices.

Spices are held in by flexible black bands, easy to see and access the right bottles and sections slide out independently.

6. Wallniture - Under Cabinet Wine Bottle Storage Rack

Have your go-to bottles of wine right at your fingertips, with an under cabinet bottle holder from Wallniture. These are included with all mounting hardware needed to install.

This holds standard 750ml wine bottles. It measures 14″ in length and you can space the bottles depth.

One tip on these is to hold a wine bottle up to the underneath side of your cabinet to get and mark accurate measurements for the rack.

Easy way to gain more counter space, holds 3 standard 750ml wine bottles, mounts with just four screws and is made from 8mm thick wrought iron.

7. Rev-A-Shelf - 597 Chrome Tray Divider Rails

Quick and easy install here…as the baking sheet and tray dividers are a favorite for many homes. These metal dividers can be used in just about any area within the home including garage, pantry or laundry spaces.

If you want to get creative like the photo, you can even mount it where the height is mounted to the back wall of the cabinet!

Make an empty cabinet functional, sleek chrome finish, mount directly to the base and/or back wall of the cabinet with provided plastic clips.

8. mDesign - Stackable Water Bottle Organizer

This handy mDesign bottle organizer is not only great for the upper cabinets but anywhere in the kitchen.

It comes in packs of 2, 4 or if you are a crazy water bottle fanatic, there is an option for 8.

Another great thing is that it brings the bottles that normally hide in the back of the cabinet to the forefront. This way you can see the top of the bottle you are after rather than searching.

Put anywhere in the kitchen for quick storage solution, durable BPA and chlorine free plastic and easily washable.

9. Bellemain - Spice Holder Clip Strips for Jars

If you are looking for a fun DIY project, these easy to add strips could do the trick. The plastic strips are trim-to-fit to make them work your cabinet width.

Make sure you align them as to avoid the inner cabinet shelves that exist. Although the adhesive is super strong, if you are slamming the cabinet the spies could slide down if not already secured in the clip near the top of the bottle lid.

Super simple install, accommodates 12 jars, adheres with strong adhesive and has 3 clip strips.

Our Takeaway...

When it comes to storage organization, it can become more about the installation process and what you feel most comfortable with. Some items will be more complicated while others simply sit inside your cabinet.

Want the most bang for your buck? Try the baking sheet and tray divider rails. These are easy to install and can be used just about anywhere.

The wine bottle storage racks are also a simple idea to gain more space, but I would recommend looking for a pull out that makes it easy to access certain items.

Check out the Lynk Professional Spice Rack Slide Outs. If you have the room, this can be super helpful when looking for spices, cooking oils, etc.

Let us know what you guys are using for the upper wall cabinets in the kitchen or anywhere for that matter. We know this is just a small list of ideas, but hopefully it sparked some potential plans of your own.

As always, thanks for reading and if for any reason you found this helpful and thought of a friend, please share it with them as well!

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