The 8 Best Deep Drawer Organizers

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Deep drawers in our kitchens and bathrooms tend to be a catch-all for various items. There's a better way to keep these large drawers organized...

There’s lots of amazing deep drawer organizers. Some of which feature things like expanding divider rails, tall plastic bins, cloth boxes, and customizable modular dividers.

Three main storage accessory categories are commonly used in deep drawers. After looking at each, we recommend the Lipper Adjustable Drawer Dividers as our best choice.

With that said, there’s lots of unique characteristics to look at when selecting a deep drawer organizer. We’ll examine each within this article to narrow down the need-to-know information.

Hopefully you’ll find one of these useful on your search for drawer organization!

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How to Choose a Deep Drawer Organizer

Unlike traditional drawer organizers, deep drawer organizers are somewhat limited when it comes to organizational options. There are really three core products to choose from:

  1. Deep drawer divider rails
  2. Bins or boxes with high rims (4 inches and up)
  3. Peg board systems

With that said, these can be great options to help declutter and make compartments for all your items.

For easy separation, use divider rails. These usually run from front to back on deep drawers allowing you to make easily visible sections.

If you need to gain full access to your deep drawer items, a bin or box can be useful and mainly designed for portability. Not only do bins help to section off a drawer, you can simply pull it completely out of the drawer at anytime.

The other fun option is peg boards. Using pegs allows you to move around sections for oddly shaped items like large dishes or serving plates.

They might be a little bit more of a hassle to install, but these are perhaps hold the most longevity out of all the options for deep drawer organizers.

Best Deep Drawer Organizers

1. Deep Kitchen Drawer Divider Organizer

Dividers can be an affordable solution to organize deep drawers and to keep things from shifting. These dividers from Lipper use tension springs to allow for a perfect fit to most drawers.

If you have a wood or maple drawer box and want something to match closely, the Lipper dividers blend right in.

Keep in mind that these rails adjust from 22″ in length down to 18″ with the use of those tension springs. The dividers measure 5″ in height.

Set of 2 dividers, thin foam on ends helps keep dividers in place, dividers can be washed and tension springs make for a great fit.

2. Deep Dresser Drawer Organizer

We organize our dresser, then two days later it’s a mess! Making compartments is one way to consistently separate your items and stay organized.

Deep dresser drawer divider rails are the perfect way to use the space. Using tall adjustable dividers from someone like Rapturous is a great start.

The clear benefit to their dresser dividers is the 5″ height. This can work in most deep dresser drawers. Their adjustability is also great. The divider uses a series of notches as it extends.

And when extended out, you can lock in the specific notch when you reach the front and back of the drawer.

Use in kitchen, vanity or dresser drawers, won’t damage drawers, 13″-22″ length adjustability, heavy duty rigid plastic.

3. Stackable Deep Drawer Organizer

Having the ability to stack bins within a deep drawer is extremely beneficial. And they’re especially useful when we’re trying to save space.

You can get portability and an in-drawer organizer with the mDesign plastic storage containers. At 5″ high they are large enough to hold plenty of your taller items in a deep drawer.

mDesign also makes various sizes, but these bins work well to section off drawers in the kitchen.

There’s just so many uses for these types of bins, so if you don’t use them in your drawer you can always find a spot under the sink for cleaning supplies or in the pantry as a snack bin!

Great space saver, easily create sections within a drawer, comes as a 2-pack, BPA free plastic, clear plastic for visibility.

4. Deep Bathroom Drawer Basket Organizers

This can be a unique look inside your drawer. Using wicker baskets is perfect for various smaller items that may need protecting.

Most baskets come with an inner lining cloth that can be removed and washed periodically.

One thing to note on the basket size, is that you’ll want to get a square or rectangular shape with as close to a 90 degree angle side as possible. It fits better inside a drawer.

3.5″ and 4″ basket heights, various basket colors, square shape for drawers.

5. Drawer Storage Peg Board System

Want a truly custom solution to deep drawers? Try using a cut-to-size peg board insert. You can measure your drawers inner dimensions and then cut a pre-made peg board to fit.

Yes, it takes a bit more time to install as it requires you to cut it to fit your specific drawer size, but it is well worth it. If you have a table saw or a handheld saw, you can cut this pretty easily.

The peg board is perfect for larger bowls, serving dishes, plates or for any items you need to keep separated.

Maple wood, perfect for dishes or platters, clear coat finish, can be trimmed to fit exact drawer size.

6. Heavy Duty Large Deep Bins

Large deep bins are the type of bins that will get used no matter where we end up using them. Whether they find a home in a deep drawer or as a stand-alone organizer in the under-sink area, they’ll serve you well.

With a deep drawer solution, we need to be looking for a 5″ and up bin height. As that will provide ample room for storage.

Another plus side about using bins is that you can take them out and clean them as needed. Just be sure to measure your drawer and aim to get some that limits wasted space.

Great multi-purpose storage bin, easy to remove and clean, soft grip inner lining, store larger utensils like spatulas, serving spoons & knives.

7. Modular Drawer Organizers

This system from Like-It has tons of options for bin sizes ranging in heights from 3″ to 6″. You can mix and match according to your specific drawer. For deep drawers, check out the 6″ height options.

Like-It is a part of an overall drawer system, but you can select and just use the drawer bins too.

They provide a great way to organize deep drawers with kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, household tools and so much more.

Easy to clean, clips for extra stability, great for oddly shaped items, variety of bin dimensions and bins have notched out fronts for easy access.

8. Drawer Organizer Divider Rails

Divider rails are just awesome. They fit most drawers with their adjustability and you aren’t constricted to a defined size.

The Bambusi drawer divider rails come in multiple colors including white, bamboo wood and gray. The expand from 17.5″ out to 22″ and the height of 2.6″ will work with most drawers. If you want, you could even double stack them for deep drawers if need be.

All around, these are a simple add-on you can use throughout the home and not just in the bathroom.

Easy to add to most drawers, foam ends protect drawers, spring-loaded ends, 3 color options to choose from and expandable lengths.

Our Takeaway...

There can be so much wasted space in our cabinets. Making the most out of them can take some effort.

Luckily, with amazing products like deep drawer divider rails and stackable bins, we can create a space that works for our needs.

One of the fun things is that these storage accessories can not only be used within our deep drawers, but pretty much anywhere in the home.

There’s always a need for storage organizers in the kitchen, desk, dresser, bathroom, closet or pantry areas.

For deep drawer organization though, the drawer divider rails are perhaps the most simple way to create organization and section-off areas for specific needs. That’s why we listed that as a number one resource.

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