The 6 Best Deep Drawer Organizers for Kitchens

Convenience hardware is the best way to add functionality to the spaces in your home.

Adding something as basic as a trash pull out system can transform an area that gets used on a daily basis. Or pull out baskets that help organize all your go-to pots and pans can help you get access to the back of the cabinet.

Even adding a cupboard door activated light switch can make the insides of dark cabinets illuminate.

In this post we’ll take a look at what we can do to improve the organization of deep base cabinet drawers.

What Is A Deep Drawer Organizer?

…and what do we mean when we say, “deeper drawers”? Some kitchens may have a run of base cabinets with a  larger section of wide drawers with +/- 5″ depth. Typically, you might see plates, Tupperware, serving dishes and other bulkier items stored here.

Whether it’s a drawer in your kitchen, office, bedroom or just an old junk drawer, it’s good to have a place for everything.

What’s tough is finding the right solution for drawers that happen to be a tad deeper.

We compiled some great ideas that we hope you can find useful.

Remember to double check the dimensions of your drawer!

The Best Deep Drawer Organizers

Best Deep Drawer Organizers Preview

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1. Lipper Bamboo Adjustable Deep Drawer Dividers

Dividers can be an affordable solution to organize deep drawers and to keep things from shifting. These dividers from Lipper use tension springs to allow for a perfect fit to drawers. Keep in mind that these adjust from 22″ down to 18″ with the use of those tension springs. They dividers measure 5″ in height.

What’s To Like
  • Set of 2 dividers
  • Thin foam on ends helps keep dividers in place
  • Dividers can be washed
  • Tension springs make for a great fit
What’s Not To Like
  • Spring tension too hard
  • Potential to move depending on what’s in the drawer
  • Limited colors
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2. RAPTUROUS Expandable Drawer Dividers – 5″ Tall

Each pack includes 4 white drawer organizers that you can install in any drawer in your house. Rapturous does make other dividers that are 2.5″ and 4″ tall as well. The clear benefit to this is it’s 5″ height that’ll work in our deep drawers. Their adjustability is also great. The divider uses a series of notches. When extended out, you can lock in the specific notch when you reach the front and back of the drawer.

What’s To Like
  • Won’t damage drawers
  • 13″-22″ length adjustability
  • Foam end grips
  • Heavy duty rigid plastic
What’s Not To Like
  • Notch has to fit drawer perfectly
  • Limited colors
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3. Cloth Drawer Storage Organizer Boxes, Set of 6

One of the best features in my opinion is the darker color of these baskets. This can help hide any dirt. They do make another version with more of a beige color. Check that out here.

This set of 6 drawer organizers from AmazonBasics includes small, medium, and large sizes (2 of each). They are made of breathable cloth and are collapsible. Small size measures 5.8L by 5.8W by 5.5H inches, medium size measures 11L by 5.8W by 5.5H inches, and large size measures 11L by 11W by 5.5H inches.

What’s To Like
  • Good height for deep drawers (5.5″)
  • Collapsible baskets
  • Easily removable
  • Affordability
What’s Not To Like
  • Less sturdy without wire frame
  • Not ideal to wash
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4. Like-it Modular Drawer Organizers

This system from Like-It has tons of options for bin sizes ranging in heights from 3″ to 6″. You can mix and match according to your specific drawer. They provide a great way to organize kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, household tools and so much more.

What’s To Like
  • Easy to clean
  • Clips for extra stability
  • Great for oddly shaped items
  • Variety of bins dimensions
What’s Not To Like
  • Requires rough measurements beforehand
  • Only white offered
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5. Rev-A-Shelf Cabinet Drawer Peg System Insert

This is a super cool product from Rev-A-Shelf. Yes, it takes a bit more time to install as it requires you to cut it to fit your specific drawer size, but it is well worth it. You get (1) wood drawer peg board insert and (16) wood pegs. The drop-in wood insert is pre-drilled with holes so you can insert the pegs wherever you’d like. Other sizes include a 24″ x 21″ and a 30″ x 21″. (6.5″ Pegs)

What’s To Like
  • 39″ W x 21″ D
  • Perfect for dishes or platters
  • Clear coat finish
  • Can be trimmed to fit exact drawer size
What’s Not To Like
  • Install time
  • Potential wood chipping
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6. Practical Comfort Adjustable Drawer Organizer Inserts

These Practical Comfort dividers are offered in Small, Medium or Large. Make sure to measure your drawer depth beforehand to determine which you need. Each side will have an adjustable length dimension, For example, the Large has an adjustable length of 19.7″ to 22″.

What’s To Like
  • Tool free install
  • Modular design for a variety of configurations
  • Sleek style
  • Ends come with adhesive pads to adhere to drawer
What’s Not To Like
  • Geared for lighter items
  • Best for shallow drawers
  • Dividers can move around if drawer is slammed
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Our Take…

Finding the perfect deep drawer organizer is very specific to your needs and your drawer size. Our favorite happens to be the Lipper bamboo tension spring dividers we mentioned in the beginning.

It’s those tension springs that are a great selling point. Having them fit a drawer snugly is really ideal. The only draw back is that it is only offered in the bamboo wood. For white dividers check out Dial Industries spring loaded 4.5″ high white dividers.

With that said, there are other products that can work for deep drawers, but often times require a bit more installation effort or have pre-set lengths within their adjustable ranges.

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