Overview – Rev-A-Shelf 5PSP Blind Corner Optimizer (Install Video)

What Is The 5PSP Blind Corner Product?

Rev-A-Shelf, manufacturer of convenience hardware products, has a full line of great items dedicated to the base cabinet blind corner area.

The 5PSP (named for the pull-slide-pull action) is one of the most used products. It may look complicated with a lot of moving parts, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to install.

In this post we are focusing on the benefits of the 5PSP Series blind corner products. The 5PSP maximizes space in blind corner cabinets while allowing the user full accessibility to the entire unit. The product is easy to assemble and now installs for either left or right-handed applications.

This chrome blind corner optimizer fits most 45” and 48″ blind corner cabinets and features chrome accents, ball bearing slides, and heavy-duty materials making it functional, reliable and stylish.

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Product Features

  • 100lb. rated slide
  • Available in regular or Soft-Close
  • Unit slides completely outside the cabinet for hard to reach items
  • Non-handed (works in either a blind-right or blind-left application)
  • Large chrome plated baskets that can be removed for simple cleaning
  • Easy to assemble

Rev-A-Shelf has now added a soft-close option in addition to the regular version. If you are looking to use the most space within a blind corner cabinet, the large chrome baskets and sliding assembly make the most out of a difficult area.

The product comes in two main parts, the base slide assembly and the main upright support slide. The 5PSP products are Non-Handed, so they can be used in either a blind-right or blind-left application.

Pull-Slide-Pull Action

There 4 stages to the sliding operation. A handle is provided to give the user control during the process. Weighing around 60lbs., this unit is very well built and is one of the most functional and reliable units on the market in its category.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense approach to blind corner storage, this product is a simple solution.

Product Installation

Although it may appear the 5PSP product has many moving parts, it is actually quite simplistic.

There are two parts you will need to focus on: 1) the base slide assembly and its mounting process and 2) the main upright support frame. The video provided gives installers a step-by-step process.


* Frameless Note – Frameless Minimum Cabinet Opening is equal to Physical Minimum Width

If you are in the market for a blind corner cabinet organizer, the 5PSP can really handle the job. It utilizes the space nicely and allows you to get the most out of a neglected area. The removable baskets make for easy cleaning and can hold plenty of weight. As mentioned above, these are non-handed, so no need to worry about ordering a left or a right version.


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