Extreme door weight calls for an extreme hinge…

…and that’s exactly what SOSS set out to create with the Hercules Hinges®. These concealed hinges are ideal for doors of serious weight or size. They can be used in place of standard SOSS hinge models #218 or #220. If you need fewer hinges for heavier doors, the Hercules hinge is ideal.

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Part numbers and finish offerings…

The Hercules hinge is currently offered in two models. Model #218H and model #220H. (The “H” means Hercules.) These can be used on heavier doors and in place of model #218 and model #220.

The Hercules Hinges are currently available in three finishes; Satin Chrome (US26D), Satin Brass (US4), and Satin Nickel (US15).

When to use a standard Soss hinge and a Hercules hinge…

An 80″ tall, 36″ wide, 1-3/4″ door that weighs 150 lbs. typically needs four model #218 SOSS Invisible Hinges. With the Hercules Hinge® model #218H on this size door, only two hinges are required.

Selection Chart and Hinge Size chart for both #218H and #220H

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