The SOSS Hercules Hinge…the Concealed Hinge for Doors of Extreme Weight

Extreme door weight calls for an extreme hinge…

…and that’s exactly what SOSS set out to create with the Hercules Hinges®. These concealed hinges are ideal for doors of serious weight or size. They can be used in place of standard SOSS hinge models #218 or #220. If you need fewer hinges for heavier doors, the Hercules hinge is ideal.

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Part numbers and finish offerings…

The Hercules hinge is currently offered in two models. Model #218H and model #220H. (The “H” means Hercules.) These can be used on heavier doors and in place of model #218 and model #220.

The Hercules Hinges are currently available in three finishes; Satin Chrome (US26D), Satin Brass (US4), and Satin Nickel (US15).

When to use a standard Soss hinge and a Hercules hinge…

An 80″ tall, 36″ wide, 1-3/4″ door that weighs 150 lbs. typically needs four model #218 SOSS Invisible Hinges. With the Hercules Hinge® model #218H on this size door, only two hinges are required.

Selection Chart and Hinge Size chart for both #218H and #220H

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