Extra space in the kitchen is hard to come by. The ability to freely access appliances without taking up counter space is truly a benefit for many homeowners. Common items like mixers, blenders, bread makers and more can now be discreetly moved to the base cabinet.

Rev-A-Shelf, maker of convenience hardware products, has made their Heavy Duty Mixer Lift even better by adding a soft-close feature to it.

The integrated pistons allow the unit to effortlessly glide back into the cabinet while providing a safe transition for the appliance and the operator.

Mixer Lift Design Flexibility

The heavy-duty chrome appliance lift can be attached to any custom made shelf. It will fit cabinet sizes with a minimum base cabinet frame width opening of 12-1/2″ and a max of 24″.

Mixer Lift With Drawer Above

This product requires a full height cabinet to allow for optimal usage as a drawer would interfere with its capabilities to be level with a countertop.

This mixer lift is a great solution to help hide and easily access your mixer or appliance and with the introduction of soft-close, this product is even more user friendly.

How to Install a Rev-A-Shelf Mixer Lift

Soft Close Mixer Lift Product Features

  • Can be attached to any custom made shelf
  • Provides mechanical assist
  • Features built-in shock dampeners
  • Available with soft-close pistons
  • Adjustable spring tension and holds appliances up to 60lbs.
  • Note: Wood Shelf not included with lift

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