A Customizable LED Panel System – Snap Panel from Tresco Lighting

What is Snap Panel?

Snap Panel, from Tresco Lighting, is a customizable one square foot “panel” for uplighting or backlighting. It can be used to illuminate translucent countertops, backsplashes, signage, exhibits, store fixtures and more. The Panels can be configured and customized to various applications. Multiple panels can be connected to one another as well as broken down into small 3″ square sections.

It comes as a 12″ (305mm) x 12″ (305mm) LED panel. It can then be “snapped” on the pre-scored edges to make 3″ (76mm) x 3″ (76mm) panels. Once it is snapped, it can only be reconnected via small Back-to-Back or Link Cord connectors.

Snap Panel Wattage & Color Temperatures

Like most LED light fixtures, these 50,000 hour life Panels are offered in various wattages and color temperatures. Some applications require more light output and the assortment of color temperatures are a must-have for illumination aesthetics.

There are two wattages provided, an 8W (standard output) Panel and a 15W (high output) Panel. This is the wattage of the entire 12″ x 12″ panel. The 8W 3″ squares are .5W and the 15W 3″ squares are .96W.

Tresco Snap Panels come in 3000K (Warm Tones), 4000K (Neutral Tones), 5000K (Cool Tones) and 6500K (Daylight Tones).

What You Need to Get Snap Panel Working…

The Snap Panels use a Tresco Lighting 24VDC 96W power supplies or a Tresco Lighting 96W 24VDC Dimmable Hardwire Power Supply which works with traditional house wiring and wall switches.

Only so many panels can be used with one power supply. Panels come in either 8W per square ft. or 15W per square ft. Twelve panels of 8W can be used on one single 96W power supply and six panels of 15W can be used on one single 96W Tresco Lighting power supply.

Also needed, is a Starter Cord which connects the Snap Panel to the power supplies. Both the Snap Panel and the Starter Cord have (+) and (-) symbols to make sure the polarity is accurate when connecting.

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  • Offered in 12W/ft. (high) and 8W/ft. (standard)
  • 24V DC System
  • Just 2″ of separation required between Snap and backlit surfaces to achieve 100% even illumination
  • Plastic clips and screws are included with each panel for mounting purposes
  • Available in five color temperatures (3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5500K, 6500K)
  • Just 1.65 mm thick and extremely lightweight
  • Dimmable
  • Commercial grade 3-year warranty

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