Single Bin Vs. Double Bin Under Counter Trash Pull Outs

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Your cabinet type and size dictates what pull out trash system can work. Here's some of the main differences between single and double pull out trash products.

When it comes to pull out trash storage, there’s no doubt a number of questions you may have. In this post I’ll cover the main differences of single bin trash pull outs and double bin trash pull outs, features of both and nuances to keep in mind when searching.

Let’s get into it…

What Is an in-Cabinet Pull Out

Pull out storage can come in many different forms. Some of the most popular are items like pull out baskets, pull out blind corner organizers and trash storage.

What do all of these have in common? They all slide out of the cabinet to allow for easier access. They also provide a way for you to gain a permanent storage solution to items you use on a daily basis. And a trash pull out is easily one of the most-used in the kitchen!

In-cabinet storage accessories mount to the base of the cabinet floor and use slides mounted on a frame to allow the product to glide out of the cabinet.

Many manufacturers offer them pre-assembled to make the installation a simple drop-in process.

First Things First

Assuming you want to utilize the entire space of the cabinet. You want to find a solution that’ll fit nicely in the width, the height and the depth.

Determining the dimensions of your cabinet will dictate if you can fit a single or a double bin trash pull out. How wide is a pull out trash cabinet?

There are a few common sizes. Most have three inch increments and will have opening widths of 9″, 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″ and so on.

How Hard Is It to Install

Most pull out storage accessories are designed for retrofitting installations. So, if you have a kitchen that you are remodeling and the countertops and cabinets are already installed, you can fairly easily add pull out storage accessories.

Replacing a Single Under Cabinet Bin With a Double Bin

This comes down to your cabinet width, height and depth dimensions. If you just want to replace the bins, the answer would most likely be no depending on the manufacturer of the pull out.

If you do not have an existing pull out trash storage and your base cabinet is large enough to house a double bin version, you could absolutely retrofit one inside.

Trash pull outs usually have a frame made of wire or wood that is pre-made to hold only one or two bins. Why is this? It’s done to help the bins stay secure inside the cabinet and not fall back or or sway from side-to-side.

Single Bin Trash Pull Out Features

Single bin options are a type of trash pull out that consists of one single waste bin within a frame and slide assembly. This pre-assembled trash pull out gets installed inside of a cabinet and typically mounts to the base of the cabinet floor.

They are consistent with more narrow base cabinet of 15 inches or less in width. They often fit within both full height cabinets and cabinets with a drawer in it.

Features can include:

  • Rear storage on frame for bags or cleaning supplies
  • Cabinet door mounting brackets (sometimes offered separately)
  • Various waste can sizes
  • Used in smaller spaces, under-sink or vanity cabinets

Single Bin Frame Types

Although trash pull outs are pre-assembled with all components included, you can choose the type of frame that holds the bins and slides out of the cabinet.

Choosing a trash pull out frame is usually an indication of price too. More basic type frames include wire or powder coated, while the more expensive can be aluminum or high quality wood.

What’s the best way to choose? It not only depends on what you want to spend, but on the overall aesthetics and the functionality of the trash pull out too. The frames of essentially the backbone of a trash pull out. Check out my favorite ones here.

  • Wire Frames (white, chrome)
  • Powder Coated Frames
  • Aluminum Frames
  • Wood Frames

Single Bin Slide Types

Just like the frame types, the slides that glide the trash pull out in and out of the cabinet can vary. The slide mount on the floor of the cabinet and make it easy to rest the pre-assembled trash pull out frame on top.

Common slide types include ball-bearing slides or soft-closing slides.

  • Ball-Bearing Slides
  • Soft-Closing Slides

Single Bin Common Bin Sizes

Single bins are inherently smaller in size due to them having to fit in a tighter space. That’s not always the case though. You can find single bins trash storage in all ranges of bin sizes. Just make sure your cabinet would accommodate it.

  • 20 Quart
  • 27 Quart
  • 35 Quart
  • 50 Quart (full height cabinet required)

Single Bin Cabinet Sizes

There are some cabinet sizes and types that are more suitable for Single Bin trash pull outs. You can purchase single bins units that are designed to work with base cabinets in 12 inch widths and 15 inch widths.

The dimensions to pay attention to is the physical dimensions of the trash pull out. Will it work for your cabinets width, depth and height?

Most single trash pull outs can be about 13 inches or less for a 15 inch opening width and 10 inches or less for a 12 inch opening. You want to give your product room on each side to work properly.

This single bin trash storage pull out is perfect for tight spaces. Use the handle pull to gain easy access.

Double Bin Trash Pull Out Features

Double bin trash pull outs come as a pre-assembled product that consists of two bins that sit within a frame and slide assembly. The slides easily mount to the base of the cabinet.

The double bin trash pull outs are consistent with wider base cabinets of about 15″ up to 24″.

In my experience, double bin trash pull outs are far more common in kitchens than the single bins. Why? users just want to maximize the space and utilize a larger cabinet. Most households will generate a significant amount of trash throughout the day, so having a double bin option is more ideal.


  • More sturdy
  • Seen in both top and bottom mount options
  • Holds more waste/rubbish
  • More cabinet door mounted options

Double Bin Frame Types

This is pretty much identical to what’s available for the single bin frame types. Many manufacturers design similar frames both single and double to mix and match within kitchens.

Double bins are more prevalent in the marketplace as designers and DIY’ers tend to use the double bin trash pull outs in larger opening width cabinets.

  • Wire
  • Powder Coated
  • Aluminum
  • Wood

Double Bin Slide Types

The slide type, especially on the double bin trash pull outs, is crucial for longevity and functionality.

Good quality slides can really make or break your love of storage accessories. You want something reliable, easy to maintain and most of all able to handle the weight of trash. All options are good, but if you want a non-slamming version the soft-closing slides provide a quiet operation.

  • Under-mount slides
  • Ball-Bearing slides
  • Soft-Close slides

Common Double Bin Sizes

Having large bins is ideal as they hold more trash. This means less trips to the side yard to dispose of it in a dumpster.

The most-used bin size for double trash pull outs is about 35 quarts (8.75 gallons). This is a good size for those 18 inch, 21 inch or larger base cabinet widths. Other options are 50 quarts (12.5 gallons) which require a full height base cabinet with no drawer in it.

  • 27 quarts (6.75 gallons)
  • 35 quarts (8.75 gallons)
  • 50 quarts (12.5 gallons)

Double Bin Cabinet Sizes

Trash pull outs that have two bins sit in a frame that needs a little bit more space. That means the cabinet opening size needs to be larger too. Common sizes for double bin trash pull out are 18 inch, 21 inch or 24 inch widths.

You usually want to keep about 1.5 inches on both the left and right side of the trash pull out for room for it to operate. So, if you have an 18 inch wide cabinet, you can use a 15 inch pre-assembled double bin trash pull out.

The most important thing is to check is physical dimensions of the trash pull out itself. This will tell you how much room you need for the cabinet opening. Check out some of my favorite options that note the physical dimensions as well.

Comes as a kit partially assembled. Mounts to the cabinet floor and has two 35 quart waste bins.

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