Rev-A-Shelf Showroom Program

Some of the manufacturers we represent offer discounts to cabinet makers, kitchen dealers or designers who have showrooms. We want to help you display great products within your showroom. Below are continually updated showroom product ideas for Good, Better and Best options

Companies like Rev-A-Shelf typically have a 50% showroom discount on products. If you have an account with a local distributor in our Southern California market, you can work with us and them to place showroom display orders.


  • In order to take advantage of the showroom program you must be a Cabinet Shop or Kitchen Dealer and have an account with a Rev-A-Shelf distributor.
  • Rev-A-Shelf allows only one each of their products to be in any given showroom.
  • The dimensions in the Rev-A-Shelf specification guides are the actual physical dimensions of the products themselves. Please leave additional room on each side of your cabinet when choosing showroom products.
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Product Recommendations

Good Showroom Options

  • RV Wire Series Waste Containers
  • 53WC Wire Series Waste Containers
  • 4WCTM Wood Top Mount Waste Containers
  • LD Series Lazy Susans
  • 597 Series Tray Dividers
  • 4SDI Series Wood Spice Drawer Insert
  • UT/GUT Series Utility Drawer Inserts
  • 4ASR Adjustable Wood Door Spice Rack

Better Showroom Options

  • 5349 Series Waste Containers
  • 4WCBM Rev-A-Motion Waste Containers
  • 4WCTM Wood Top Mount Waste Containers
  • LD Series Lazy Susans
  • 447 Series Base Organizers
  • 5PSP Blind Corners
  • 5WB Series Chrome Baskets
  • Chrome Tip-Out Trays – Soft-Close
  • 4WTCD Series Tiered Cutlery Drawer

Best Showroom Options

  • 5349 Series Waste Containers
  • 5LB Series LEGRABOX Waste Containers
  • 448 BCSC Base Organizers
  • 432 Base Organizer Fillers
  • 4WCSC Wood Waste Containers
  • 5700 Series Chrome Tall Pantry
  • Natural Wood Series Lazy Susans
  • RAS Original Polymer Susans
  • 5PSP Blind Corners
  • Cloud Blind Corners
  • Soft-Close Mixer Lift
  • 4WCT Series Wood Cutlery Inserts
  • 4KCB Series Knife Holder/Cutting Board