Organic waste, such as common food scraps and yard waste, can make up 25 to 50% of what we throw away. Not only can home composting be personally rewarding, but you’re also helping the environment by conserving resources.

With the Rev-A-Shelf self-contained compost bin pullout you can jump right into the world of home composting. This unique product is offered in numerous pullout configurations that lets you install a complete trash can system right in your base cabinet.

Food scraps can be discarded into an included biodegradable liner that can then be moved to a larger compost site for use in flower beds, gardens or lawns. Why not utilize the natural power of nature for waste removal?

The Benefits of Composting

There are certainly many benefits that we see from composting our food scraps and organic waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, composting enriches soil, helps retain moisture and suppresses plant diseases and pests. It encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter to create humus, a rich nutrient-filled material and also lowers your carbon footprint.

Composting can reduce greenhouse gases as well. When we discard food it heads straight to the landfill where it produces methane, the greenhouse gas. Composting our food scraps and organic matter however, reduces the emission of methane gases into the environment. By composting 25 to 50% of what we throw away, we can have a huge impact just by making a small change within our kitchens.

Pullout Compost Container Options

There are three different frame choices that Rev-A-Shelf offers with the green self-contained compost bin. There is a wood maple drawer box frame, an aluminum frame and a white wire frame.

All three options have a no-mess trash carriage that opens when the lid is raised and seals when the lid closes. The included biodegradable trash bags must be used as leaking can sometimes occur from decomposing scraps. A small charcoal housing on the under-side of the lid helps to eliminate any odors. Rev-A-Shelf offers replacement charcoal filters and compost bags.

Each pullout will vary in dimensions, so be aware of the opening width and your inner cabinet depth and height. (specification guide) These products offer a simple solution to get you on the path of at-home composting.

Wood Drawer Box Soft-Close Compost Pullout

This version is offered as a complete kit, which makes it simple to add to any kitchen in minutes. The maple drawer box, soft-closing slides, door mount brackets, and compost bin are all included. A single or double can option is available. The wood drawer box is made from maple and features dovetail construction.

The single bin pullout pictured is 12″ wide and includes a small storage section in the back for extra bags or supplies.

Aluminum Frame Soft-Close Compost Pullout

This contemporary option compliments both traditional or modern cabinetry. Features include sleek brushed aluminum slides and frame as well as a small storage section on the back portion of the single bin pullouts.

The two full-extension slides quickly mount to the bottom of the cabinet and can be detached from the frame allowing for easy cleaning. The product pictured is 10-13/16″ wide.

White Wire Compost Bin Pullout

This economic version with white wire and ball-bearing slides is a simple way to add composting to your kitchen. The 100lb. rated full-extension slides allow the unit to come out beyond the cabinet frame. You can quickly remove the frame portion from the slides by pressing down on each of the black slide tabs.

An optional door mounting kit is also available and offered separately.

Rev-A-Shelf is known for some of the best trash pullouts and waste container products. Going green with a simple compost bin is made simple with these options. Quickly mount any of these unique products to the base of your cabinet with just a few screws.

Reap the benefits of composting your food scraps and have a hand in changing the environment one day at a time. Let us know if you have any questions on dimensions or other details! Thanks for reading.

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