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How to Choose a Replacement Trash Can for a Pull Out Cabinet

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Most pre-assembled pull out trash cans will come with either one or two cans, but for a variety of reasons you may need a replacement.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the steps on how to choose one that might work for your application.

There’s lots of different pull out trash cans and there are also various waste bin sizes that can work with those products. How the heck do I choose the right replacement trash bin? Well, let’s take a look at the options and see what the differences are…

Replacement Trash Can Sizes

The first step, if possible, is to determine what size trash can you need to replace.

You can look on the under-side of your existing trash bin you have and see if there is a volume measurement size (35 quart, etc.) or a part number.

You can always measure your inner space to determine what dimensions would fit best as well. Or you can measure the existing trash bins size if it’s available.

As the physical trash can itself becomes thinner or narrower from top to bottom, the width dimension will be the widest part of the can, which is at the top portion.

Some common replacement can sizes include:

  • 20 quart cans (8-3/8″ wide x 14-1/4″ deep x 15″ high)
  • 27 quart cans (11″ wide x 10-7/8″ deep x 17-3/4″ high)
  • 30 quart cans (9-3/8″ wide x 15-3/8″ deep x 17-7/8″ high)
  • 35 quart cans (14-3/16″ wide x 10-1/2″ deep x 17-7/8″ high)
  • 50 quart cans (14-3/4″ wide x 10-3/4″ deep x 21-3/4″ high)

Quarts or Gallons?

On your search for a replacement trash can you might run across some varying sizes.

You may be working with differing volume measurements too. Replacement bins or cans can often be referred to in US Quarts or US Gallons, i.e. 20 quart or 35 quart.

Here are some helpful conversions to use if needed:

  • 1 US Liquid Quart = 0.25 US Liquid Gallon
  • 1 US Liquid Gallon = 4 US Liquid Quarts

Replacement Pull Out Trash Can Colors

I’m sure most are after a standard white replacement trash can, but there are some pull out trash products that have silver, gray, black and even a champagne type color.

There are replacement options for these colors as well. In this case, I would recommend using the same manufacturer as your existing pull out trash can to color match as much as possible.

Both 27 or 35 quart replacement trash can options available for Rev-A-Shelf pull out trash can systems.

What Will Work With My Existing Pull Out Trash Can?

You may have a custom drawer box that was built to hold trash bins, but if you have a pre-made product from a company like Rev-A-Shelf, Knape & Vogt, or Kessebohmer, you can most likely use a replacement.

The pre-assembled trash pull outs are often times added by the cabinet manufacturer or the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

You can also try and determine what brand of trash pull out the OEM uses and purchase replacement cans from that source.

There’s multiple ways to check compatibility…

  1. Measure your existing bin(s) if they are available and see if you can find one of similar size. You’ll need to know the height, depth and width. As trash bins tend to tapper off toward the bottom, make sure to measure the top and bottom separately.
  2. Measure the available opening size on the pull out frame itself. Be sure to know where the thickest part of the trash can will fit inside. Gathering these dimensions can make it a little easier to reverse engineer your search for a replacement can.
  3. You’ll need to determine what brand or manufacturer of trash pull out you have. How to do this?
  • Google search a manufacturer part number
  • Look on the underside of your pull out trash bins for logos
  • Look for a logo on your pull out trash frame
  • Ask your cabinet manufacturer

Comes as a complete kit including frame, slides, two bins and handle pull. Mounts to cabinet floor with four screws for quick and easy trash storage.

What Size Trash Bag Will Work?

In most cases a standard 13 gallon trash bag will cover all your bases.

A large 50 quart bin is equal to 12.5 gallons, so the 13 gallon trash bag will suffice.

If you’ve got a smaller size bin of 20 quarts to 35 quarts, then you may consider using a smaller trash bag to set inside the bin.

Replacement Trash Can Lids

Lids are also a nice addition to pull out trash cans. Just like the replacement cans, you can purchase lids separately. Some lids are unique to the bin or can type and to the specific brand or manufacturer.

Using a lid on a trash pull out can be beneficial for lots of reasons…

  • You can hide garbage waste
  • You can eliminate some smells and odors
  • You can get rid of fruit flies
  • You can use them to hold the garbage bag(s) in place
  • You can use them for pet food storage

Bottom Line...

It can be hard to find the right bin and size for your cabinet type and existing pull out trash can. And with so many variations of replacement bins, it’ll take some research to narrow it down.

If you have an existing bin, measure its width, height and depth. You can look for something in similar dimensions on Amazon or at a big box retailer. 

When in doubt, contact the manufacturer of your pull out trash can with a photo to help them discern the correct product.

A quick hack? do a reverse Google image search with an uploaded photo of your trash pull out.

Doing this may reveal some options to cross-reference what you currently have. 

Although most trash can bins will fall within the 35 quart range, it’s important to nail down the correct one.

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