Reducing LED Lighting Glare on Countertop Surfaces

Once you identify those annoying little light spots it just gets harder and harder to NOT see them. Even with all the benefits we get from using LED lighting fixtures throughout our home, there are occasional drawbacks. However, most of those are aesthetics and not functionality.

One of those drawbacks is the diode reflection or glare we get on our granite or quartz countertop surfaces. Depending on the LED light used, there isn’t a whole lot to do about it.

Generally puck lights and stick lights offer some form of lens diffuser, but those can add to the overall cost of the light itself.

Often times a form of tape light is used for long under cabinet runs. In this case the diodes are exposed and cause the most glare.

LED Lights That Reduce Glare on Countertop Surfaces

The below LED fixtures are great options that help eliminate the reflection. It will not entirely solve the problem, but it will make a huge improvement. The lights we’ve included are manufactured by a company called Tresco Lighting. Tresco is based in Louisville, KY and has a full line of LED lighting products.

What’s Special About These LED Lights

These lights we have listed above all use something called Luniform. This is a term used from Tresco Lighting, who manufacturers these fixtures. Luniform is, “The technology to eliminate “dotted” appearances and reduce unwanted glare within light emitting diode fixtures”.

Tresco Lighting uses this approach within two aspects. The first being specialized lenses and films which help diffuse LED diodes. The second is utilizing unique diode technology that allows for up to 10 times the normal amount of diodes on a single circuit board or substrate.

You can identify these LED fixtures from their “yellow” internal coating. (the yellow does not appear when light is on) This helps with beam spread and increases light output.

The Eurolinx Stick Light

The Eurolinx LED light is a perfect low profile fixture that is offered in five lengths and is 4W per foot. You can link multiple lights together with link cords or butt them up together. The max continuous run of combined fixtures is 10 feet. The Eurolinx has both 3000K Warm and 5000K Cool options.

This light is compatible with Tresco’s Power Supply.

Eurolinx Specifications

The SimpLED 2.0 Stick Light

The SimpLED fixture features Luniform technology we discussed prior. This increases the amount of diodes included on a circuit board to increases and disperses light more effectively.

The fixture is 4.5W per foot and is offered in 8″, 12″ and 22″ lengths. It also has the ability to have lights connect via link cords or connected directly. Both 3000K Warm and 5000K Cool color temperatures are offered.

This light is compatible with Tresco’s Power Supply.

Simpled 2.0 specifications

The 5W Power Pockit Puck Light

Now, for those looking to use a puck light type fixture, we didn’t want to leave you hanging. This Power Pockit light from Tresco Lighting uses Luniform technology just like the SimpLED stick light above.
It acts as an internal diffuser which reduces glare.

Along with the black pictured, it is offered in Nickel, White and Bronze finishes. This fixture is a whopping 5W.

This light is compatible with Tresco’s Power Supply.

Power Pockit Specifications

Learn About How To Use These Lights

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