Once you identify those annoying little light spots it just gets harder and harder to NOT see them. Even with all the benefits we get from using LED lighting fixtures throughout our home, there are occasional drawbacks. However, most of those are aesthetics and not functionality.

The bottom line when eliminating the diode reflection is the look for LED light fixtures that have an internal diffuser lens. This can help evenly disperse some of the light that’s being generated from the fixture.

One of those drawbacks of some LED light fixtures is the diode reflection or glare we get on our granite or quartz countertop surfaces.

Depending on the LED light used, there isn’t a whole lot to do about it. This is where knowing about certain fixture nuances before you buy is essential.

Generally puck lights and stick lights offer some form of lens diffuser, but those can add to the overall cost of the light itself.

Often times a form of tape light is used for long under cabinet runs. In this case the diodes are exposed and cause the most glare.

Diffuser Lenses

Most of the glare can be caused by exposed diodes on products like tape lighting, stick lights or puck lights. Lots of fixtures use clear lenses or no lens at all.

Consider using a rigid aluminum extrusion to house the tape light with a heavily frosted diffuser lens cap.

What is a diffuser lens?

Diffuser lenses not only provide a lens cap for light fixtures, they also protect the LED diodes that would otherwise be exposed. Diffusers sit on the face of a light fixture, they have various levels of transparency.

What are the levels of transparency?

Diffuser lenses can be clear, frosted or milk. Clear being completely see-though and milk which lets the least amount of light through.

Built-in Internal Diffusers

Some stick lights and puck lights will incorporate a diffused lens cover within the fixture itself.

LED Lights That Reduce Glare on Countertop Surfaces

The below LED fixtures are great options that help eliminate the reflection. It will not entirely solve the problem, but it will make a huge improvement.

Starxing Wireless Led Puck Lights – Battery Operated

Six wireless puck lights and two remote controls come in this kit. They mount with included 3M double-sided tape. The puck lights are a neutral white color thats come with a swirled lens to help disperse light.

  • 4000K Natural White Color Temperature
  • Wireless Remote Control for On/Off & Dimming
  • Puck Light Diameter 2.36″ & Height of 1″
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RONRI LED Under Cabinet Light with Frosted Diffuser

Puck lights are one of the most-used light fixtures. It’s ideal to have them come with an internal lens diffuser. The RONRI lights do just that. They are simple enough to hook up for small lighting projects too!

  • Includes 3 LED puck lights, a power adapter, a hub, 6 screws and 3 sticker
  • 50,000 hours of life
  • Internal frosted cover
  • 2.35″ diameter and .35″ height
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Muzata LED Channel System

These are great for those of you who have LED tape light and want to adhere it within a metal extrusion with diffuser lens.

  • LED tape light not included – just extrusions
  • LED channel segment is 1M (3.3ft) long
  • 5 channels included
  • Can be cut down to any length
  • Come with 5pcs. milky diffuser
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inShareplus Bendable LED Aluminum Channel System

This is just the channel itself and not a light fixture. All other components are offered separately. These are suitable for tape lighting that can be cut down to size.

  • Includes 5 1m aluminum channels, 5 diffuser covers, 10 end caps and 10 mounting clips
  • Fits most popular LED tape light strips
  • Can be cut to suit any DIY project
  • Stick the LED strip light’s adhesive backing inside the channel, snap on the diffuser cover, and mount the channel whenever desired.
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Light Dimming Sheet for Harsh LED Lights

If you can access the internal portion of your light fixture, this cool product can let you customize your own lens diffuser. Simply cut to the desired size and place in-between cover cap and diodes.

  • Allows you to continue to view the light without flare and glare at a reduced brightness
  • Two sheets of 3.5″ x 8”
  • Diffuses 15-30% of light
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