Simple Tips For Using Pull Out Trash Cans With A Lid


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Lids aren't always included with pull out trash systems. Here's what you need to know to add one, why you may not need one and options for single and double cans.

There’s all sorts of great reasons to use a lid on a pull out trash can, but perhaps the most obvious one is that it helps to hide the contents.

As trash pull outs are mounted to the interior of your cabinet, they’re more of a permanent addition and something we use everyday. Using a lid is also a way to make them more aesthetically pleasing to look at when extended out of the cabinet.

Why should you use a pull out trash can with a lid:

  • Hides garbage waste
  • Helps to eliminate smells and odors
  • Can get rid of fruit flies
  • Helps to hold the garbage bag(s) in place
  • Great for pet food storage

Under Sink Pull Out Trash Can with Lid

Having a lid on your pull out trash can is perhaps most ideal under the sink. As the majority of your cooking and meal preparation takes place in this area, using a lid can help seal-in any odors from food scraps.

Trash pull outs under the sink are also a nice option for recycling cans, paper or plastics.

There’s one thing to watch out for though, and that’s the plumbing and garbage disposal that can often times protrude into the cabinet making it more difficult to fit a pull out trash can.

There are some small trash storage pull outs for under the sink that make life a little easier though.

One of my favorite recommendations is the Rev-A-Shelf RV Series pull outs. They are sturdy and mount to the base of the cabinet floor with just a few screws. They also have trash can lids that are made specific to the waste bins.

Comes as a kit partially assembled. Mounts to the cabinet floor and has two 35 quart waste bins.

Double Pull Out Trash Can Lids

If you have a larger cabinet opening and can fit a dual waste bin pull out inside, there are also options for lids here too.

You have to be careful when using lids on double pull out trash cans as sometimes the back lid on the rear can that’s closest to the cabinet may have trouble opening. This is because the trash pull out slide systems are limited and don’t extend beyond the frame of the cabinet.

If the pull out trash can doesn’t completely pass the cabinet frame when fully extended out of the cabinet, the lid can rub on the drawer front or not open at all.

For a product that extends completely out of the cabinet and has “over-travel slides”, I would recommend the Rev-A-Shelf 4WCBM Series pull out trash cans.

Can I Purchase a Pull Out Trash Lid Separately?

The simple answer is, yes. Ideally you want to purchase lids and components from the same brand or manufacturer of the pull out trash system and hardware you have.

It’s a little like buying components for a car. If you have a Honda or Toyota, you probably want to use compatible parts. Convenience hardware like pull out trash cans or pull out shelves are no different.

Your existing waste container size also matters. Do you have a 35 quart bin, a 50 quart bin or a smaller 20 quart bin? Not all lids are the same size, so you’ll need to choose the right one to fit on your waste container(s).

Various colors allow you to match your bin. Works with Rev-A-Shelf brand pull outs.

Where Pull Out Trash Can Lids Won't Work


Not all pull out trash can products are alike and neither are the cabinet interior styles they fit in. This means that sometimes the lids won’t always work depending on your application.

If you have a dual or double trash bin pull out, the lid on the rear bin may not open or can rub on the cabinets drawer front. This occurs when the pull out trash can is fully extended out of the cabinet.

In this case you might be limited to using one lid on the front waste bin only.

If you are looking for a trash pull out system, look for one with slides that fully extend beyond the cabinet frame opening.

If you are just looking for a lid only and already have a pull out trash can, you can test drive this by extending your pull out all the way outside of the cabinet. Line up the backside of your rear waste bin with the drawer front. Remember, you’ll need clearance for the lid to open up.

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