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The Ultimate Guide to Pull Out Trash Cans in 2022

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Sometimes technical jargon and lack of information can be a hindrance to choosing a pull out trash can.

Not to worry though. We’re here to help clarify descriptions and make things easy to understand.

Why’s it so important to try and select the right option? Mainly, the size and style of your cabinet needs to be compatible with the trash pull out and its dimensions. There’s quite a few topics to discuss, so let’s dive in!

What Is a Pull Out Trash Can and How Does it Differ From an Under Sink Trash Can?

Some products just work better in specific areas. Pull out trash cans are no different. It’s important to understand the nuances of this unique product category.

What Is a Pull Out Trash Can?

Trash pull outs are a great way to add permanent functionality to your kitchen.

Most pull out trash cans come pre-assembled from the manufacturer. This means you can install them right out of the box and into your cabinet.

A pull out trash can utilizes a frame that sits within a set of slides. The slides can be bottom mounted or side mounted to the inside of your cabinet. This is how your trash pull out glides in and out of the cabinet box allowing you to access it.

What Is an Under Sink Trash Can?

Under sink trash cans are pull out trash systems that sit under the counter below the sink in a base cabinet.

Although under sink trash cans need to have a reduced depth and height due to their location in the sink base cabinet, many standard size pull out trash cans can work just fine.

Kitchen, vanity and garage sink base cabinets will usually have plumbing that obstructs a pull out trash cans movement.

With this in mind, you need to know both your inner cabinet dimensions as well as the pre-assembled trash pull out dimensions. This’ll give you a good idea of what pull out trash cans will work.

What’s Better?

A general pull out trash can is better. Why? It’s a broad term that can encompass various trash pull outs including under counter, under sink and trash pull outs for kitchen base cabinets.

But to start, don’t worry about the terminology.

If you know your inner cabinet width, depth and height you can start to examine certain pull out trash can features you need most. That might include something for an under sink application or not.

Bottom line, there’s no perfect option. It entirely revolves around your specific cabinet type, dimensions, budget and feature preferences.

3 Under Sink Trash Can Ideas for Kitchens

Adding a pull out trash system by your kitchen sink is ideal. After all, this is where we dispose of garbage when doing our dishes, cleaning and cooking. There’s a few great under sink ideas you’ll love.

Key features to look for is a reduced depth and height as space is limited in under sink cabinets.

Get a Recycling Set Up

Having a dedicated under sink trash can for recycling is a game changer. Using a pull out trash can offers a permanent way to be more consistent when recycling too. It also conceals your trash while at the same time providing easy access.

Comes pre-assembled with full-extension tracks for easy access. Cabinet space needs to be at least 20″ top to bottom, 10″ side to side and 20″ front to back.

Use a Kitchen Hanging Bin

Need something smaller that doesn’t mount to your cabinet floor? Hanging kitchen trash bins rest on the inside or outside of your cabinet door. These are perfect for quick disposal of food waste or general garbage.

One of the best products is made by SimpleHuman.

Like most pull out trash can products, the most important factor is to make sure you’ve got enough space inside the cabinet to make it work.

The SimpleHuman hanging trash bin requires a cabinet door thickness of 3/4″. As far as inside the cabinet, you’ll need at least 14.25″ wide, 9″ deep and 14.56″ high.

Hangs inside your kitchen cabinet door for quick and easy access. Product measures 11.7″ wide x 8.7″ deep x 14.3″ high.

Small Multi-Bin Pull Out Trash Can

Under sink areas are short on space. Luckily, there’s some pull out trash cans that are small in size, yet still offer great functionality. If you’ve got intrusive under sink plumbing, consider a small multi-bin trash pull out.

They’re great for kitchens, bathrooms or even garage cabinets. 

Reduced depth and height is ideal for under sink cabinetry. Includes a 15L bin and an 8L bin for recyclables. 8.31″ W x 18.63″ D x 14.25″ H.

Why Using the Right Trash Can Hardware Is Important

Whether you’re DIY’ing a pull out trash can or are looking for replacement parts, it’s imperative to nail down the right hardware components. There’s also a few key aspects when it comes to trash can assembly.

Keep in mind – when it comes to pull out cabinet organizers, accompanying hardware is usually brand specific. It’s best to use hardware from the same manufacturer name throughout.

Best Pull Out Trash Can Brands

There’s quite a few popular manufacturers when it comes to convenience hardware and pull out trash can systems. Many vary in price, style and installation difficulty. 

Popular brands:

  • Rev-A-Shelf
  • Hafele
  • Clever Storage
  • Knape & Vogt
  • Vauth Sagel
  • Salice
  • Hardware Resources

Pull Out Trash Can Mounting Kit

Cabinet door mount kits allow you to safely and securely mount the assembled pull out product to your existing cabinet door.

Doing this gives you the ability to glide the product in and out using your cabinet’s pull or knob hardware.

Without mounting a trash pull out to your existing cabinet door, you’ll have to open the cabinet door first and then reach-in to pull the frame assembly out of the cabinet.

If you want one fluid motion to access your trash can, look into using a cabinet door mount kit.

Do You Need a Cabinet Door Mounting Kit?

It really depends on your personal preference. Lots of products come with door mounting brackets already pre-installed. 

If you already have a pull out shelf or trash storage unit that you need to door mount consider this checklist.

  • You want to use your existing cabinet door.
  • You have a knob or pull located on the center of the cabinet door.
  • You want one fluid motion to access the pull out instead of two.
  • You want adjustability to optimize your product.
  • You may need to purchase a door mount kit separately

Pull Out Trash Can With Lid

Lids are great for keeping smells and odors away, keeping fido out of the garbage or for simple aesthetics. But lids can easily go overlooked.

Why? They’re often sold separately. This makes it hard to get a pre-assembled pull out trash can with a lid.

They do exist though. Look for Rev-A-Shelf trash cans as they make a wide variety of styles and sizes perfect for just about any cabinet.

Comes with a white 35 quart container, frame, lid, 3/4 extension slides and mounting hardware. Designed for 11″ or larger opening.

Soft Closing Trash Can

Trash pull outs have a slide on both the right and left sides of the frame structure. These slides get mounted to the floor or side wall of a cabinet and is what allows it to move in and out.

Many pull out trash cans feature a “no-slam” soft closing slide system. Internally, the slides use pistons that activate once the slide assembly reaches a certain point upon closing. This is what prevents it from slamming shut.

Some trash pull outs feature ball-bearing slides and some feature a soft-closing mechanism (no-slamming when going back into the cabinet).

Ball-Bearing Slides

The majority of pull out trash cans will utilize a ball-bearing slide. It’s both reliable and economical.

Small ball-bearings within the right and left slide allow it glide smoothly. This type of trash pull out slide, if maintained properly, can last for years.

However, if you do come across an issue within your pull out trash can, the first place to check is your slides. If any hardware replacements like a slide is needed, contact the manufacturer and they’ll most likely be able to provide a replacement part.

Overall though, ball-bearing slides are a great entry level option offered on lots of trash storage products.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Size for a Pull Out Trash Can

Cabinet manufacturers use standard opening dimensions for base cabinets. Common width dimensions are 12′′, 15′′, 18′′ and 24′′.

Many pull out trash cans work within these dimensions already, but make sure to reference the manufacturers pre-assembled dimensions of the pull out trash frame.

Pull Out Trash Can for a 18 Inch Deep Cabinet

Both 18 and 15 inch cabinets are ideal for a pull out trash can. This width of cabinet will usually allow for a double bin pull out which is perfect for a busy household that generates a lot of garbage.

Kit-packaged trash pull out with frame, slides, door mount brackets and two bins. Needs a minimum opening width of 15″. Assembled dimesions of 14.38″ W x 22.25″ D x 19″ H.

Pull Out Trash Can for a 12 Inch Cabinet

Got a smaller cabinet? No problem. You can still squeeze a narrow pull out trash can in. For a 12″ cabinet size you’ll be limited, but you can still find a quality product.

As with all pull out cabinet organizers, we’ll need to know the pull outs assembled width, depth and height to verify compatibility.

For a good starting point, I would recommend a SimpleHuman pull out trash can. The printed assembled width is 9.8″ which will give you some room on each side of a 12 inch cabinet width. It’s 17.7″ depth is also nice for under sink areas too.

Easy to install and glides out on smooth commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks. Assembled dimensions of 9.8″ W x 17.7″ D x 19.1″ H.

Why You Should and Shouldn’t DIY a Pull Out Trash Can

If you’re a DIY’er, there’s no doubt you can tackle a pull out trash can project. The core components are much like a wood drawer box.

Why You Shouldn't

Save Time and Labor

This is the ultimate benefit. Being able to install and use a pre-assembled pull out trash can saves you tons of time as well as labor. Yes, it does take some effort to install it within a cabinet, but with so many options available and helpful install guides it’s a no-brainer.

Pull Out Trash Can Replacement

Purchasing a pre-assembled trash pull out has a big benefit when it comes to warranties and replacement parts. You can also use extra products like cabinet door mounting kits or lids make your product even better.

And when you purchase a pull out trash can you also know the brand. This allows you to purchase any replacement trash cans down the road. There’s lots of trash bin size and knowing where to get a replacement is extremely useful.

Why You Should

Custom Applications

Have an odd sized cabinet or a unique application? Sometimes a pre-assembled pull out trash can just won’t cut-it. This is another scenario where a DIY pull out might be the best (and only) choice for a trash storage solution.

Have a Woodshop?

I know there’s a few of you who just like to make it yourself. And with the ability to click a button and get anything delivered, I commend you for that. If you’ve got the right tools and know-how, you can certainly fabricate a nice wood pull out trash can.

Can You Find a Pull Out Waste Bin at Ikea?

Ikea currently offers a couple pull out trash cans (check them out here), but you’ll be limited to their styles and specific 6 gallon sizes.

The main benefit to pull out waste bins is the shear number of options available to us. And ultimately, we want to choose the best one for our specific cabinet opening.

We all know Ikea makes affordable and easy-to-use assemble products, so no doubt they’ll have a beginner-friendly solution that works for you.

Better Options Than Home Depot or Lowes

Both big box stores, HD and Lowes, also have some basic pull out organizer products. These are for budget conscious buyers, but can get you a nice overall solution.

If you really want a high-end pull out trash can, you’ll have to do some research (aka, Googling). But I’ll save you the time and mention a few options to start…

Using Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Trash Cans and Other Brands

Rev-A-Shelf is a mainstay in the convenience hardware industry. They’ve been helping make homes more functional for decades. When it comes to pull out trash cans, it’s a good place to start your search. 

They’ve got an option for every budget and style. Better yet, most of their pull out trash cans come pre-assembled and ready to install.

You can also check out some other home organizer brands like SimpleHuman, Hafele, and Knape & Vogt (SimplyPut).

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