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The Ultimate Guide to Pull Out Cabinet Organizers in 2022

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Are you remodeling your kitchen? You’ve probably heard the saying “a cluttered kitchen is a sign of a cluttered mind.” Well, we agree! We want to help you get rid of that clutter and make your life easier with our guide on pull out cabinet organizers for kitchens.

What Is a Pull Out Cabinet Organizer and How Does It Differ From Roll Out Cabinet Drawers?

You may be seeing these two terms come up on your search for cabinet organization. Although they are somewhat interchangeable, there’s some key aspects that set them apart.

What Is a Pull Out Cabinet Organizer?

The term “pull out cabinet organizer” can be all encompassing. They can be any in-cabinet accessory that pulls, slides, rolls or extends out of the cabinet.

Pull out cabinet organizers are most common in lower base cabinets. They can be used in vanity, closet, garage, office, kitchen or anywhere more functionality is needed.

Ball Bearing Slides

Most quality pull out cabinet organizers will use ball bearing slides to assist in the movement. Ball bearing slides use small bearings to allow the organizer to move effortlessly in and out of the cabinet.

This style of slide also tends to provide more access to your cabinet with full-extension or 3/4 extension slides. If you have heavier items, ball bearing slides can handle 75 to 100lbs.

What Is a Roll Out Cabinet Drawer?

A roll out cabinet drawer is most common in kitchen applications where more storage is needed. As opposed to a pull out cabinet organizer with lots of styles, here, you’re limited to a drawer storage option. Both options utilize slides to allow for better access to cabinets.

Roller Slides

Roller slides are usually white in color, epoxy coated and have plastic roller wheels. They’re inexpensive and can easily be added to custom made roll out cabinet drawers. 

One drawback, though, is many only extend 3/4 of the way outside the cabinet frame. This means, 1/4 of the drawer will remain in the cabinet. Not a huge issue, but hinders your ability to see what’s in the cabinet.

Why Is a Pull Out Cabinet Organizer Better

There’s a simple answer – more options. And when it comes to creating the ultimate kitchen, you need options.

Pull out cabinet organizers can be dedicated to pot and pan storage, trash storage, pantry storage, spices, laundry, and much more. Although roll out cabinet drawers are suitable for most kitchens, pull out cabinet organizer allow you to focus in on exactly what you need organized.

How Pull Out Pantry Shelves Can Help Create More Functionality

Quicker access and dedicated spaces equal better functionality. And ultimately, when we invest in to pull out cabinet organizers, we want them to have an impact on our everyday life in the home.

Access to Hard-to-Reach Items

Sometimes pantry cabinets can feel like you’re entering a deep, dark, scary cave in search of the spaghetti you last used two months ago.

Pull out pantry shelves make it easier to access items in the back cabinet. It’s also much easier on a visual level too. Imagine pulling the entire contents of a pantry cabinet out toward you. You’ll be able to quickly grab and go.

Dedicated Sections for Most-Used Items

We all know the pantry can be a boneyard where all things food and cooking related go to meet their demise in the back of the cabinet.

The main reason to use a pull out pantry shelf is to increase organization and gain access to its contents. If you’re looking into pull out cabinet organizers, you already have the declutter mindset.

Pull out pantry shelves can not only help you stay on top of your pantries contents, but allow you to dedicate areas specific to certain items. Have a section for taller items or shorter items. Have a section for breakfast, dinner or lunch items. Have a section for most-used and least-used.

Pull out pantry shelves give you an easy way to access these items as well as create sections.

3 Two Tier Pull Out Cabinet Organizer Ideas for Base Cabinets

Pot and Pan Organizer

Imagine having a dedicated home for all of your cookware. Believe it or not, there are pull out cabinet organizers for pots and pans that do just that.

This style of cabinet organizer gets mounted to the floor of the cabinet and can have multiple tiers which allow for pot, pan or lid storage.

Under Sink Organizer for Plumbing

The under sink area is a tricky place for pull out organizers. Not only is it small in general, but you’ve also got annoying plumbing or garbage disposal to contend with.

Luckily, there are some clever two tier pull out organizers that work around your plumbing. Lower tiers are wide enough for ample storage, while the upper tier is more narrow to avoid any pipes or wiring.

Wood Shelves

Wood shelves are a little more challenging to find in a two tier configuration. But there are some options available. If you want to side mount multiple wood shelving drawers, you can create a tiered application.

You can also use something called a pilaster system, which uses metal pilasters on all four corners inside the cabinet. Your wood shelves would then mount to each of the pilaster rods. It’s almost like a free-floating shelving system inside of your cabinet.

How to Use a Pull Out Cabinet Organizer in Your Bathroom

Sliding Under Sink Pull Out Baskets

Your cabinet dimensions are the first thing to look at. Knowing those dimensions will then dictate the size and style of the pull out cabinet organizer.

Trash Pull Outs

Yep, there’s always the tried and true bathroom floor trash can, but why not hide all your trash with an in-cabinet trash pull out.

This style of under sink pull out trash can usually gets mounted to the floor of the cabinet and then slides out allowing you to toss your trash in and then slide it back in.

Laundry Hamper Pull Outs

Pull out laundry hampers allow you to finally make a permanent home for your laundry. This style of pull out uses a frame structure attached to right and left slides. The hamper basket will then sit within the frame allowing you to move it in and out of the cabinet.

If you’ve got some extra space in your cabinetry, this is a perfect solution for more functionality.

Sliding Wire Baskets

Sliding wire baskets are one of the best cabinet organizers. They’re perfect for anywhere in the home, especially in the bathroom cabinets.

The main benefit is the number of sizes they can come in. No matter the width of cabinet you have, you can find a solution.

How to Choose Pull Out Cabinet Organizers Perfect for Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are oddly shaped and take up a lot of room in our cabinets. They’re a pain to organize and sort. Instead of bending down and searching for your go-to pot or pan in a dark cabinet, adding a pull out cabinet organizer easily slides the pot or pan out towards you.

But how do you choose the right one?

The Size

Measure your cabinet opening width, depth and height. Make sure to account for any protruding hinges that the pull out may hit when sliding in and out.

Do you have an existing shelf inside the cabinet? You may need to remove this shelf or find a pull out organizer that can work within the dimensions.

Watch out for any lip on the bottom of the cabinet. This 1/4” lip can interfere with the pull out cabinet organizer that needs to slide in and out of the cabinet. You can shim up the pull out with wood or look for a pull out with a high frame structure.

The Style

Wire Baskets are the most used style for pot and pan organizer pull outs.

Solid Bottom Shelves can also be used, but are generally less accommodating to sorting and large quantities. For a few cookware items though, these can suffice just fine.

Using Dividers

Finding a pull out pot and pan organizer with inner divider rails or adjustable wire dividers is ideal for your pot and pans.

Not all cookware is made the same size, so these dividers can help secure and sort your items.

Wood Pull Out Shelves vs. Stainless Steel Pull Out Drawers

Although looks play a big role in the difference between wood pull out shelves and stainless steel pull out shelves, they also have a few components that are different too.

Wood Pull Out Shelves

Wood pull outs are a great option and used in millions of kitchens. 

  1. Typically a drawer box made out of birch
  2. Usually used in base kitchen cabinets or tall pantry cabinets
  3. Use epoxy coated roller slides or side mounted ball bearing guides
  4. Have an integrated handle pull or sloping edges to provide more access

Stainless Steel Pull Outs Drawers

Stainless steel pull outs are great for more contemporary kitchens and retrofit installations. 

  • Prevents rust from occurring
  • Uses ball bearing slides
  • Have wire baskets or frames
  • Great for under sink

Can You Find a Pull Out Cabinet Organizer at Ikea?

Ikea is a beast. They’ve got just about anything you can think of for your home. If you’re looking for a couple options to get started, they do have a few pull out cabinet organizers.

Among others, Ikea has wire baskets, trash pull outs, pantry pull out racks and various small base cabinet pull outs. But to be honest, Ikea may not be the best place to look.

If all you need is a pull out wire basket, you can go to Ikea, Lowes or Home Depot. But if you want to really gain functionality and find the perfect pull out, look into brands like SimpleHuman, Rev-A-Shelf, Hafele or Knape & Vogt. And for some decent prices, there’s always our buddies at Amazon.

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