The Best Pull Down Closet Rods in 2022

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Closet storage accessories have gotten pretty sophisticated these days. Just like our kitchens, the closet can be a good place to improve upon too.

Along with pull out baskets, jewelry organizers, shoe rails and even LED lighting, pull down closet rods are one of the most-used items in closets.

If you’re tired of calling your significant other to reach hangers in high closet cabinets, you landed on the right article. Using a pull down closet rod brings those hard-to-reach items right down to your ideal level.

These pull down closet rod kits are easy to install and provide a consistent way to access hanging items. Most pull down down closet rods mount to the inner side walls of your closet cabinets.

On each side is a pull down arm assembly that gives sturdy reliability and holds a significant amount of weight. An adjustable shaft sits in-between the two arm assemblies and makes it easy for you to pull the entire rod down. It can then lock into place or glide back up into the closet cabinet.

How Does A Pull Down Closet Rod Work

Pull down closet rods are ideal for any walk-in or custom closet application. Manufacturers supply all the needed parts to make up pull down kits. You’ll have to side mount this into an existing closet cabinet.

Two aluminum posts sit close to the side walls and extend upwards in the closet. A cross post runs the width of the closet and is connected to the uprights. Directly in the middle of the cross post is where the pull down rod is.

To use the pull down closet rod, you’d simply grab the middle shaft and pull out towards yourself. This will glide the cross post out towards you making it easy to retrieve the hanging items.

How much weight can it hold?

Depending on the manufacturer, pull down closet rods can typically hold around 25-35 pounds.

That weight may not seem like much, but if you are hanging dress shirts, coats or blouses that weight range is fairly significant.

In fact, some pull down rods function slightly better when they are full as it helps glide the unit down and makes it less rigid. Just don’t load it up with heavy winter coats and you’ll be safe.

What sizes are available?

Most pull down closet rods have expandable widths.

They can extend width wise to work with a number of different closet cabinet dimensions. Usually they range from 21 inches wide up to 48 inches wide, but we recommend trying these for specific width ranges:

  • 21-1/2″ – 26″ Widths
  • 26″ – 35″ Widths
  • 35″ – 48″ Widths
One size doesn’t fit all. Manufacturers will make various pull down closet rod sizes to accommodate multiple configurations and widths. This is where you’ll need to grab a tape measure and verify the dimensions of the pull down closet rod are suitable for the cabinet width.

How far does it extend out of the cabinet?

When a pull down closet rod is fully extended out of the cabinet it will reach a distance of about 24″ – 30″.

This would depend on the brand or manufacturer of the particular pull down. Bottom line, make sure you have plenty of distance to operate the pull down as well as stand directly in front of it.

Can you adjust the pull down rod length?

In most cases, yes. Again, it may depend on the manufacturers specifications. Most allow the user to select where they want the pull down rod to stop.

This allows for it to avoid hitting the closet cabinet base. Internal push pins within the closet rod are often used to allow for the optimum length.

The Best Pull Down Closet Rods

These products are very straightfoward, there are some more reputable brands out there.

Look for Rev-A-Shelf or Hafele manufacturers. These are well-known in the custom cabinet world and they make and offer great products.

1. Rev-A-Shelf CPDR Series Pull Down Closet Rods

An all around great product, the Rev-A-Shelf pull down closet rods are one of the best.

They come in different size widths to accommodate your closet cabinet openings. From 21-1/2″- 26″ to 35″ – 48″ widths. The center cross beam rod where the clothes will hang expands width wise.

Like most pull down closet rods, it mounts to the inner side walls of the closet cabinet. It can hold approximately 25 pounds and glides down towards the user. It can lock into place once fully extended out.

Industry standard pull down, multiple size widths, handle grip, adjustable length pole, comes as complete kit.

2. Hafele Heavy Duty Pull Down Closet Rods

All pull down closet rods essentially function in similar ways. Each manufacturer has their subtleties when it comes down to the installation process.

Hafele does a good job of supplying users and installers with plenty of info. on their website.

Different size options are available on the Hafele heavy duty pull down closet rod too. They offer one for inside cabinet width dimensions 35-1/16” – 47-5/8”. Also, a narrower width of 26″ – 35-1/16″ is available.

One cool feature on the Hafele closet rod is that they use rubber bumpers to protect the left and right plastic housing from getting damaged when lowering the rod.

Complete kit with multiple size rod widths, various finishes including chrome and ergonomic handle.

How to Install a Pull Down Closet Rod

The dimensions of a closet cabinet are a little different than traditional cabinets found in the kitchen or bathroom. The closet panels typically have a shallower depth to them.

How deep does my closet need to be?

The standard depth for a reach-in style closet is 24 inches. A closet intended to store hanging items, which is what we need, may need to be around 24 inches.

Anything less than 22 inches may not allow enough space for hanging clothes.

Keep in mind, the closet pull down rod will work in spaces with depths a lot narrower than this.

Where does it mount?

Pull down closet rods mount to the inner side walls of the closet cabinet. Often times pictures an be deceiving as it looks like it can be mounted to the back wall which is inaccurate.

How to avoid hitting cabinet hinges

In some installs, you may need to block out the arms that mount to the inner side walls of the closet cabinet.

Using small block of wood can help do this. Once the blocks of wood are mounted the left and right arms of the pull down would mount to the blocks instead of directly to the side walls.

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