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How Do You Measure a Pull Out Trash Can?

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Depending on the brand or manufacturer, there are a wide variety of pull out trash cans. Due to this, there are lots of sizes and styles too.

The most important measurement on a pull out trash can is the assembled width, depth and height. 

Good news. Most manufacturers ship their products pre-assembled or at the very least, provide the specifications for fully assembled.

A fully assembled pull out trash can will have the frame structure, right and left slides and bin(s) ready to be put inside the cabinet.

How Do You Measure a Pull Out Trash Can?

To get correct measurements for your cabinet, you’ll want to gather the outside dimensions from side to side, front to back and top to bottom of a completely assembled pull out trash can. You can do this in person with a pull out trash can or from specification resources from the manufacturer.

The Width

Measure the pull out trash cans outermost dimensions from side to side. This is either the top rim portion of the waste bins or the outside of the slides.

Most standard base cabinet widths go in 3 inch increments and range from 9 inches to 24 inches wide.

The Depth

Measure the depth dimension from front to back on an assembled pull out trash can. Most standard base cabinet depths are 24 inches, so many pull out trash cans are compatible with that depth.

The Height

Measure the height from the lowest portion of the assembled pull out trash can frame up to the top of the waste bin(s). 

Don't Have a Pull Out Trash Can?

If you don’t have your pull out trash can quite yet, no problem. Once you decide on a double pull out trash can or a single bin pull out, you can then research the manufacturer. 

Head to the manufacturers website or reach their customer service. You’ll want to know the minimum cabinet opening and the assembled specifications of the product.

The minimum cabinet opening will give you a good idea on the smallest opening cabinet dimensions that will work with their product.

If a minimum cabinet opening for a pull out trash can is 18 inches and you have a 15″ cabinet, the product won’t work

Pre-Assembled Pull Out Trash Cans

Pre-assembled trash pull outs come ready to install. All you have to do is un-box and prepare your cabinet for installation.

Not only does it make it easy for beginners, it also provides measurements that you can use to make sure it’ll work in your cabinet.

Look for convenience hardware manufacturers like Rev-A-Shelf. They provide physical product dimensions in their specifications.

Pre-assembled pull out trash can that comes with the metal frame, soft-close slides, and two waste container bins. 14-3/16″ wide, 22″ deep, 19-1/2″ high. Minimum cabinet opening width of 14-1/2″.

Physical Product Dimensions

Getting the pull out trash cans physical product dimensions is the key to measurements. Many manufacturers list these dimensions within specification sheets or catalogs. These dimensions are needed for the trash pull out to function with a cabinet.

As long as the cabinet opening width is larger than the assembled pull out trash can width, depth and height, you know you’ll be successful.

Cabinet Measurements

Your cabinet dimensions are just as important. Make sure you gather the cabinet opening dimensions. Proper dimensions are needed to allow the pull out trash can to glide in and out of the cabinet.

Cabinet types with a door or a door/drawer combination are also something to be aware of. Many larger pull out trash cans need a full height cabinet with no drawer to function. Others however, can work with a cabinet that features a door/drawer combo.

A Face Frame Cabinet Style
A Frameless Cabinet Style

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