I Have Low Voltage LED Lights, But Need to Hardwire Them

This particular post revolves around Tresco Lighting products and references various schematics and verbiage unique to their product line. It can however, help those interested in under cabinet lighting accomplishing a similar result.

As a disclaimer, we do recommend that if users attempt a project that they use compatible products within the lighting design. We at WoodworkeAccess.com are certainly not electricians. This is just simply one way to go about it using Tresco Lighting products.

Switching to An LED Hardwire Power Supply

Most homes within the U.S. and other regions use Romex wire with 110V and 120V being routed to wall switches. These wall switches then control haolgen, etc. under cabinet lighting.

With the benefits we get from using LED fixtures, many homeowners are looking to upgrade. This is where we need to convert the 110/120V down to an LED friendly, 12V.

As in the diagram, the 110/120V would run through the wall switch and then be converted down to 12V with Tresco Lighting’s Dimmable Hardwire Power Supply.

Dimmable LED Hardwire Power Supply Features

Tresco’s Wall Dimmable LED Power Supply has the latest advancements in low voltage LED dimming technology. The new electronic models are lower profile, lighter weight, generate less heat and can be more cost efficient. These are dimmable by standard LED wall dimmers, they have no minimum load requirements and are Class 2 rated with short circuit and automatic reset protection.

  • Works with all Tresco 12VDC dimmable fixtures
  • Dimmable by standard LED wall dimmers
  • Available in 12W and 50W models
  • Electronic units are lower profile an generate less heat
  • 6 snap mounting block included to connect Tresco lights
  • No minimum load requirements
  • Class 2 with short circuit and automatic reset

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Compatible 120V LED Wall Dimmer Switches

These switches from Lutron are compatible with the Tresco Lighting Hardwire Power Supply. The Lutron Diva and the Lutron SkyLark offer more reliable dimming performance over standard dimmers and have been lab tested with Tresco specific products.

Lutron SkyLark

Lutron Diva

*Disclaimer – Please discuss your specific needs with a qualified professional


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