So, you finally want to hide that smelly trash can that’s taking up precious kitchen floor space. Awesome, this article is for you!

There’s probably a number of reasons for this search you’re on. Whether it’s the nasty smell of an open trash can, a nosey pet, or gaining more space in a tiny kitchen, hiding your trash bins is a useful endeavor. 

There are many simple ways we can rework our kitchens and homes with the use of accessories and storage products. Lots of those ideas can help to hide and conceal trash cans.

In this article I focus more on permanent solutions rather than quick fixes. I came up with a few that may serve as useful.

Under-Counter Trash Slide Out with Recycle Bin

This trash pull out from Simplehuman makes it easy to get a permanent solution to trash storage. It easily mounts to the cabinet floor with just a few screws. It glides in and out of the cabinet on sturdy ball-bearing guides. There’s a recycle version and also a regular single bin version too! 

The manufacturers dimensions are 9.8″ Wide x 17.7″ Deep x 19.1″ High.

  • Permanent in-cabinet storage
  • Glides in and out of cabinet
  • Integrated handle pull
  • Some have lids (eliminate smells)

SimpleHuman - Under Counter Trash Pull Outs

The SimpleHuman pull out trash storage features a steel frame, full-extension slides and an easy access handle. Comes as complete kit for base cabinets.

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Interior Cabinet Pull Out Trash Cans

If you have the interior cabinet space, these pull out trash products can be a worthwhile addition to every kitchen. There’s virtually a pull out trash can that will work with any type of cabinet style.

As pull out trash cans sit inside the cabinet, the most important thing is to verify the measurements of the cabinet width, depth and height.

As an example, let’s say you have an 18″ base cabinet with a 1.5″ face frame, you’ll end up with a 15″ width opening. Since we need the pull out trash can to slide in and out of the cabinet, we’ll need some extra space on each side.

Ideally, our pull out trash can would be less than 14-3/4″ wide.

Slide out trash storage products typically come as a complete unit, which include frame assembly, right and left slides, one or two waste bins and the mounting hardware. 

Rev-A-Shelf - RV Series Double Pull Out Trash w/ Lids

A complete trash storage system right out of the box. Includes the lids and installs with included hardware!

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    Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinets

    A truly creative way to hide your trash is to use a tilt-out trash can cabinet. These are the next best thing to using an interior cabinet pull out trash can.

    Tilt-out trash can cabinets do double duty and act as an extra counter or side table. With lots of colors/finishes available, it’s easy to make them blend in and be an extension of your kitchen.

    What you loose in floor space, you gain in drawer and counter space.

    The typical dimensions for tilt-out cabinets are about 20″ Wide x 12.5″ Deep x 25″-34″ High.

    Some benefits of using this method is that it provides:

    • Great access to your hidden waste bin(s)
    • Tilt-out cabinets can match existing decor
    • Gain more counter space in smaller spaces

    Sawdust City - Tilt-Out Wooden Trash/Recycle Cabinet

    Sawdust City tilt out cabinets are truly a piece of furniture and not just a way to keep trash and laundry out-of-sight. You’ll appreciate their details and quality materials.

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    Sawdust City Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet

    Cabinet Door Hanging Trash Can Storage

    A kitchen drawer hanging bin may be a bit smaller, but it works well under the counter. The 2.6 gallon can is big enough to throw lots away quickly and easily. If you don’t want it hanging on your door, you can mount it to the inside of the cabinet or wall with a provided bracket.

    The dimensions from the manufacturer are 11.7″ Wide x 8.7″ Deep x 14.3″ High.

    • Lid flap
    • Removable plastic bucket
    • Hangs on door or mounts to inside of door

    SimpleHuman - Cabinet Door Hanging Bin

    Keep your trash can hidden with the SimpleHuman cabinet door hanging bin. The 2.6 gallon bin swings out for easy access and quick removal.

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    SimpleHuman Cabinet Door Hanging Bin

    Mobile Kitchen Trash Can With Gliding Wheels

    When in doubt, you can always move this awesome iTouchless trash can around the kitchen and even hide it within a pantry or tucked away in a laundry room. This is a great idea if you don’t have a spare cabinet or generate lots of trash.

    The entire trash can dimensions according to the manufacturer are 12.75” D x 10.75” W x 28.5” H.

    • Removable wheels with locking feature
    • 13 gallon deodorizer trash can
    • Touchless operation (hand sensor)
    • Stainless steel

    iTouchless - Sensor Trash Can on Caster Wheels

    Removable wheels with locking features allow you to move the iTouchless trash can to your ideal spot. Features a 100% automatic lid and odor control filter.

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    iTouchless Mobile Trash Can

    Under Sink Pivot-Out Trash Can

    The more we try and hide or conceal our trash storage, the more limited our options become. Often times we give up bin size for some better functionality. That’s where finding unique products like pivot out waste containers is useful.

    Pivot out trash cans can work in both kitchen and in vanity cabinets. Why are they called “pivot out” waste containers? As you pull the cabinet door open the trash can will pivot out towards you and the lid will open.

    You’ll sacrifice some of the interior cabinet space as this needs room inside, but it certainly hides the can.

    As with anything that installs into the interior of the cabinet, gathering dimensions is needed. Also, be aware of any plumbing pipes or garbage disposal that may interfere as pivot out waste containers need to rotate back into the cabinet.

    Rev-A-Shelf - Under Sink Pivot Out Waste Container

    Great for both kitchen and vanity under sink cabinets. As you open the cabinet door the container pivots out and the lid opens!

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    Rev-A-Shelf Pivot Out Waste Container

    Dual-Bin Under Sink Trash Can Pull Out

    This is another handy one. If you want multiple compartments for taking around the house, this is an ideal pull out. You’ll get a large 16 quart front bin and a smaller 9 quart bin in the back. Both come with lids and handles.

    The dual bins sit in a frame with slides. It also comes with an integrated handle pull. This is easy to install as well.

    The manufacturer lists dimensions as 8-5/16″ wide x 18-5/8″ deep x 14-1/4″ high.

    • Comes as a complete kit
    • Dual bins with handles and lids
    • Soft closing slides
    • Great for under sink trash
    • Easy install with four screws

    Rev-A-Shelf - Double Pull Out Waste Containers

    Keep your trash out-of-sight with Rev-A-Shelf's dual bin pull out trash storage. Features soft-close slides, bins with lids and installation hardware.

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    Rev-A-Shelf Under Sink Pull Out Trash

    DIY Project for Trash Storage

    Here’s a cool idea for a DIY project from Hometalk. They used two base cabinet doors and quickly transformed them into a tilt out trash storage.

    They took the cabinet door off the frame, then put a hinge on the bottom of the cabinet. This allowed the door to now be swung out towards the users instead of left or right.

    Then, they took chains that held the trash bins in place. This made it easy to simply tilt the cabinet outwards when disposing of garbage! Pretty cool idea.

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