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7 Best Hanging Trash Bins for Kitchen Drawers

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As a homeowner, you know that it’s nearly impossible to keep your kitchen clean and tidy while cooking or doing everyday tasks.

Having extra trash bins is essential for keeping your kitchen clean. Your best option is to get drawer hanging trash bin because they’ll fit in just about any space!

They’re also easier to access than traditional floor-mounted ones so you won’t have to bend over as much when you need to throw something away.

After compiling resources from top brands as well as from my own hands-on experience in the kitchen and bath industry, I have to say the best kitchen drawer hanging bin is the Subekyu Collapsible Bins.

There are tons of great characteristics to each kitchen drawer hanging bin, so let’s see what might work for you!

Lets dive in with our best options…

  1. Best ChoiceSubekyu Collapsible Hanging Bin
  2. Best High EndSimpleHuman Cabinet Door Hanging Bin
  3. Best ValueSubekyu Multi-Use Hanging Bins

What is a Collapsible Trash Bin?

A collapsible trash can is a bin that can expand and contract based on usage. Generally, you can extend the bin fully when in use and compact it down when you want to store it away.

These features are what makes a collapsible hanging trash bin so perfect for non-traditional spaces. Consider using them for or in places like:

  • Bathroom vanity
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Apartment/Condo
  • Meal preparation
  • Holiday baking
  • Cleaning

How to Use a Kitchen Drawer Hanging Trash Can

Kitchen drawer hanging trash cans hang on or rest on the top portion of the cabinet door. Usually a hook is used to allow the trash bin to rest on the outside or inside portion of the door.

It will hang about half way down the door depending on the type of kitchen drawer hanging trash can you use.

One crucial aspect to note on the bin and the cabinet drawer or door, is the thickness of the cabinet door. The hook where the trash bin hangs will need to accommodate that thickness.

Cabinet door thicknesses can range from 3/4″, 7/8″ to 1″ thick. Be sure to measure for your specific application.

Best Kitchen Drawer Hanging Bins

There’s quite a few bins to consider. Look for options with collapsible walls to store them easily, lids to keep smells out and bins that allow you to quickly add or remove plastic bags.

1. Subekyu - Collapsible Hanging Trash Bin

The great benefit to the Subekyu hanging trash bin is the collapsible design. This is a popular characteristic among many of these types of accessories.

It’s perfect for storing and using when cooking or cleaning. You can expand by pulling on the bottom, and then the top portion to extend out. It’s also capable of standing on the ground for tight RV spaces or bathrooms.

If you are after a modern looking, heavy duty collapsible option, this one is worth looking into.

Collapsible design, various color choices, use for freestanding, work with grocery bag liners, fold down and store.

2. SimpleHuman - In-Cabinet Door Hanging Bin

One cool feature that we saw was that it includes a small u-shaped wire on the back to prevent the black bin from rubbing on the cabinet door. I know that would be a concern of mine.

The black SimpleHuman bin can be removed from the top chrome frame portion for easy disposal as well. A lid is used on this too, perfect for any under sink area where food waste or coffee grinds are disposed of.

The SimpleHuman bin can hold about 10 liters or 2.6 gallons. That’s a significant amount for a smaller area.

Metal hook accommodates 3/4″ door thickness, 5 year warranty, saves floor space in a smaller kitchen, quick and easy disposal of trash next to the sink.

3. Subekyu - Multi-Usage Hanging Trash Bin

Simply place the included hook on your door and then place the hanging trash bin on the hook and you are all set. The other option is to have it fix mounted to a wall.

Either way, this small Subekyu hanging trash bin is a nice product and it’ll get the job done. It features a “half-moon” shape that’s un-obtrusive. A rim is also included for those who want to place have an inner bag.

The Subekyu bin holds 4.1 liters or about 1 gallon.

Secure bags with top rim, can be used over-the-door or mounted in fixed location, rounded shape is un-obtrusive, convenient integrated handles.

4. KaryHome - Hanging Trash Bin with Secure Lid

This is one of my favorite hanging trash bins. It holds a lot (2.8 gallon), it has heavy-duty plastic, the lid is great for smells and it can be used anywhere.

The main feature of the KaryHome hanging bin is the sliding lid. It retracts to one side allowing you to dispose of garbage. Don’t worry, you can keep the lid open if need be or remove it.

This option has a thicker tolerance for your cabinet door or drawer. It is 0.95″. So your door thickness will need to be that or less to hang it.

Great overall space saver, sliding lid design helps seal, various uses in kitchens, nursery, campers, office or dorm and can be freestanding.

5. mDesign - RV/Camper Door Hanging Bin

If you don’t want to worry about a bin fitting inside (or outside) your cabinet, the mDesign over-the-door holder is ideal.

You can use a trash bag that wraps around the metal frame and have a hanging trash solution just about anywhere.

The mDesign bag holder is perhaps most useful in travel trailers or campers where space is limited and you don’t want to have a permanent trash solution.

Easily fits over cabinet door, helps to hold plastic bags open, various color options, hook has foam to prevent damage to cabinets.

6. Lunies - Hanging Garbage Bag Holder

The Lunies product is a simple solution. There’s basically two components to this. The bag will need to be placed around the inner white piece first and then placed within the green frame. This allows the bag to stay put.

If the bag isn’t properly configured into the white frame it can slide out. Once you get the bag in, it is a very nice option that can be used throughout the home or where floor space is limited.

Best part is that, you can re-use any of those plastic grocery bags!

Can work with various bags, use when needed and store away when not, nice option for meal prep waste or cuttings, travel trailer or camper spaces.

7. iDesign - Hanging Cabinet Door Storage Basket

Use this iDesign basket for both miscellaneous storage or as a waste bin. It can hang on both the inside and outside of your cabinet door.

The hooks rest on the top portion fo the swinging door allowing you to quickly access and toss your items away.

If being used. on the inside portion of your cabinet, be sure that it is a wide cabinet door to allow proper space for it to swing. Otherwise it can hit the other cabinet door. This measures 7.1″ deep and 12.2″ wide.

Use for misc. storage or trash bin, foam backing on hooks prevent door damage, tool free installation, works on backside or frontside of cabinet door.

Our Takeaway...

The idea with a kitchen drawer hanging bin is to save space. There are plenty of product variations and characteristics that we like.

Ideally we need a sturdy option that can hang on the top of our cabinet door. Look for the dimensions that are noted for this.

Measure your thickness of the cabinet door to make sure it will work. As noted, you might have 3/4″, 7/8″ or even 1″ thick cabinet doors.

The other thing to notice is the bin size and capacity. The bigger the better is often our thought, but not always. If a hanging bin is to go inside your cabinet, you will need the appropriate space as it rotates inside.

Space isa often the case, right? That’s why we do like the collapsible aspects of the Subekyu hanging trash bin product.

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