A Full Access Soft-Closing Pullout Pantry Solution

The 5700 Series pullout pantry is designed to give you full access to the pantry cabinet. It extends beyond the opening so you can retrieve the hard-to-reach items in the back of the cabinet.

The 250lb. rated slide component provides plenty of strength to hold heavier items. It also has top and bottom soft-close slide mechanisms which prevent the unit from slamming shut and the adjustable chrome baskets allow you to place various items accordingly.

The Pantry Components

Just like Rev-A-Shelf waste container and base organizer products, this tall pantry comes as a complete kit. The kit includes a base slide assembly, top slide, frame, telescoping shaft, chrome baskets, hardware and door mount brackets. Remember to keep the label from the carton which contains the product part number, production date and an internal work order number. If a replacement part or question comes up in the future, having these as a reference point can help in the process.

Product Dimensions

Determining the dimensions and cabinet opening is essential when working with Rev-A-Shelf convenience items. Rev-A-Shelf’s 5700 Series pantry products come in a number of sizes that can work with various openings. Calculating the width, height and depth can help when choosing what part number to select. Please consult the most current Rev-A-Shelf specification guide for product dimensions here.

The product height dimensions are an important thing to account for as well. In the chart you’ll notice the minimum and maximum heights for the 5700 Series product part numbers. It is important to keep the telescoping shaft extension to a minimum on taller pantry applications. This will allow the top slide to operate at optimum performance. Blocking down the top slide may be an option as well.

Installation Process

When ready to install, the base slide assembly will be the first thing to address. The 250lb. rated soft-close slide comes in three main sections which will have to be disassembled before installation begins. Take note of the order in which the base slide was disassembled, the installer will need to replicate this order when reassembling it after the cabinet is marked for center and pre-drilled using the provided template. For further assistance, an installation video and instructions are provided below.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the supplied templates to ensure the slides are accurately placed in the center of the cabinet. Inset, frameless or face frame have an arrow marking the centerline on the template.
  • When installing the top slide, make sure to cycle the unit in and out before tightening screws. This can help dial in the telescoping shaft.
  • If the cabinet height is slightly too high for the telescoping shaft to reach, blocking the top slide down to the telescoping shaft can assist in the functionality.
  • Make sure the cabinet is square. During transportation or installation the cabinet can become out of square or not level. This can affect the installation and eventually the performance of the product.
  • After completing the install, keep the instructions, box label and supplied hardware in a plastic bag taped to the inside of the cabinet door.


*Please consult the manufacturers specifications for accurate dimensions.

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