Last Updated: March 20, 2019

Trying to squeeze every inch out of your pantry?

Mounting spice racks and other storage solutions to the inner portion of your cabinet door can get you just that. Installing home organizers or any convenience hardware can often be a challenge.

These pantry door mount racks can quickly be installed with a level, screw driver and mounting hardware.

Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack

Easily reposition baskets to accommodate tall and short items. The close wire spacing on baskets keeps items from tilting or falling through.

This product is offered in two widths, a 12″ version and an 18″ version. Both are 77″ tall which allows for tons of extra pantry storage.

White Wire Door Mount Spice Rack

If you are going for a clean look, this white wire spice rack can quickly add more storage.

For those with taller cabinet doors, consider mounting two to give you a total height of almost 44 inches of extra storage.

This product features three small upper tiers and one large bottom tier. It is offered in widths of 7-1/8″, 10-5/8″ and 13-5/8″. For an overall dimension photo, click here.

Wood Door Mount Foil Rack

This foil rack storage is made from maple which nicely matches many cabinet manufacturers like KraftMaid.

It features adjustable door mounting brackets that can move from side-to-side for optimum positioning.

Now, the dimensions are usually the most critical, so this product is offered in 10-1/8″W, 13-1/8″W and 16-1/8″W.

Those are the actually widths of the product itself, so your cabinet door will need to be wider.

Adjustable Door Mount 3-Shelf Spice Rack

This product has a physical width dimension of 16-1/8″, so it is certainly wide enough to accommodate many items. At 25 inches high you’ll be limited with the overall height though.

I would consider mounting two for extra storage on pantry applications. A single would be fine for a wall cabinet door though.

These wood trays can be adjusted and sit within notches on the two mounted rails.

This product installs with just four screws and is a great option for pantries, wall cabinets or both!

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