The Charging Drawer – A Complete Drawer for a Tech Friendly Kitchen

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If you are like many modern homeowners, you are after clutter free spaces that allow for plenty of workspace.
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This cool charging drawer was what came to mind the other day when I received a call from a homeowner.

He was in the midst of a kitchen remodel and was looking for a solution to move his electronics into the base cabinetry.

He wanted a clean, clutter-free look as well as a way to quickly plug-in small appliances. We sent him a few links to information on the new Rev-A-Shelf Charging Drawer.

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If you are like many modern homeowners, you are after clutter free spaces that allow for plenty of workspace.

Getting appliances, cords, wires, cookbooks, stray coffee mugs and other kitchen supplies into your cabinets is a huge plus. Cool products like the Rev-A-Shelf Charging Drawer and the Rev-A-Shelf Vanity Outlet Charging Drawer allow for quick solutions that transform your space.

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How the charging drawer works…

The UL recognized Charging Drawer components are included in box and the professional installer simply has to do some slight configurations then attach the drawer front and pull hardware to the drawer.

Rev-A-Shelf provides two sizes, one for a Face Frame cabinetry application and one for Frameless cabinetry.

*You do need an outlet in the back of the cabinet as it needs electricity to function.

The Charging Drawer has a small receptacle in the back of the drawer, the false panel creates a clean look for the USB ports(2) and 120V(2) outlet face.

The product comes with an arm extender that attaches to both the cabinet wall and the drawer. This allows for the cord to move with the drawer and ensure safe operation

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Product Features

  • Designed for face frame 18” base cabinet drawers
  • Door mounting brackets
  • Full-extension, TANDEM, 110 lb. rated, concealed slides with BLUMOTION soft-close
  • In-drawer recptacle with two 120V plugs and two 2.1 amp USB ports
  • Includes power cord with NEMA 5 – 15 plug
  • Integrated cord guide to ensure safe operation
  • Maple construction with semi-gloss finish
  • Max Current: AC: 3 amps @ 120VAC; USB 2.1 amp & 5 VDC
  • Mounts to cabinet side and rear wall
  • Shock absorbent mat, black
  • Tamper resistant outlets
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