A Brief Look at LED Color Temperatures

Color temperature is the rating a particular color renders on the Kelvin scale. These color temperatures can alter how an object or room is perceived when illuminated. Lighting preferences can vary widely from person to person, so it’s important to remember what you are attempting to light and where.

Tired of Hardwiring Lights? Use These 3 LED Components Instead

With the new Tresco Lighting FREEDiM Series Wireless controllers we have the ability to get the look of a hardwire wall switch that we all love, but with the simplicity of low voltage LED lighting. Here are the 3 products to help get you started.

3W Power Pockit Puck Light

The 3W Power Pockit puck light from Tresco Lighting is perfect for under cabinet lighting in kitchens, displays, store fixtures or general task lighting uses. It is offered in six finishes including, satin nickel, chrome, black, white, bronze and brass. At only 1/4″ when recessed and 3/8″ when surface mounted, the Power Pockit is one of the thinnest puck lights on the market.