If you are looking to maximize your under cabinet kitchen sink storage, you’ve come to the right spot.

With such a tight space, it can be hard to find the best under kitchen sink pull out or organizer.

I found some really cool stand-alone storage organizers that sit inside the cabinet, but what I really recommend is something that slides out towards you making it easy to retrieve everyday-items.

I’ve compiled several choices that can hopefully solve this problem. Take a look at some of the pull out baskets, under sink caddy’s or even the U-shaped basket that works around plumbing!

Lynk Professional – Two Tier Under Sink Pull Out

  • Reversible design
  • Removable tray in top basket (Great for sponges/rags)
  • Avoids kitchen/vanity plumbing
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Household Essentials – Full Extension Slide Out

  • Mounts on left or right side
  • Easy install with pre-attached slides
  • Thick chrome wire finish
  • Full extension slides
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Simple Housewares – Expandable Shelves

  • Adjusts around plumbing
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Expands 15″ wide to 25″ wide
  • No mounting or installation needed
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Best Kitchen Sink Storage Pull Outs

1. Lynk Professional – Two Tier Under Sink Pull Out

This two-tier system from Lynk Professional works great, especially within the under sink cabinet area.

The assembled pull out can mount on the far right or far left of the cabinet avoiding any plumbing or exposed hoses under the sink. Not only is is nice for a kitchen, but also in a vanity cabinet too.

This organizer from Lynk comes as an entire unit that’s ready to install. They offer an 18″ depth and a 21″ depth version.

What’s To Like

  • Works on either the left or right side
  • Ball-bearing glide system
  • Removable tray in top basket (Great for sponges/rags)
  • Design easily avoids plumbing

What’s Not So Great

  • Not full extension (back portion remains in cabinet)


  • Manufacturer dimensions: 11.5″ Wide x 18″ Deep x 14″ High
  • There are also other sizes available from Lynk Professional storage
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2. Household Essentials – Full Extension Slide Out

If you don’t want to go searching for items in the back of the cabinet, these tiered slide out organizers are awesome. 

The absolute best thing is that they fully extend out of the cabinet to allow access to items in the back.

The product comes pre-assembled, so it makes it simple to drop in the cabinet and quickly store cleaning supplies, bottles, towels, etc.

What’s To Like

  • Mounts on left or right side of cabinet
  • It’s easy to install with pre-attached slides
  • Thick chrome wire finish
  • Full extension slides
  • Multiple sizes

What’s Not So Great

  • May need metal washers to lift slide assembly over bottom cabinet frame lip


  • Manufacturer dimensions: 15.75″ High x 12.5″ Wide x 17.75″ Deep
  • Other sizes are also available from Household Essentials
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3. Simple Housewares – Expandable Shelving Rack

If you hate your garbage disposal getting in the way, this handy under sink storage rack has customizable shelves to avoid any obtrusive plumbing.

Simply pull to expand this under sink shelf rack all the way to 25″ wide. This is a great option for those who need more of a custom approach to avoiding plumbing pipes or a garbage disposal within their cabinets.

*Tip – Don’t fully assemble until it is inside your cabinet and you know where you want the shelves to be placed.

What’s To Like

  • Adjusts to your plumbing
  • Steel shelf panels
  • Multiple finishes (colors) available
  • Expands from 15″ wide to 25″ wide
  • Adjustable heights on four levels
  • No mounting or installation needed

What’s Not So Great

  • Only two shelves provided
  • May need to use some felt to level


  • The out-of-box dimensions noted from the manufacturer are 15” Length x 11.25” Wide x 15” High
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4. Rev-A-Shelf – 5WB Pull Out Chrome Baskets

Using baskets is perhaps the most efficient way to utilize the under sink area. And for that matter, within cabinets throughout the kitchen.

These heavy duty baskets from Rev-A-Shelf are easy to install and will last a lifetime.

They come in various sizes to meet your specific cabinet opening width and depth. They also come pre-assembled and just mount to the cabinet floor with a few screws.

What’s To Like

  • Great for cleaning supplies, pots, pans, pet supplies, etc.
  • Four screw installation
  • Heavy duty chrome wire
  • 100 lb. rated ball-bearing slides
  • Full-extension outside cabinet

What’s Not So Great

  • Depth could be better (4″)
  • Limited weight capacity
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5. Simple Housewares – Stackable Sliding Baskets

This organizer from Simple Houseware is an option for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or even the garage.

It features a no-drill design, which allows for easy drop-in use. The tiered wire baskets make it easy to find what you are looking for.

The feet don’t adjust on this one and the space underneath is about 1-1/2″ from the floor to the bottom of the lower basket.

What’s To Like

  • Narrow enough to avoid plumbing (11″)
  • Great for any in-cabinet application
  • Removable baskets/drawers
  • Limited assembly required
  • Stackable (Get two and sit one on top!)

What’s Not So Great

  • May need to remove top basket for larger/taller items
  • Small items can fall though wire without a plastic tray


  • Simple Houseware notes the dimensions as: 16.75” Length x 11” Wide x 12” High
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6. Rev-A-Shelf – Under Sink Pull Out Caddy

This under sink storage pull out from Rev-A-Shelf really makes cleaning that much easier. The caddy slides out from the plastic base which allows you to carry it anywhere.

It’s great for holding an extra roll of paper towels, sponges, spray bottles and any cleaning items that you’d store under the sink.

The caddy comes pre-assembled, so all that’s needed is to mount the slide assembly to the base of the cabinet floor.

What’s To Like

  • Take-anywhere caddy
  • Mounts on left or right side of cabinet
  • Bottom bumpers on caddy protect countertops
  • 75lb. rated slides

What’s Not So Great

  • Brackets aren’t recessed into the back of the shelf
  • May feature rustic imperfections in wood
  • No polyurethane coating


  • Manufacturer notes the dimensions as: 11-1/4″ Wide x 16-1/4″ Deep x 19-1/2″ High
  • You’ll need a minimum cabinet opening of 11-1/2″ wide to operate it
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7. Household Essentials – Wood Slide Out Drawer

Sometimes all that chrome just isn’t what we’re looking for. That’s when using a nice wood box slide out can be useful.

Wood pull out drawers offer all the same functionally as a chrome basket and can be used in most base cabinets in the kitchen.

This product from Household Essentials has full extension slides which makes it easy to gain access to items in the back of the cabinet.

What’s To Like

  • Great for taller items (bleach bottle, Windex, Ajax)
  • Big enough for cookware, small enough for cleaning products
  • Full-extension ball-bearing slides
  • Comes ready to install with all hardware
  • Notch cut-out grab and pull

What’s Not So Great

  • May not be ideal for heavy items (mixer)
  • No templates for alignment


  • Dimensions are 6″ High x 11.5″ Wide x 21″ Deep
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8. Lynk Professional – “U” Shaped Slide Out Basket

U-shaped storage pull outs are quite cool. They are designed to work around the plumbing that often intrudes in the under sink area. 

If you have a wide 34″ or 36″ cabinet and can fit this style of pull out, you won’t regret it.

Your plumbing does need to be centered within the back of the cabinet though, but nonetheless, it could be a great option to consider.

What’s To Like

  • Fits neatly around pipes
  • Easy access to all under sink items
  • Smooth gliding ball-bearing slides
  • Comes with mounting template

What’s Not So Great

  • Giving up some height cabinet space
  • Plumbing ideally needs to be centered


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9. Spicy Shelf – Adjustable Height/Width/Depth

This Spicy Shelf organizer packs a punch with its three way adjustability which is perfect for odd shaped under sink areas.

It’s great for tight under sink areas in kitchens and especially in vanities.

If you are the type of person who is always doubling up on household cleaning products, this one is for you.

It allows for extra room on the top shelf while still keeping plenty of space below.

What’s To Like

  • Height, depth and width adjustments
  • Made from heavy, durable plastic 
  • 5 components needed come in 1 box
  • Creates two-tiers of storage in minutes

What’s Not So Great

  • Smaller in size (may need more than one)
  • Can be difficult to assemble in tight spaces


  • Its smallest dimensions are 16″ Wide x 10″ High x 10″ Deep
  • Largest dimensions are 20″ Wide x 13″ High x 14″ Deep
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10. Household Essentials – Cabinet Door Storage

Sometimes we just want something simple to get the job done. This handy storage rack from Household Essentials does just that.

Yes, it may not be a “pull out accessory” like the other products listed, but it can still provide you with easy-access to items. 

If you have a solid back cabinet door, this Household Essentials door mount storage can be a simple solution to under sink clutter.

What’s To Like

  • Great for cutting boards, plastic and foil wrap
  • Simple to install (4 screws)
  • Various sizes and configurations offered
  • Bring items off the countertop

What’s Not So Great

  • Thinner wire is used
  • Pre-drilling is recommended for not chipping door


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What To Look For In A Pull Out Storage Organizer

  1. Ease of installation: This is key for each individual and what they are comfortable with installing. Occasionally, slide out accessories can be a little demanding to put inside your cabinet. Small spaces are difficult to work in. Most brands offer 4 screw installs with templates and guides to make it easy, but make sure you are getting an item that makes sense.
  2. Cabinet type: One aspect to note when looking for a pull out organizer is your cabinet type. Our cabinets are unique and some organizer work better than others. Or, at the very least we can do small work-around modifications. Sometimes we may have a small lip on the frame of the cabinet. This can prevent to movement of the slide going in and out.

    How do we work-around this?

    It slightly depends on your cabinet and the pull out accessory you are using, but in most cases you can use wood shims or small blocks of wood to lift your organizer up to clear the lip of the cabinet. This lip is usually 1/4″ high.

  3. Accessory sizes (Measure twice): Make sure you double check the measurements of your cabinet opening width including the depth and height. Cabinet accessory brands offer various sizes to work in different cabinet sizes. Just make sure you won’t have to return something that doesn’t fit.
  4. Full-extension slides: When discussing pull outs, especially for the under sink area, we need full-extension slides. This allow use to take full advantage of the space and get access to those hard to reach items. Check out these baskets which have great slides.

How To Maximize The Space Under My Sink?

  1. Categorize your items: Separate items like rags and sponges to one area, while keeping cleaning bottles in one section.
  2. Keep most-used items up front: We all have our go-to products. It could be the Windex, sponges, Swiffer, rug cleaner, paper towels, etc. Whatever you use on a daily basis, move those items to an easy-to-access area.
  3. Use pull out storage: It goes without saying that using a slide out storage organizer can help transform the under sink area. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated either. You can install a pull out basket, a drop in style organizer or even one that mounts to your cabinet door.

What Can I Store Under My Sink?

  1. Cleaning supplies
  2. Soaps (hand/dish/pet)
  3. Sponges, rags, towels, brushes
  4. Spray bottles
  5. Cutting boards
  6. Plungers
  7. Reusable water bottles
  8. Handheld vacuums
  9. Scales
  10. Waste bins

Our Takeaway…

When it comes to under kitchen sink storage, we need products that adjust to our plumbing and garbage disposals.

It’s ideal to have a storage pull out that can be versatile and mount in various configurations. That’s exactly what out first three choices do.

Under sink storage pull outs that can be reversible (left or right) make it simple to choose where you need to install it to avoid under sink plumbing.

The other option is to have shelves that maneuver around obtrusive plumbing. This is a surefire way to create the best results in any application.

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