5 Best Trash Can Cabinets (Freestanding Tilt Out Cabinet)

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They're unique and can look amazing next to your existing cabinets. Here's some great options for incorporating a freestanding tilt out cabinet.

If you are looking to hide your kitchen trash, using a tilt out trash can cabinet can help you conceal your waste bins while still making it simple to access.

I’ve looked at and installed tons of trash pull outs over the years and using a dedicated garbage can cabinet is the next best thing to an in-cabinet solution. If you want one of the best options, I would look into the Sawdust City brand. They make quality, long lasting cabinets perfect for tilt out cabinet applications.

There’s lots to look for when choosing a trash can cabinet. In this post we cover some of the different types of products and nuances to pay attention to.

Let’s jump into it…

Benefits of a Freestanding Trash Can Cabinet

If you don’t have the space to add an in-cabinet trash pull out, the next best thing is to have a dedicated freestanding cabinet. Utilizing a trash can cabinet allows you to get some of the following benefits.

These types of cabinets are not only great for kitchens, but also in offices, laundry rooms, craft spaces, garages or in nursery rooms.

  • Easy “tilt out” access to your waste bin(s)
  • Select a cabinet that resembles your existing decor
  • Creates more counter space in small spaces
  • A more permanent solution to something you use everyday

How Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinets Work

Tilt out trash cabinets are a little bit different than a traditional cabinet we commonly think of. Instead of have a hinged cabinet door on the side of the cabinet frame, a tilt out trash cabinet has the hinges on the very bottom.

Having the hinges on the bottom of the cabinet allows it to create a cabinet door with “tilt out” function. This makes for an ideal way to dispose of garbage and develops a nice trash storage area.

Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet Sizes

Besides the overall aesthetics of the cabinet, the measurements are usually the first thing to take a look at when choosing a trash can cabinet. It’s easy to think that this would be the exact same size as a traditional base cabinet in a kitchen.

  • Depths usually range from 12 inches to 14 inches
  • Heights usually range from 25 inches up to 34 inches

Bin Sizes (inside the cabinet)

Many of these trash can cabinets come with a bin, but often times you may want to supply your own. The bins can be referred to in gallon or sometimes in quart sizes.

The typical size used in a trash can cabinet is a 9 gallon bin which converts to 36 quarts. This is a standard size for most trash slide pull outs in kitchens as well.

For another comparison, a standard size step trash can commonly seen in kitchens is about 55 liters. 55 liters is about 14.5 gallons.

Best Tilt Out Trash Can Cabinets

1. Sawdust City - Single Tilt Out Cabinet

The Sawdust City tilt out cabinets are truly a piece of furniture and not just a way to keep trash and laundry out-of-sight. You’ll appreciate their details and quality materials.

Sawdust City provides a wide array of colors to match your style and aesthetics. They have sage, red, burgundy, black, cream and vintage blue to name just a few.

These come assembled except for the table top that needs to be added. This is a great size to add to your kitchen, office or bathroom.

Solid pine wood, old distressed finish, lots of colors to choose from, comes with the bin, made in USA, comes with touch-up paint.

2. Sawdust City - Double Tilt Out Trash Cabinet

If you appreciate craftsmanship and well-made products, that’s what Sawdust City is known for. Yes, these are a premium price, but if you want something that will last a long time you’ll want to check this one out.

This dual tilt out cabinet is perfect for separating both trash and recycling or even your laundry colors. It’ll come with 2 plastic bins, so you don’t need to worry about getting those separately.

Some assembly is required here, but hey that’s what makes us appreciate it even more, right!

Solid pine wood, old distressed finish, lots of colors to choose from, comes with the bin, made in USA, comes with touch-up paint.

3. U-Eway - Wooden Tilt Out Trash Cabinet

The U-Eway tilt out cabinet can find a home in just about any kitchen, laundry room or bedroom that’s lacking in storage space. The product features a cool upper drawer with an integrated removable cutting board.

The 35.4 inch height is just about standard cabinet height, so it can blend in nicely with existing cabinets you may have.

This one does require some assembly, but if you’ve ever done a basic Ikea project, this is no problem for you to tackle.

Tall in height (35.4″), sleek shaker style cabinet, features drawer pull out, great to keep pets out of trash, perfect for trash or laundry room hamper.

4. Peaceful Classics - Solid Wood Tilt Out Cabinet

This is a solid wood pine tilt out cabinet made in Pennsylvania U.S.A. It comes fully assembled and weighs about 45 pounds. The Peaceful Classics cabinets come in various finishes including Black, Cherry, Mocha, Pewter and Unfinished.

This cabinet tilt out is an ideal solution to keep trash or laundry out of sight. With multiple finishes you can match your style and home decor as well.

This comes with a removable 36 quart waste bin which holds plenty of garbage or laundry.

Beautiful rustic look (multiple finishes), upper cabinet drawer for storage, large table top, durable Amish craftsmanship (solid wood).

5. Sawdust City - Large Bin Tilt Out Cabinet

By now you know Sawdust City is legit. At 35.75″ high this is one of their taller trash cabinets.

The best part about it is that it comes with a large 13 gallon waste bin inside. 13 gallons can hold a significant amount of trash throughout the day and can hold up to a heavy traffic kitchen.

Another feature to note is the two variations of finishes. They offer a rustic “distressed” look and a solid look. Both look great and can co-exist with various decors you may have.

Solid wood, great quality to last a lifetime, holds large amounts of trash, cabinet is equal to countertop heights.

Our Takeaway...

Often times we land on these types of product the hard way. Due to the investment we tend to look for cheaper alternatives.

In the end, purchasing a quality product always wins. Easier said than done though 🙂

As far as out take away, we clearly favor the Sawdust City options. One thing to pay attention to is the overall height of the assembled cabinet. Some are a bit shorter while others may be level with a regular kitchen countertop.

All in all the for a single bin trash can cabinet, I have to go with the Sawdust City Single Tilt Out Cabinet.

Why? It’s versatility wins in the end. You can really put something like this anywhere in the home and it can function nicely. It’s not too large and still serves a primary purpose of concealing your trash in a beautiful way.

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