So, you’re limited on space and you need a super duper small trash can? Awesome, we got you covered. 

Typically, we see small trash cans in areas like bathrooms, nurseries, offices, laundry rooms, or kitchens that are just lacking in space. 

What’s a “small” trash can? Don’t get too concerned about the gallons or liters (although we will note each in the descriptions below).

Just know that these will typically be lower than knee level.

For what it’s worth, 5 Gallons is equal to 18.9 Liters.

The Best Small Trash Cans for Bathrooms, Nursery, Office or RV

#5 Simplehuman 2.3 Gallon Semi-Round Step Trash Can

Simplehuman just makes some of the best trash cans on the market. One of our favorite features of this model is the wide step-on lever, which makes it a easier to activate. The dimensions are 11.2″W x 10.6″D x 17.5″H and is more in height than others. A common theme in our listed products is a removable inner bucket which we really like.

What’s To Like

  • Wide step on pedal
  • Removable liner bucket
  • Larger height, easy to reach
  • Silent close lid
  • Works with 3 gallon bags

What’s Not To Like

  • Have to pull away from the wall for lid to open all the way
  • Shape is hard to put bags in
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#4 mDesign 1.3 Gallon Rectangular Small Step Trash Can

This trash can from mDesign is 8″D x 5″ W x 11″ H. To us the big selling feature is the number of color options it is offered in. 12 options allow to match your sink or cabinet hardware finishes easily. The rectangular shape allows is to hold steady when using the step on foot pedal. For tight narrow spaces, this is a great option.

What’s To Like

What’s Not To Like

  • Thinner metal susceptible to dents
  • Hard to tuck in bag due to inner handle
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#3 iTouchless 2.5 Gallon Touchless Trash Can with Odor Filter

Those with nurseries need to add this one. With its hands-free touchless capabilities and odor filter it is perfect. The integrated motion sensor opens the lid automatically. It also comes with an odor filter and lemon scented cartridge. One thing to note is that it does need power to funtion. This means either batteries or an AC power adaptor are needed. The dimensions are 10.3 L x 6.95 W x 11.65 H.

What’s To Like

  • Hands-free
  • Two colors
  • Good for nurseries
  • Odor filter
  • Fingerprint-proof coating

What’s Not To Like

  • Requires 4 AA batteries or use of AC power adaptor (not included)
  • No inner bucket
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#2 Simplehuman 2.6 Gallon Butterfly Lid Step On Trash Can

This trash can is ideal for use with SimpleHumans “R” custom fit trash bags. Other 4 Gallon bags are just a suitable though. One of the features that we like is actually the shape. It rounded rectangular shape makes it perfect for against a wall or right next to the toilet. It also has a removable inner bucket that makes it simple to take out rubbish. This one is a little bigger than most at 7.7″W x 15.6″D x 13.7″H.

What’s To Like

  • Soft-close lid
  • Various colors
  • Inner bucket for leaks
  • Fingerprint-proof coating

What’s Not To Like

  • Shipping can cause denting/scratching
  • Slightly too large for tight spaces
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#1 Simplehuman 1.2 Gallon Step On Trash Can

This trash can from simplhuman comes in 7 different colors to match any decor. It’s small size of, 7.6″W x 10″D x 12.1″H is great for bathrooms, nurseries or tight spaces in an office. A removable inner plastic bin can easily be taken out and trash disposed of. The smooth look of the stainless steel has fingerprint proof coating and is easy to keep clean. 

What’s To Like

  • Affordability 
  • Sturdy step open
  • Various finishes
  • Inner bucket for leaks
  • Lid seal keeps odors out
  • Perfect shape for bags

What’s Not To Like

  • Susceptible to denting
  • Lid not soft closing
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Our Takeaway…

We found that inner buckets within the trash can are a huge plus when looking for a product. That led us to recommend a number of Simplehuman products. They just seem to be highly rated and used by many.

Your trash can will most likely be used in a bathroom or office where bottles and liquids could be thrown away and having an inner bin could be crucial. Check out the SimpleHuman 1.3 Gallon Step On or the SimpleHuman Butterfly trash cans, both of which have inner buckets.

Having hands-free capabilities within a small trash can is also a great feature although drives up the cost a bit. In environments such as nurseries, a touchless trash solution could be perfect! Check out the iTouchless for that. 

Another thing we noticed, was that many of these brands offer various finishes, so you aren’t stuck with a brushed stainless steel look. Check out the mDesign trash cans which have 12 color options.

Good luck on your search and thanks for reading!

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