6 Best Small Trash Cans for Bathrooms

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If you are looking for something for your bathroom, nursery, office or bedroom, get started with our list of the best smaller trash cans!

So, you’re limited on space and you need to find the best small trash can for your bathroom. Awesome, we got you covered.

There are lots of features to notice that often go overlooked and we’ll be sure to cover some of those within this article.

When we get right down to it though, we found the best choice to be the SimpleHuman Round Step Trash Can. It hit the mark on lots of characteristics, which is why we put it at the top.

You’re probably thinking, what exactly constitutes a “small” trash can? Don’t get too concerned about the gallons or liters (although we will note each in the descriptions below). Just know that these will typically be lower than knee level.

Alright, let’s get to it…

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What Features to Look for in a Small Trash Can

It seems rather silly to examine features of a bathroom trash can, but hey, that’s what we’re here for. With that said, there are a few key things you may want to notice.

If you want to take it a step further, you can use a tape measure and gather the dimensions of your area. Keep outlying factors in mind like the height of a lid being opened or any protruding plumbing or mounted toilet paper dispensers.

Here are a few features to notice:

  • Overall shape
  • Lid style and opening heights
  • Foot pedals
  • Size of bins
  • Inner removable buckets

Small Trash Can Shapes

Shape plays a bigger role than you may think. Everyones scenario will be different depending on the application and where you plan to use the trash can in your bathroom.

  • Rectangular trash cans are ideal for narrow spaces between your toilet and vanity cabinet. They can also squeeze in next to the shower or bathtub. Small trash cans often slide. Especially on tile or laminate flooring. A rectangular trash can tends to be more grounded when using a floor pedal or step-on trash can. Round trash cans can slide back.
  • Circular trash cans are perhaps the most ideal as they can fit in numerous location next to the vanity cabinet. You can typically access them via multiple angles and don’t have to be lined up perfectly like a rectangular trash can.

Do I Need a Lid?

Small trash can lids typically serve a few important purposes. The one caveat is that you’ll be using a foot pedal or “step on” method to open the lid every time you want to toss something in.

You may or may not want a foot pedal feature. Sometimes small trash cans are placed in tight spaces like bathrooms, and thus making it a bit more difficult to get your foot near the pedal.

Here are are a few benefits of a small trash can with a lid:

  • Helps conceal the garbage or trash
  • Eliminate smells and odors
  • Keeps pets out
  • Looks cleaner (aesthetically pleasing)

Small Trash Can Sizes

Small trash cans for bathrooms, offices or other tight spaces need to accommodate various applications. Most “small” trash cans will be less than knee level height. This makes them ideal for bathrooms where not a lot of room is often the case.

  • Average height of a small trash can is 12″ (304mm)
  • Average width of a small trash can is 8.5″ (215mm)
  • Average bin size of a small trash can is under 2 gallons (7.5 liters)

Best Small Trash Cans for Bathrooms

1. Round Step Pedal Trash Can

This trash can from SimpleHuman comes in seven different colors to match any decor. Its small size of 7.6″ wide x 10″ deep x 12.1″ high is great for bathrooms, nurseries or tight spaces in an office.

Perhaps one of my favorite features is the removable inner plastic bin. This can help gather any water and prevent leaks, especially in a bathroom.

The smooth look of the stainless steel has fingerprint proof coating and is easy to keep clean.

Round shape fits corners easily, sturdy step open, various finishes (colors), removable inner bucket, lid seal keeps odors out, perfect shape for bags.

2. Hands Free Trash Can

With its touch-less capabilities and odor filter the iTouchless trash can is perfect for any bathroom.

The integrated motion sensor opens the lid automatically making it easy to discard items. It also comes with an odor filter and lemon scented cartridge that will no doubt be a great thing for most bathrooms.

One thing to note is that it needs power to function. Either batteries or an AC power adaptor are needed.

Hands-free operation, multiple color options, good for nurseries, incorporated odor filter, fingerprint-proof coating.

3. Narrow Foot Pedal Trash Can

This compact trash can from mDesign is 8″ D x 5″ W x 11″ H which makes it ideal for narrow spaces next to the toilet or vanity cabinet.

One of the big selling features is the number of color options it’s offered in. Twelve color options allow to match your sink or cabinet hardware finishes easily.

The rectangular shape of the trash can allows it to hold steady when using the step-on foot pedal. For tight and narrow spaces, this is a great option.

12 various colors, rust resistant, removable liner bucket, compact narrow size and rectangular shape helps it hold steady when using the foot pedal.

4. Wide Foot Pedal Trash Can

Whether they are small or large, SimpleHuman makes some of the best trash cans on the market.

One of our favorite features on the Semi-Round model is the wide foot pedal lever, which makes it easier to activate. It also has a removable inner bucket which we really like.

The dimensions are 11.2″ wide x 10.6″ deep x 17.5″ high. The 17.5″ height is about 5 inches more than the average height for these types of small bathroom trash cans.

Wide step on foot pedal, removable liner bucket, larger height, easy to reach, silent close lid and works with 3 gallon bags.

5. Round Plastic Trash Can

This little guy is a nice addition to small spaces. At just 8″ wide and 12.1″ in height, you can tuck this trash can in-between areas with ease.

If you don’t care for stainless steel or just have more white tones throughout your bathroom, the SimpleHuman trash can will fit perfectly.

This one has a larger kitchen trash can feel in quality to it, but smaller in stature.

Hard plastic, won’t dent, multi-purpose, removable inner bucket and dog/pet proof.

6. Compact Slim Bathroom or Office Trash Can

This small trash can is ideal for use with the SimpleHuman “R” custom fit trash bags. Other 4 Gallon bags are just as suitable though.

One of the features that I like is actually the shape. Its slim rectangular shape makes it perfect for against a wall or right next to the toilet.

It also has a large lid that is great for eliminating smells. This one is a little bigger than most at 7.7″W x 13″D x 13.5″H.

Slim rectangular shape, various colors, steel foot pedal, fingerprint-proof coating.

Our Takeaway...

We found that inner buckets within the trash can are a huge plus when looking for a product. That led us to recommend a number of Simplehuman products. They are highly rated and used by many homeowners.

Your trash can will most likely be used in a bathroom or office where bottles and liquids could be thrown away and having an inner bin could be crucial. Check out the SimpleHuman 1.2 Gallon Step On trash can, which has an inner bucket.

Having hands-free capabilities within a small trash can is also a great feature although drives up the cost a bit. In environments such as nurseries, a touch less trash solution could be perfect! Check out the iTouchless for that.

Another thing we noticed, was that many of these brands offer various finishes, so you aren’t stuck with a brushed stainless steel look. Check out the mDesign trash cans which at the time of this writing have 12 color options!

Good luck on your search and thanks for reading!

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