The 6 Best Pull Out Baskets for Closets

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Increase space and create easy access to your go-to items. Using closet basket pull outs within your closet can make subtle differences that leave a long term impact. Let's take a look at some of the better options out there!

We all like to be organized. There’s no question about that. As an area that we use multiple times a day, closet spaces should be optimized for functionality and best usage.

Do you really need pull out organizers in your closet though? It may just depend on the type of person you are and if you could really benefit from extra storage accessories.

Pull out baskets, closet rods, belt and tie racks are there to make the space a little bit more functional. Huge brands like California Closets and The Container Store are all dedicated to making your home more useful. And who doesn’t want that.

In this post, I’ll list some helpful, simple-to-add closet basket pull outs that can start you off on the right foot.

In a hurry, here’s some tips on closet basket pull outs…

Best Pull Out Baskets for Closets

1. Rev-A-Shelf – Pull Out Closet Baskets

These Rev-A-Shelf closet baskets are awesome for new builds or retrofitting into existing closets.

They come in different finishes and sizes. You’ll have to measure your opening width and make sure these can function properly. The actual assembled dimensions of the basket is what your closet opening needs to be as well.

So, on these particular baskets the width is 18″. The width of the opening needs to be 18″ as well. This ensures an ideal fit otherwise you need to “block out” the sides.

What’s To Like

  • 100lb. full extension slides included
  • All components and hardware included
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish


  • Assembled dimensions are 18″ Wide x 14″ Deep x 7″ High

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2. Closet Maid – Bottom Mount Closet Baskets

If you have the space for a bottom mounting pull out basket, this can be a great way to access your clothes. (These screw to the base of the cabinet or shelf)

The ClosetMaid pull out has a 20″ long basket, so make sure these will fit your space as some closets are just 24″ deep.

Overall, this is a simple yet reliable solution to easily access medium sized items in closets.

What’s To Like

  • Two finishes: nickel or white
  • Easy installation
  • 3/4 extension slides
  • Comes with all hardware needed for install

What’s Not So Great

  • Some minimal assembly required
  • No liner inside for wire indentations


  • Assembled dimensions are 5.25″ High x 11″ Wide x 20″ Deep

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3. Easy Track – Wide Side Mount Closet Baskets

Most baskets for closets will side mount to the cabinets or built-ins. This basket from Easy Track does just that.

The left and right slides mount directly to the melamine and glides in and out on ball-bearing slides.

With a 24″ width, you can store lots of items as well as make it simple to access when fully extended.

What’s To Like

  • Great for larger items
  • Easy access cut-out notch
  • Baskets, slides and hardware are included
  • Sleek chrome finish

What’s Not So Great

  • May need level to install slides first
  • No liner to prevent wire indentations on clothes or towels


  • Assembled dimensions are 11″ Deep x 24″ Wide x 13″ High

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4. Easy Track – Wide Side Mount Closet Baskets w/ Canvas Bag

Hampers are an essential part of any closet and bedroom. Why not create a little more space and add a pull out hamper basket.

These canvas bag baskets mount to the left and right side of the cabinet walls. You can quickly remove the bag for transport too.

What’s To Like

  • Basket, canvas hamper, slides and hardware are all included
  • Removable with handles
  • Concealed laundry

What’s Not So Great

  • Need to install on lower closet panels
  • Washing canvas liner


  • Assembled dimensions are 13.5” High x 24” Wide x 13” Deep

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5. Closet Maid – Hanging Basket For Wire Shelving

These hanging baskets are awesome. Yes, you do need the correct wire shelving systems in your closets, but if extra space is needed for sweatshirts or towels they’re ideal.

These are also great for pantries or laundry rooms and other areas where ClosetMaid shelving system is used.

What’s To Like

  • Hang multiple on top of one another
  • Epoxy coated steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for towels and sheets

What’s Not So Great

  • More ideal for lightweight items
  • Takes up hanger space


  • 17″ wide basket

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6. Elfa – Pull Out Closet Basket Stack

For those of us with reach-in style closets, having a stand-alone system may work best.

This freestanding closet basket set is 29″ in height, so be sure you don’t have any long coats that may be hanging above it. Or you can strategically place it where it can best be utilized.

The four basket system can help organize shirts, socks, towels or even your wallet, purses and keys.

What’s To Like

  • Smooth-gliding drawers
  • Can move from one area to another if needed
  • Minimal set-up process
  • Mesh baskets/drawers provides excellent visibility
  • No need for drawer liners

What’s Not So Great

  • Hanging items interfere
  • Takes up closet floor space


  • Assembled dimensions are 18″ Wide x 21″ Deep x 29″ High

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Types Of Closets

Depending on your home, you may have a certain style of closet. Many of you may have the typically reach-in closet with large sliding doors and a closet rod.

Others have walk-in closets that sometimes feature built-in cabinet storage and are geared towards wardrobes (ties, belts, jewelry, shoes).

There are also smaller hallway closets for ironing boards, vacuums, brooms or seasonal coats.

  • Walk-in Closets
  • Reach-in Closets
  • Hallway Closets

Walk-In Closet

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Reach-In Closet

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Hallway Closet

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How To Organize A Walk-In Closet

Compartmentalizing is a great starting point. Sorting and planning your space can make things easier and make the space function properly. Using closet baskets can help act as clear partitions within the walk in closet.

  • Plan out your space
  • Keep or donate items
  • Allocate space for kept items
  • Sort out by most used to least used
  • Measure closet dimensions
  • Determine if bins, baskets, racks or hooks can be used

What Is A Closet Basket?

Closet baskets can take all sorts of different forms. These baskets are usually made of steel and wire. that form the shape of baskets. These slide in and out of the closet using slides that mount to the walls of the cabinet. Typically, pull out baskets are used on custom built-ins, but anyone can install them in the dimensions are appropriate.

Closet Basket Finishes

Closet baskets and storage accessories in general usually have various finishes to choose from. Take a look at what color your wood melamine is. Most likely, you’ll have a white melamine cabinet or a wood finish. I recommend selecting a basket finish that compliments that finish.

  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Satin
  • Brass
  • White
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

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