6 Best Over The Door Pantry Storage Organizers

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Need some extra storage in the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom? Here's how to use your door to its full potential.

The pantry can be a crowded area to begin with. Squeezing every inch out of storage space in smaller kitchens is often a necessity.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best over-the-door pantry storage organizers that will help gain extra space.

Finding the right pantry door storage solution is also not so easy. When using over-the-door storage, your door needs to be able to close completely with the bracket hanging between the frame and the swinging door. You also need to find the correct width and height that works best with your door size.

Let’s explore some of the best solutions…

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How to Choose an Over-The-Door Pantry Organizer

Depending on the over-the-door storage accessory, they can run the full length of your door from top to bottom or they can rest about half-way up the door for easy access.

  • The main thing to note is the size of your existing door. Make sure the organizer will work with that height and width.
  • Pantry doors are typically 24″ wide and 80″ high (be sure to measure yours though). You’ll want an over-the-door rack to fit inside your dimensions.
  • Another area to consider is what the protruding baskets or shelves on your over-the-door rack will come into contact with when the door is completely shut.
  • Will your baskets hit anything that is already inside your pantry? Lots of these over-the-door products have adjustable shelves, so it is easy to raise and lower them to avoid any issues.
  • Most will work with door widths of 1-3/4″ thickness and less. (As always, be sure to note your specific door thickness versus the product specifications.)

The Different Types of Organizers

This is the best part about this cool product category. There are just so many options and configurations to choose from. Everything from the various sizes and configurations to the colors and basket choices.

  • Wire Baskets
  • Plastic Baskets
  • Pocket Organizers
  • Fabric Compartments
  • Fruit Storage Baskets
  • Storage Racks & Hooks

How to Prevent Over-The-Door Storage From Swinging?

There’s a few clever ways to keep your over-the-door storage from swaying or swinging out. Try using command hooks to stick on both your door and on the frame of the storage rack.

Another option is to use small strips of velcro. One side would stick to your storage frame and the other to your door.

Yet another option would be to consider using zip ties to secure any multi-basket products from moving around too much.

Best Over The Door Pantry Organizer

1. Adjustable Over The Door Storage Rack

This storage from Closet Maid is perhaps what we think of most when picturing “over-the-door” storage.

These are ideal for your pantry. Closet Maid makes two versions in different widths. They have a 12″ width and an 18″ width. Each cover the entire height of the door and provide ample storage.

*Tip – Don’t want to drill to secure it to your door? Just use velcro strips to adhere it instead.

Adjustable baskets for tall and short items, close wire spacing on baskets keeps items from falling, great for both over-the-door or wall mounting solutions.

2. Space Saving Organizer For Larger Items

Looking for storage that is ideal for your larger items? This over-the-door storage rack from Home Complete has you covered.

It’s perfect for storing large spice bins, syrups, condiments, jars, cleaning sprays, cereal boxes and even soda bottles.

The depth of the individual baskets is about 5-1/2 inches. The overall combined height for the two shelves is 77 inches and the width is 17.7 inches.

Storage capacity is the name of the game with this product, so if you need a quality over the door rack it’s one to consider.

Ideal for larger household items or pantry goods, option for one long shelf or two short shelves, hooks provided prevent swinging or swaying.

3. Hanging Pantry Door Storage With Pockets

There are many small items in our pantry that just don’t seem to have a home. That’s exactly why these pocket organizers from SimpleHouseware are so awesome.

This over-the-door storage is easily accessible and right at your fingertips. Whether it’s cold medicines, spices, teas, K-Cups or dog treats, each item can have a dedicated space.

Pocket size is 5.5″ wide and 7″ deep. When filled, the top pocket opening is about 4″.

15 storage pockets, hangs on standard door with no hardware needed, easily see contents with clear pockets.

4. Over The Door Pantry Organizer With Deep Shelves

SmartDesign makes one of my favorite over-the-door organizers. This is mainly due to the versatility of the baskets.

If you need some adjustability to accommodate both small and larger items, this product is perfect.

Smaller, lightweight items can be stored at the top while larger, heavier items are down at the bottom.

*Tip – Try using command hooks to secure it to your door even more!

Hangs over door or can be mounted w/ hooks and screws, 5 adjustable shelves, deep shelves for large item, great for narrow doors.

5. Six Tier Over The Door Storage Organizer

If you need a true extension of your pantry with a burst of color on your door, this over-the-door organizer from Household Essentials is perfect. It rests flush on the door no bowing or twisting.

It’s the right length too. It falls just below your door handle and makes items easy to grab.

The 19-1/4″ wide baskets are great for lots of storage space while the 6-1/4″ basket depth can hold larger items too.

Vibrant basket colors (Green, Orange or Red), easy to assemble with snap on baskets, 6 total baskets can hold up to 66 lbs.

6. Over The Door Fabric Pocket Organizer

The mDesign pocket organizer may be geared more towards the bedroom or bathroom door, but they can certainly be used within the kitchen pantry door.

With pockets sitting up higher on the door, they are more suitable for taller people. This makes it nice for keeping storage near the top of the door if you have any lower items nearby.

With pockets measuring 4-1/2″ deep and 13″ wide, you can get a lot in these compartments. If you are after more of a canvas pocket type of storage organizer, you should check these out!

Works with interior doors up to 1-3/4″ thick, 10 color options to choose from, three large pockets with thick, sturdy fabric material.

Our Takeaway...

This is honestly a fun DIY project if you are up for it. Like most storage accessories, you need to verify some aspects like dimensions and installation compatibility.

Over-the-door pantry storage is a really useful product that can change how you use your pantry for the better.

Quality is certainly not something to forget when searching for an over-the-door rack or hanging storage. Metal wire that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of both large and small items is crucial.

Another aspect is using extra hooks or velcro strips to eliminate any potential slamming when the door is closed.

For a full length over-the-door pantry storage rack, we would look into using the Closet Maid product. It’s two widths can work for regular sized framed doors or more narrow doors. If it fits your application, there’s no doubt it you will receive plenty of benefits.

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