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10 Best Drawer Organizers for Bathrooms

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A bathroom is a lot of things. It’s an oasis for your morning routine, it’s a place to unwind and take care of yourself after a long day, and it can also be the most stressful room in the house. 

Between all of our products, cleaning supplies and makeup that needs to be stored somewhere, space starts running out fast! Luckily, there are some great drawer organizers that make organizing easy without sacrificing style or function.

Hopefully you’ll find one of these useful on your search for total bathroom drawer organization!

To make it easy, here’s the top three recommendations…

  1. Best ChoiceSTORi Clear Plastic Nesting Drawer Organizers
  2. Best High-EndmDesign Shatter Resistant (BPA free) Bins
  3. Best ValueMadeSmart All-Purpose Drop-in Drawer Organizer

How Do You Organize a Bathroom Drawer

Categorize items and dedicate a drawer to it if possible. Things change, so you can re-work them once a year depending on your lifestyle.

It’s all about containers and dividers when it comes to bathroom drawer organizers. You can utilize them to separate and categorize your most-used products and items. From small to large they are an awesome way to organize a bathroom drawer.

  • Dedicated drawers
  • Hair styling
  • Bottles/liquids
  • Dental needs
  • Grooming
  • Cleaning supplies

Don't Forget About Adjustable Dividers

A quick and easy idea is to utilize adjustable drawer dividers.

Most of these accommodate various drawer depths and can be a quick and simple way to stay organized.

As always, it’s important to measure your drawer size and be sure the divider rails will suit those needs. You don’t want a divider rail with lots of pressure tension that will damage a new cabinet. As I mentioned above, take a look at the Bambusi dividers. They have some great selections!

What’s great about divider rails is that they are not only great for a vanity cabinet, they can also be used within your kitchen too.

Best Drawer Organizers for Bathrooms

There’s different price points, styles and functionality with all of these bathroom drawer organizers. The main objective is to find an organizer that fits both your drawer size and your items.

1. STORi - Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers

The STORi plastic drawer organizer bins are offered in 8 different sizes, so you can easily fins the exact size that will work within your drawer. The most popular is the 6″ x 3″ x 2″ version.

These can not only work for drawer organization, but also as stacked storage inside your cabinetry or displayed on the countertop for easy access.

These acrylic bins are offered in a set of 6 clear bins in 8 different size options.

Nesting capabilities, multiple size offerings, clear (easy to see what’s inside), customizable and multi-uses.

2. mDesign - Stackable Organizer Bins

If you are after the best of the best, these bathroom drawer organizer bins from mDesign are ideal. The best part is the thicker, heavy-duty plastic. You can feel the quality.

These bins come in 6 different sizes to allow you to choose the best option for your drawer size. The most popular is the 10″ long x 6″ wide x 3″ high.

Treat yourself to these sturdy, BPA free plastic bins and organization will be something to look forward too!

Thick shatter resistant plastic, BPA free, stackable bins, built-in side handles and various bin sizes.

3. MadeSmart - All-Purpose Tray Organizer

If your bathroom drawer is wide enough, this is a simple organizer to “drop-in”. It measures about 14-3/4″ wide and has four compartments to it.

It could work in the bathroom drawer or perfect for the kitchen as a miscellaneous organizer.

The best part about mDesign organizers is that they can easily be cleaned and have a rubber lining on the bottom of the tray. This option is a great value if you need a quick solution.

Easy-to-clean compartments, soft-grip inner lining, non-slip rubber feet and BPA free plastic.

4. mDesign - Expandable Makeup Drawer Organizer

This drawer organizer is unique in the fact that you can extend it to accommodate larger items. It can go from 11″ and expand by sliding out to 18.7″.

It’s mainly designed to site in the drawer width wise and can then expand for a custom fit if needed.

The mDesign makeup organizers come in various colors too, not just this clear version. They have gray, cream, light blue, pink and others.

Adjustable width for extra space needs, multi-compartment, durable BPA free plastic, easy to wash and various colors offered.

5. Posprica - Woven Storage Cube Baskets

This awesome cubed organizer set from Posprica includes one large and three small organizer baskets that are perfect for drawers, desks, or countertops.

They woven baskets come in various colors like black, blue, brown, grey, khaki and navy.

These could work well for you if you have some deep drawers. The main square outside is: 11’’×11’’. The second rectangle one is: 10.5’’× 5.1’’, and the other two square boxes are: 5.1’’× 5.1’’. All heights are 3.9’’.

Various color options, sturdy metal frame, durable woven material, nesting capabilities and multi- use.

6. MadeSmart - Customizable Drawer Organizer Bins

With a completely modular design, you can customize the MadeSmart brand bins to any configuration. Large bins can be in back of the drawer and small up front or vice versa.

This drawer organizer is offered in either one, two, three or four sets of 8 pieces. You can also select from various colors to match your style!

Three small bins are 3″ x 3″ x 2-1/2″ high. The three medium bins are 3″ x 9 -1/4″ x 2-1/2″ high. The two large bins are 6-1/8″ x 9-1/4″ x 2 -/2″ high.

Rigid heavy-duty, stores small items better, locking tab connections, modular design and junk drawer approved.

7. Lipper Intl. - Bamboo Wood Drawer Organizer

The Lipper International wood drawer organizer features up to 15 variations of compartments to sort and organize makeup, utensils, and other odds and ends.

The bamboo veneer is what sets this one apart. If you are looking for a wood look, this is a great option.

The notches in the longer dividers are what’s used for the adjustments. The longer rails can’t be moved. It’s the width dividers that adjust.

Adjustability with compartment sizes, shallow depth and multi-use.

8. Wowganiser - Drawer Organizer for Bathrooms

Wowganiser makes bathroom drawer organization fun with these helpful products.

There are 4 total trays offered. Two of which are 4.7″ wide and the other two are more narrow at 3.1″ wide.

These are great for a larger vanity drawer or desk. If you need some dividers for small item separation, they got you covered there too. You’ll get 12 small plastic divider inserts that slide into pre-made notches.

Adjustable plastic dividers, transparent trays, overall versatility, easy to use and two size options.

9. Seville - 5 Piece Bamboo Storage Box Set

This is a great assortment of bamboo veneer boxes. If you are after more of a traditional look, the wood can match your aesthetics a bit more than something contemporary.

The Seville box set comes with 5 boxes that fit nicely into drawers in the bathroom, office or kitchen.

These boxes give you a nice look and truly divide your items into sections that are easily visible.

Mix and match configurations, nice 2.5″ height and beautiful bamboo wood.

10. Bambusi - Drawer Organizer Divider Rails

Divider rails are just awesome. They fit most drawers with their adjustability and you aren’t constricted to a defined size.

The Bambusi drawer divider rails come in multiple colors including white, bamboo wood and gray. The expand from 17.5″ out to 22″ and the height of 2.6″ will work with most drawers. If you want, you could even double stack them for deep drawers if need be.

All around, these are a simple add-on you can use throughout the home and not just in the bathroom.

Easy to add to most drawers, foam ends protect drawers, spring-loaded ends and expandable lengths.

Our Takeaway...

There are so many awesome ways to transform our home through organization accessories. Whether it’s an in-cabinet trash pull out, a laundry hamper pull out or a cookware organizer, these cool products are a DIY’ers dream.

Drawer organizers are also an economical way to declutter and consistently stay tidy.

As you can see there are lots of variations, so we hope one of these ideas has helped you choose a drawer organizer that could work for your particular bathroom drawer.

After reviewing some of these products. The three choices we found most helpful are the STORi clear plastic bins, the mDesign stackable organizer bins and the MadeSmart all-purpose tray organizer.

These are all simple solutions that allow you a “drop-in” approach to a bathroom drawer organizer. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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