Contemporary kitchens are filled with clean lines, bright colors and feature minimal countertop clutter…

To make these features pop we need to find a storage solution for items that commonly reside on our countertop. Everyday kitchen products are now being stored in upper or base cabinets with custom convenience products.

Things like paper towels, k-cups, wine bottlesmixers, utensils and knives can be accessible without taking up space and allow homeowners to store and organize these items which gives a cleaner contemporary look.

The brand Rev-A-Shelf has created a unique product that has incorporated knife storage into a pullout for a base cabinet. ​​​​

The unique movable flex rods adjust to hold any type of knife. It is also removable for cleaning.

In-Cabinet Knife Block Storage

This Knife Block pullout from Rev-A-Shelf has been such a popular product, that we wanted to bring you an overview of the product here in a blog post.

A clutter free kitchen counter space is becoming more and more desirable with minimalist design aspects being incorporated into todays homes.

With its universal knife storage capabilities, this base organizer allows you to store any type of knife.

An adjustable shelf gives users even more customizable options to account for knife height.

For those concerned about safety, we included a small review of the Rev-A-Shelf Magnetic Safety Lock as well.

Product Features

  • BLUMOTION Soft-Close Slides
  • Door Mount Brackets Included
  • Rub Bushings Included
  • Adjustable Rear Wall For Extra Stability

Installation and Components

Depending on the Rev-A-Shelf part number, the pullout incorporates utensil organizer bins for spatulas, whisks and baking spoons.

It comes as a complete unit with the maple wood frame, soft-close slide component, door mount brackets and removable stainless steel bins.

Rev-A-Shelf provides multiple sizes to work with your opening. There is an 8″ wide version and an 11″ wide version. The user is supplied with a template that provides installation instructions for drilling holes and then placing the unit on the slide component.

The installation process can take 30-45 minutes, depending on your application This knife block storage solution is perfect to have next to the stove or sink to easily access your utensils and favorite knives.

Magnetic Cabinet Lock

Storing knives with young children in the household can be tricky. To add some extra safety to base or upper cabinets, this magnetic locking device can be an easy way to alleviate any concerns.

When the cabinet door is locked, simply move a magnet device over the area where the internal lock mechanism is placed to release the lock and gain entry.

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