Wine Bottle Storage Ideas

So, you’re a wine drinker, a wine enthusiast or perhaps, just dig cool organization ideas? You made it to the right place, cheers! I must warn you though…we tend to focus on awesome organization products a bit more though.

We wanted to bring this unique in-cabinet pullout wine bottle organizer to your attention. It fulfills many requirements necessary for proper wine bottle storage.

This wine bottle organizer from Rev-A-Shelf does demand time as it mounts to the inside of a cabinet wall and attaches to a cabinet door. Below I’ll add some information on dimensions, but here are installation instructions just in case you would like some additional details.

How Should You Store Wine?

  • Keep it in the dark
  • Store corked wine bottles on their sides
  • Keep the temperature constant
  • Don’t move the wine
  • Keep the humidity at around 70%
  • Isolate the wine
  • Store for an appropriate amount of time
  • Adjust the temperature before serving

Will It Work In Your Cabinetry?

With many pullout organizers you’ll want to make sure the product will work within your existing or new cabinetry. Knowing your cabinet width, height and depth can help you determine if this will work for you.

Wine Bottle Organizer Dimensions

The Physical Product measurements are: Width – 14-1/8″, Height – 25-3/4″ and Depth – 17″

Face Frame Cabinetry Minimum Openings: Width – 15″, Depth – 18″ and Height – 26-1/2″

Frameless Cabinetry Minimum Openings: Width – 14-1/4″, Depth – 17-1/4″ and Height – 25-7/8″

What This Product Features

The wine bottle organizer allows you to store wine in a darker environment inside the cabinet while keeping the bottles securely placed on their sides. You can also rotate the wine bottles throughout the racks to account for proper storage time.

This base organizer can hold up to 20 of your favorite wine bottles. The individual racks that hold the bottles are removable as well. You can mount the main frame structure on either the right or left side of your cabinet, so you can avoid a dishwasher or stove that might interfere.

There is a soft-close piston that eliminates any possibility of slamming the unit shut, which is extremely useful when holding expensive wine bottles. The pullout also includes door mounting brackets that can be adjusted to perfectly fit your cabinet door.

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