9 Best Adjustable Drawer Dividers

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Need to organize your drawer without wasting space? Using an adjustable drawer divider is a great place to start. Here's my top solutions to clutter-free drawers.

Organize your drawer without wasting space…that’s what adjustable drawer dividers are perfect for.

Cluttered drawers can be a source of frustration, I know. I was in the kitchen just the other night making a pasta dish. I realized how messy and unorganized our utensil drawer was.

Not that I can’t sift through and pick my “weapon of choice”, but it would be nice to have some compartments and a clutter-free drawer.

I ended up getting some adjustable drawer dividers to help fix the problem.

I purchased the Bambusi wood dividers and it actually did make a difference. For something so simple and easy to add, it’s a huge benefit to the overall enjoyment of both cooking and general organization in the kitchen.

Besides the adjustable part, the best aspect about adjustable drawer dividers is that you can use them in the kitchen drawers, dresser, vanity, office and anywhere you need to create compartments.

There’s lots of great solutions for drawer divider organization, but to start, here’s my top three…

Top 3 Picks


Best Choice

Bambusi Dividers


Best Premium

OXO Good Grip


Best Value

Practical Comfort

Are There Any Downsides to Drawer Dividers?

It will certainly depend on the divider itself, but the main drawback to using a drawer divider is the divider itself.

You’re giving up a little space to include the thickness of the divider to fit within the drawer. It’s usually only 5/8 inch, but if you have a smaller or more narrow drawer, space is at a premium.

Nonetheless, adjustable drawer dividers do serve the ultimate purpose of keeping things separated, organized and easy to find. It sounds obvious, but just make sure you are using the space appropriately and to find a style and size of drawer divider that gets the job done right.

How to Choose an Adjustable Drawer Divider

Your Measurements

First things first. You’ll need to measure the inside of your drawer from side-to-side, front-to-back and top-to-bottom.

Whether it’s a divider or a bin with dividers inside, you’ll want to make sure you can properly fit it in the drawer.

The other tip…is to measure the actual items in your drawer. For example: if you have longer utensils (serving spoons, ladles, spatulas) you may want to create a section for those specific measurements.

Your Style

  • Adjustable Dividers: These are perhaps the best solution to making sections or compartments in larger drawers. You’ll want to keep the depth and length of your drawer in mind here too.
  • Bins With Dividers: If you have a smaller drawer or a bunch of loose items you want to keep in compact sections, you may want to look into a bin with adjustable dividers.
  • Material: The material is actually more important than people realize. Essentially this dictates the overall quality of the divider or bin. There are really two main materials…wood and plastic. The wood is more than likely an MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a laminate cover like bamboo. Both are fairly easy to keep clean and will last. It really just depends on your personal aesthetics.

The Best Adjustable Drawer Dividers

1. Adjustable Bamboo Wood Drawer Dividers

The Bambusi drawer dividers come in a set of 4. They are offered in multiple finishes so you can match your cabinetry and drawer finishes.

With a height of 2-5/8″ these are lower profile, which is ideal for most kitchen drawer uses that will use cutlery or larger utensils within compartments.

In order to add them to your drawer, you simply pull back on the spring loaded tension, place in your drawer and let go of the tension. This will give you a snug fit to appropriately sized drawers.

Perfect for long utensils, great for shallow depths, create compartments and spring loaded tension with padded ends.

2. Tall Expandable Drawer Divider

A simple yet amazing solution that lets you separate and organize your items.

These OXO drawer dividers are extremely well-made and are ideal for appropriately sized drawers.

These can fit in drawer lengths of about 11″ out to 17″. Keep in mind that they are for deeper drawers. The height of the divider is 4″ tall. The height is perhaps the best part though.

Great for deeper dresser drawer or kitchens, foam padded ends prevent scratching and lock levers easily secure the exact depth needed.

3. Drawer Dividers for Small Compartments

Need an all-around great product for drawer organization? This Practical Comfort customizable divider is perfect for a kitchen drawer or office drawer.

You’ll get tons of value out of it no matter the drawer. The adjustable plastic ends give you an extra 2″ of expansion.

The idea with this product is to measure your drawer items first and then configure the adjustable dividers around the size of your items.

Comes with 3 long and 6 short dividers, multi-use options, works around your items, create large and small compartments.

4. Adjustable Deeper Drawer Dividers

Dividers can be an affordable solution to organize deep drawers and to keep things from shifting. The Lipper Int. dividers use tension springs to allow for a perfect fit to most drawers. Your drawer drawer depth would need to be at least 18″.

If you have a wood or maple drawer box and want something to match closely, these dividers match nicely.

The dividers have a 5″ height, so make sure your drawer is deep enough to fit them. They are a great way to add sections without taking up a lot of space.

Set of 2 dividers, thin foam on ends helps keep dividers in place, dividers can be washed, tension springs for tight fit.

5. Adjustable Cutlery Drawer Organizer

Yes, this doesn’t look like much, but it actually is one of the more useful drawer organizers.

This mDesign model starts at 12″ width and then adjusts outward to 22.5″ total. So if you have an 18″ drawer or somewhere in the middle it would be ideal.

It has longer compartments or sections. These are great for big utensils like spatulas, mixing spoons, etc.

Easily adjusts to fit snug in drawers, ideal for larger utensils, thick and durable BPA free plastic and easy to clean or wash.

6. Adjustable Bathroom Drawer Bin with Dividers

Have smaller items you need to keep separated? The OXO adjustable divider bins are the perfect way to go about it. It’s ideal for bathrooms, craft supplies, junk drawers or for small kitchen items.

What’s adjustable? Each bin has plastic inserts that can be moved to dedicated slots that run along the sides of the bins.

The OXO product is a 4 piece set which includes a larger bin and three smaller bins.

Lots of uses for small items, quality material, 4 bins with included dividers and non-slip feet keep it stable.

7. Expandable Flatware Drawer Organizer

Sometimes standard cutlery organizers can wobble around our drawers. For more of a more custom fit, the Royal Craft flatware organizer is an option to consider.

What’s adjustable? The width on the drawer organizer can expand out to 20″ to fit more snug while also giving you 2 more compartments.

The depth within the compartments is also about 2.5″ which holds large quantities of spoons, knives, forks and more.

Great for all your flatware and large utensils, slip resistant tabs and lots of adjustability.

8. Adjustable Junk Drawer Organizer

We all have that one “catch-all” drawer dedicate to the miscellaneous. A practical solution is this CAXXA adjustable drawer organizer that helps to separate large and small items.

What’s adjustable? The center divider tabs can be moved to create an ideal small space for notepads, cables, chargers, paperclips, etc.

If you have a large 24″+ drawer, you can even try to fit two side-by-side.

Create up to 5 compartments, adjustable tabs in the middle section, perfect for a miscellaneous junk drawer.

9. Interlocking Divider Panels

These dividers are a pretty cool solution. You can really make something that adjusts to what you keep in your drawer. Whether it’s something small or large, these make sections quite easily.

All you need to do is measure your drawer and cut these divider rails down to size. You can interlock them to make any configuration.

Easily one of the best aspects of the Flytianmy drawer dividers is the pure customizable capabilities. Anything from small lipstick tubes to large sweaters can be organized with these rails.

Make a custom solution to your specific needs, small and large items work great, multiple colors offered and easy to interlock and make grids.

Our Takeaway...

So, I’ll say what I did in the beginning…the best thing about adjustable drawer organizers is the ability to keep things organized without taking up too much space.

For larger drawers, the best way to go about doing that is to use an adjustable divider rail with an expandable length. Usually you can get a few inches of adjustability. For this, I would consider using the Bambusi or the Lipper Int. drawer dividers.

The other takeaway…is to use adjustable dividers that sit within bins or trays. This is perfect for smaller items we put in desks, vanities, craft areas and the miscellaneous junk drawers. There’s lots of solutions here, but for a quality product, look into the OXO drawer organizer bins.

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