Color temperature is the rating a particular color renders on the Kelvin scale. These color temperatures can alter how an object or room is perceived when illuminated. Lighting preferences can vary widely from person to person, so it’s important to remember what you are attempting to light and where.

Various places in your home demand a certain light temperature. 2000K-3000K can be yellow in appearance and works best in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. 3500K-5000K has more white tones in the light and works best for kitchens, offices, work spaces and baths.

You can see from the photos below that as we go up the Kelvin scale to 6000K+ we start to get a blue-ish color. This is most commonly used to display merchandise, such as jewelry.

2700 Kelvin Warm White

2700K is primarily used in residential applications and works well to highlight wood grains. This temperature has tones similar to an incandescent light. It also suits applications where ambient light is needed.

3000 Kelvin Warm White

The 3000K is slightly “whiter” than the 2700K. This temperature is recommended for residential lighting and compliments wood grains well. It’s commonly used in bedrooms living rooms, dining rooms, various kitchens and outdoor spaces.

Tresco 3000K Warm White

3500 Kelvin Warm to Neutral

The 3500K is a transitional temperature used with various kitchen spaces, work areas and vanities. It can give white cabinetry an “off-white” look.

5000 Kelvin Cool White

5000K is a great temperature for white cabinetry. “Cool White” can range from 4200K-5500K and gives you the best outcome on white surfaces. It is commonly used in commercial applications and works well with work environments or any area where bright illumination is required.

6500 Kelvin Daylight

The 6500K has a very bright bluish hue of light. This is used in commercial locations and display cases. It is not recommended for residential needs.

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