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The Rev-A-Shelf wood and polymer lazy susan lines are very large and contain subtle variances in product types. In this post we’ll go over the range in products Rev-A-Shelf currently offers in this category.

Both the wood and polymer lines are divided into a tiered system with a Good, Better and Best guide as seen in the photos below. The Rev-A-Shelf polymer series begins with the Lazy Daisy line of susans which is the most economical option…

Polymer Lazy Susan Options

Lazy Daisy

The Lazy Daisy product line has Full Circle, Kidney, Pie Cut and D Shape trays available. All products will be offered in slightly different sizes, so be aware of the dimensions you need to make sure the susan is the style and size desired.

The Lazy Daisy consists of:

  • Molded Polymer Hubs
  • Ribbed Tray Surface
  • Snap Pin Hardware
  • Available in White *11 & Almond *15

The Value Line

The Value Line is a slight upgrade from the Lazy Daisy product. The main difference between the Lazy Daisy and the Value Line is the smooth tray surface and a more substantial hardware kit.

Another difference is the susan shapes that are offered. The Value Line comes in only Full Circle and Kidney versions.

The Value Line consists of:

  • Molded Polymer Hubs
  • Polymer Hardware
  • Twist-N-Lock Shaft System
  • Smooth Tray Surface
  • Available in White *11 & Almond *15

The RAS Traditional Lazy Susan

The RAS Traditional line is worth the upgrades and is the best lazy susan option Rev-A-Shelf has in the polymer series. The chrome hubs and metal hardware set this unit apart from the others.

The RAS Traditional line is also offered in various shapes including Full Circle, Kidney, Pie-Cut, D Shape and Half Moon. All three of the good, better and best versions offer telescoping shafts and the ability to bottom mount the trays. All of the trays are rated for 20lbs. per square foot.

The RAS Traditional consists of:

  • Chrome Hubs
  • Metal Hardware
  • Dependent & Independent Rotating Shaft Systems
  • Available in White *11 & Almond *15

Wood Lazy Susan Options

The Rev-A-Shelf Wood Classics program is tiered like the polymer line with a Good, Better and Best guide. The main difference in the wood susans is the quality and construction of the wood and the hardware supplied.

Just like the polymer products we have three categories, Banded Wood (Good), Wood Classic (Better) and Natural Wood (Best).

The Banded Wood

The Banded Wood is the most economical out of the three and offers a great wood look in a Full Circle, D Shape, Kidney and Pie Cut trays.

The Banded Wood consists of:

  • Laminated Hardwood
  • Rim Doweled Butt Joints
  • Almond Polymer Hubs
  • Telescoping Shaft
  • Steel Bearings

The Wood Classic

The Wood Classic is perhaps the most popular wood susan Rev-A-Shelf offers. A quality product with solid construction, chrome hardware and a good price point, this particular susan is a must for any kitchen.

The construction is slightly better than that of the Banded Wood as it is solid wood with finger joints making for a more sturdy product. Instead of plastic hubs it offers a nice chrome hub with steel hardware and aluminum bearings for a nice clean look. The Wood Classic is also offered in the Full Circle, D Shape, Kidney, Pie Cut as well as a Half Moon tray.

The Wood Classic consists of:

  • Solid Rim Finger Joints
  • Chrome Hubs
  • Telescoping Shaft
  • Aluminum Bearings

The Natural Wood

The Natural Wood is the most structural sound wood susan with a steam bent rim along with doweled butt joints. This is furniture grade construction for those customers that demand the best. Just like the Wood Classic, the Natural Wood susan will come with chrome hubs and steel hardware.

Along with the standard 2 3/8″ rim height this version is also offered in a tall 3 1/4″ rim height to protect some of the more valuable products that might be stored. The Natural Wood is offered in a Full Circle, D Shape, Kidney, Pie Cut and Half Moon trays.

The Natural Wood consists of:

  • Steam Bent Rim
  • Doweled Butt Joints
  • Chrome Hubs
  • Telescoping Shaft
  • Aluminum Bearings

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