The under sink area in our kitchen and especially in vanity base cabinets, can be one of the most used areas. It can also be difficult to find a trash pull out solution to fit in such a tight space..

From my years of experience speaking with custom cabinet makers and installers, it’s ideal to have a trash pull out that’s easy to install, made of quality materials and fits a good price range.

After compiling various resources and using the knowledge from my own hands-on experience, the under sink trash pull out that I would recommend is the Rev-A-Shelf RV814PB. There’s lots of other ideas though.

In this article we’ll compare some differences of what’s to like, what’s not to like and the need-to-know dimensions for each of the products.

Let’s kick it off with the top three…

Rev-A-Shelf – RV814PB Trash Pull Out

  • Comes ready-to-install
  • Mounts length-wise or width-wise
  • Vanity or under kitchen sinks
  • Easy install
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Rev-A-Shelf – 5SBWC Dual Bin Trash Storage

Rev-A-Shelf Under Sink Pull Out Trash
  • Soft closing slides
  • Dual bins and lids help to eliminate smells
  • Easy access handle pull
  • Mounts to cabinet floor with provided screws
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SimpleHuman – Door Hanging Trash

SimpleHuman Cabinet Door Hanging Bin
  • Removable 30 liter bin
  • Saves floor space in a smaller kitchen
  • Quick and easy disposal of trash next to the sink
  • 5 year warranty
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Article Contents

How to select a trash pull out product
  1. Break out the tape measure and double (or triple) check the inner dimensions of your cabinet space. Gather the width, depth and height measurements of the space.
  2. Your cabinet may have some obtrusive plumbing, so make sure any product installed will room to function properly.
  3. Face frame or frameless cabinetry…which one do you have? Installing items with slides may be tricky, so double check. A false panel may be needed to raise the product up over the frame lip of the cabinet.

Best Trash Pull Outs That Fit Under a Sink

1. Rev-A-Shelf – RV814PB Trash Pull Outs

This trash pull out option from Rev-A-Shelf fits in various tight spaces which is ideal for under sink applications or smaller cabinets. It’s a bare-bones solution with the frame, ball-bearing slide set and the 20 quart waste bin. It’s really all you need to get the job done.

The coolest feature on the RV-814PB is that it can be installed in two different ways. It can mount width wise and length wise (photo is length wise). Why is this helpful? If you have any under sink plumbing or need to work around things, it can accommodate in those aspects.

What’s To Like

  • Complete kit comes ready-to-install
  • Mounts length-wise or width-wise in cabinet
  • Great for small spaces in vanity or under kitchen sinks
  • Can easily be mounted to cabinet floor with provided screws

What’s Not So Great

  • Cabinet door mount kit offered separately (You need this if you want to use your door to pull the trash out)
  • Follow install directions (there is a zip tie that needs to be cut when placing it)


  • Assembled dimensions are 14-5/8″ W x 16″ Deep x 16-3/8″ H
  • Comes with white frame, slides and 20 quart bin
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2. Rev-A-Shelf – 5SBWC Multi-Bin Under Sink Trash Pull Out

If you have a small condo or apartment with limited floor space, this can be a life saver. I have installed this one a couple times and it really is super simple. We’ll warn you, it’s a bit more pricey, but well worth it if you want something sturdy that will stand the test of time.

With a height of less than 15 inches, it easily can avoid plumbing. Check out this cleaning caddy too. If you have room on the other side of the cabinet, you’ll have an awesome setup!

What’s To Like

  • Soft closing slides (no slamming shut)
  • Dual bins and lids help to eliminate smells
  • Thick plastic bins
  • Easy access handle pull
  • Mounts to cabinet floor with provided screws

What’s Not So Great

  • Lids can wobble
  • Fills up quickly
  • No cabinet door mount kit


  • Assembled dimensions are 8-15/16″ W x 18-5/8″ D x 14-1/4″ H
  • Comes with frame, slides and two bins and lids
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3. SimpleHuman – Cabinet Door Hanging Trash Bin

Certainly not a trash pullout product, but with its high Amazon rating and overall simplicity, we thought we had to add this one to our list.

One cool feature that we saw was that it includes a small u-shaped wire on the back to prevent the black bin from rubbing on the cabinet door. I know that would be a concern of mine.

The black SimpleHuman bin can be removed from the top chrome frame portion for easy disposal as well. A lid is used on this too, perfect for any under sink area where food waste or coffee grinds are disposed of.

SimpleHuman Cabinet Door Hanging Bin

What’s To Like

  • Metal hook accommodates 3/4″ door thickness
  • 5 year warranty
  • Saves floor space in a smaller kitchen
  • Quick and easy disposal of trash next to the sink

What’s Not So Great

  • Not an air tight lid seal
  • Fills up quick
  • Can hit other cabinet door if not properly measured


  • Product is 11.7″ W x 8.7″ D x 14.3″ H
  • Height with the lid open is 19.1″
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    4. Rev-A-Shelf – 8010 Stainless Steel Pivot-Out Container

    This one is pretty unique and allows you maximize your space in a small kitchen or vanity cabinet.

    The Rev-A-Shelf 8010 Bin operates in a fluid motion…meaning as you open the cabinet door the bin will rotate out and the lid will lift allowing you to dispose of trash.

    This comes ready-to-install right out of the box. It includes the stainless 14-liter container, lid, liner and all mounting hardware.

    Rev-A-Shelf Pivot Out Waste Container

    What’s To Like

    • Great use of space
    • Removable 15 liter bin w/ handle
    • Lid raises as container pivots out
    • Mounts to cabinet door, floor & side wall

    What’s Not So Great

    • May require some install time
    • Bin can dent easily


    • 13-3/8″ W x 11-7/8″ D x 18-1/2″ H
    • Requires a 13-3/4” width cabinet opening
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    5. Knape & Vogt – RSPSW9 Trash Pull Outs

    Sure, the bin size is only 20 quarts (5 gallons), but it’s ideal if you have a tight space like an under sink area. One cool feature is the handle pull, which makes it easy to access.

    The Knape & Vogt RSPSW9 comes as a complete kit including the frame, slides and waste bin. It ships ready-to-install and mounts to the base of your cabinet floor.

    What’s To Like

    • Mounts to cabinet floor
    • 20 Quart Silver Bin Included
    • Easy to install
    • Fits smaller spaces
    • Integrated handle pull

    What’s Not So Great

    • Non soft-closing slides
    • Cabinet door mount kits are sold separately (Has a handle pull, so these aren’t totally necessary)


    • Assembled dimensions are 8.375″ W x 17.3125″ H x 20.215″ D
    • Comes with 20 quart bin
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    6. Home Zone Living – Under Cabinet Trash Pull Out

    This solid trash pull out from Home Zone Living is offered in a double bin option as well as a single bin option.

    This one is really simple to install with just a few screws to the base of the cabinet floor. There is no door mounting kit though, so you’ll have to use the integrated handle pull to access it.

    One awesome feature on the Home Zone VK40265U is the tuck straps for the plastic bags. These help secure the bags and keep them from moving or falling.

    What’s To Like

    • Sturdy frame
    • Small integrated pull handle
    • Offered in single and double bins
    • Helpful bag tuck strap
    • Large 29 liter can

    What’s Not So Great

    • No door mounting kit offered to attach cabinet door


    • 15.75″ Deep x 10.20″ Wide x 19.30″ High
    • Comes as a complete kit ready-to-install
    • One 31 quart bin
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    7. SimpleHuman – Under Counter Pull Out

    Under the counter trash pull outs are a quick and easy way to dispose of coffee grinds, food waste and general trash. The SimpleHuman trash storage product is one of the most popular in the category. It comes ready-to-install with a heavy-duty steel frame, ball-bearing slide system and a 30 liter bin.

    It mounts to the base of the cabinet floor with provided screws. A handle pull is conveniently placed at the top of the frame to grab and pull the unit towards you. Make sure you measure your space a couple times to have ideal conditions for the pull out to slide in and out of the cabinet.

    What’s To Like

    • Quick and easy install process
    • Large bin size (30 liter)
    • Heavy-duty steel frame
    • Integrated handle pull
    • Smooth ball-bearing slides

    What’s Not So Great

    • No lid covering for potential odor
    • More convenient when used with SimpleHuman brand liner trash bags (works with others though)


    • Assembled dimensions are 9.8″ W x 17.7″ D x 19.1″ H
    • Comes with pull out trash frame, 30L bin, liner trial pack and 8 screws for installation
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    8. Rev-A-Shelf – RV12KD Pull Out Trash Storage

    This all-around solid trash pull out from Rev-A-Shelf is great for smaller spaces. It comes as a kit which includes the chrome wire frame, slide set, handle pull, rear basket and one 35 quart waste container.

    It mounts quickly to the base of your cabinet floor with only a few screws. The assembled dimensions are 10-5/8″ W x 22″ D x 19-1/4″ H. You’ll need to have a cabinet opening slightly larger to accommodate this trash pull out.

    What’s To Like

    What’s Not So Great

    • No Soft-Closing Slides
    • Some Assembly Required
    • Wire Frame Bars Can Get Loose


    • Manufacturer lists assembled dimensions as 10-5/8″ W x 22″ D x 19-1/4″ H
    • Comes with one – 35 quart / 8.75 gallon bin
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    What Size Trash Can Fits Under A Sink?

    In order to figure out what size trash can pull out will work under your sink, we need to know the inner cabinet dimensions. Of course, not all cabinets are alike. You may have a vanity cabinet or a standard sink base kitchen cabinet. These two types of cabinets can vary in size.

    Sink Base Kitchen Cabinet Sizes:

    • Widths of 30″, 33″, 36″
    • Depth of 24″
    • Height of (minus countertops) 34.5″

    Vanity Cabinet Sizes:

    • Widths of 24″, 30″, 36″, etc.
    • Depths of 20″, 21″
    • Heights of 30″-32″, etc.

    To be certain of your cabinet type dimensions, measure the inner opening width, depth and height. Be sure to account for any protruding plumbing or an existing sink. You’ll need to find a pull out trash product that can work with those dimensions.

    For an example: if you have a 30″ width, a 24″ depth and a 34.5″ height, you can fit a number of great pull out trash products like the 5SBWC from Rev-A-Shelf or the SimpleHuman pull out trash can too.

    How Do You Install A Trash Can Under A Sink?

    • First things first…gather your cabinet dimensions. You’ll need to know the width, depth and height of the inner cabinet space.
    • Account for any protruding hinges on the side walls.
    • Most under sink pull out trash cans will mount directly to the floor of the cabinet.
    • Align your assembled pull out trash frame towards the front frame of the cabinet to allow easy access.
    • You may need shims or spacers to give your pull out trash slide assembly clearance to slide out over a cabinet frame lip.
    • If not mounting to an existing cabinet door, make sure your cabinet door is not hitting the pull out trash can when closing.
    • Once installed and mounted to the cabinet, cycle the pull out trash can several times and adjust accordingly.

    Our Takeaway…

    We all have a notion of what we might be looking for when it comes to an under sink trash pull out solution. It’s hard to pinpoint the best features when every application is different. 

    One thing is for sure though…we all need products of quality, less installation time and something in our price range.

    After taking a look at various products and installing a few, I would look at the Rev-A-Shelf RV-814PB pull out. With its multiple configurations, it may have the right options you are looking for when it comes to an under the sink garbage can pull out.

    The other option is the bigger SimpleHuman trash pull out. It’s focus may be within a kitchen application, but this one is a sturdy, every day pull out that budget friendly.

    A quick fix is the cabinet door hanging option. If you want to save time or don’t want an “installation” process, consider something like the SimpleHuman Cabinet Door trash can.

    We hope this was informative and there were a few options that may work for you. Thanks for reading!

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