5 Best Trash Pullouts That Fit Under a Sink – Including Ideas for Kitchen and Vanity

The under sink areas in our kitchen and especially vanity base cabinets can be one of the most used areas. Due to its heavy usage, it can also be a problem area for excess clutter.

We store cleaning supplies, detergents, soaps, personal hygiene items, and tons of other household products including waste bins in our base cabinets. We found some great products to help get organized and quickly dispose of garbage.

Below you’ll find our list of recommended trash pullouts that fit nicely under your sink. Let us know in the comments if you have other solutions!

If you are looking for regular trash options check out our Top 5 Trash Pullouts for Kitchens.

Couple things to look out for when selecting a product…

1) Break out the tape measure and double check the dimensions of the cabinet. Your cabinet may have some obtrusive plumbing, so make sure any product installed will have plenty of room to function properly.

2) Face frame or frameless cabinetry…which one do you have? Installing items with slides may be tricky, so double check. A false panel maybe needed to raise the product up over the frame of the cabinet.

#1 RV-814PB Trash Pullout (With Optional Door Mount Kit)

With a 20 quart waste container, you really get a larger can size than other options out there. It’s hard to cram a pullout into such a small space, so the RV-814PB Waste Container utilizes it well. It avoids most plumbing regardless. It also mounts to the base of the cabinet with just a few screws.

One draw back about this pullout is that there is no handle. The manufacturer does offer a Door Mount Kit. Although not difficult, it is a bit more to install. The kit allows you to operate the pullout when attached to your cabinet door.

  • Ball-Bearing Slides
  • Mounts to cabinet floor
  • 14-5/8″ (370mm) Wide, 16″ (406mm) Deep, 16-3/8″ (416mm) High
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#2 5SBWC Multi-Bin Sink Base Trash Pullout

This happens to be our favorite. I have installed this one a couple times and it really is super simple. We’ll warn you, it’s a bit more pricey, but well worth it if you want something sturdy that will stand the test of time. With a height of less than 15 inches, it easily can avoid plumbing. Check out this cleaning caddy too. If you have room on the other side of the cabinet, you’ll have an awesome setup!

Great features include the integrated handle pull and soft-close slides!

  • (1) 8 Liter and (1) 15 Liter bin included
  • Mounts to cabinet floor
  • Full-extension soft closing slides
  • 8-15/16″ (227mm) Wide, 18-5/8″ (473mm) Deep, 14-1/4″ (362mm) High
See it on amazon!

#3 8-010 Stainless Steel Pivot-Out Waste Container

Great for kitchen or vanity applications, the 8-010 trash pullout actually pivots out of the cabinet. Granted, it’s more of an “install” than the others on our list, but it’s functionality is stellar. 

  • Removable 15 liter bin w/ handle
  • Lid raises as container pivots out
  • Mounts to cabinet door, floor & side wall
See it on amazon!

#4 Door Hanging Trash Bin – 10 Liter

Certainly not a trash pullout product, but with its high Amazon rating and overall simplicity, we thought we had to add this one to our list.

One cool feature that we saw was that it includes a small u-shaped wire on the back to prevent the black bin from rubbing on the cabinet door. The bin can be removed from the frame for easy disposal as well.

  • Metal hook accommodates 3/4″ door thickness
  • 11.7″ Wide  x 8.7″ Deep  x 14.3″ High
See it on amazon!

#5 4WCSC Wood Box Trash Pullout (Soft-Close Slides)

Like #2 on our list, this trash pullout is for serious consumers looking for the best of the best. This could easily be a top contender, but we know not everyone is looking for extreme products. This has maple dovetail construction, soft-close concealed slides and comes with a cool storage area behind the waste bin.

Our favorite thing about this guy, is the height. At about 14 inches it fits nicely into any sink base cabinet. On the other hand…one of the downsides is that there is no handle to grab when you want to pull the unit out.

  • Mounts to cabinet floor
  • (1) 8 quart container with handle
  • Full-extension soft-close slides

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