5 Best Pull Out Trash Cans for Kitchens (2019)

If you’re on the search for a trash pull out for your kitchen, look no further.

We’ve compiled some of the best out there. From very basic to high-end, each trash pull out offers great functionality and benefits. Each option has various characteristics to notice such as, finishes, can sizes, slide capabilities and install difficulty.

Just a simple disclaimer here: make sure the measurements of your cabinet are appropriate for the trash pull out. Determining whether you have face frame or frameless cabinetry can help when choosing a waste container as well.

Quick Preview

Many of these pull outs discussed have options for single bin or double bin versions and will work with a drawer above it in a base cabinet, however some larger 50qt. waste bin cans will need a full height base cabinet with no drawer above.

A Full Height Cabinet (No Drawer Above)

Cabinet With Drawer Above

How to Choose a Trash Pull Out

Before investing in a trash pull out system for your home, evaluate the type of environment it will be used in.

  • Do you have a heavy traffic kitchen?
  • Do you need a trash pull out that’s easier to install?
  • Will you have children putting it to use?
  • What type of trash volume is generated?
  • What waste bin size is suitable for the waste generated? (27qt., 35qt., 50qt.)
  • Do you need trash pull out that’s easy to clean?
  • Do you need a trash pull out that mounts to your cabinet door?

The selections provided below, may have a solution for your application or specific needs.

The Best Trash Pull Outs for Kitchens

#5 The White Wire Ball-Bearing Pull Out

This RV Series trash pull out is offered in various sizes with single or double bins. The larger double 27qt. and double 35qt. fit in standard cabinet sizes and get the most bang for your buck. Both of these mount easily with four screws to the bottom of the cabinet. The RV Series pull outs are very sturdy and the wire is quite rigid preventing any side-to-side movement.

The 100lb. rated full-extension slides allow the unit to come out beyond the cabinet frame. You can quickly remove the frame portion from the slides by pressing down on each of the black slide tabs. An optional door mounting kit is also available and provided separately. *The double 35qt. pictured is 14-3/8″ wide.

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#4 The Chrome Knock-Down Pull Out

This particular trash pull out option comes as a knock-down unit, so the chrome wire frame will need to be assembled with supplied clips. It is offered with a single 35qt., double 27qt., and double 35qt. (pictured) waste bin options. This unit is a bit more contemporary and has silver bins which goes nicely with the chrome frame and slides.

A moveable handle can be used to glide the product in and out of the cabinet space. The full-extension slides mount to the bottom of the cabinet in no time with just a few screws. *If a back lid is used, it may not open properly due to the face frame of the cabinet.

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#3 Top Mount Wood Ball-Bearing Pull Out

Some folks prefer the stability that a top mount unit provides. It can give a bit more rigidness to some applications as it mounts to the front-side of cabinets. These are offered in various sizes including single 35qt., double 27qt., and double 35qt. (pictured) bins.

With full-extension slides rated for 150lb., pre-assembled door mounting brackets, and solid maple construction, this top mount wood pull out option can easily be a good choice for any busy kitchen.  *The double 35qt. pictured is 15″ wide.

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#2 Maple Drawer Box Bottom Mount Soft Closing Pull Out

If you need a top-of-the-line wood drawer box pull out system, this is the perfect option for your household. Right out of the box, this unit can be mounted to the base of your cabinet with two soft-closing slides. It comes with silver waste bins and pre-installed adjustable door mounting brackets. It is offered in various sizes including, single 35qt., single 50qt., double 35qt., and double 50qt. cans.

If you happen to have inset cabinetry, try this option.

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#1 Aluminum Frame Bottom Mount Soft Closing Pull Out

This aluminum pull out meets many criteria, which is why we put it at number one. The ease of installation, aesthetics, soft-closing feature, door mounting capabilities, and removability options put it out ahead.

The aluminum slides quickly mount to the bottom of the cabinet and can actually be detached from the frame allowing for easy cleaning. Waste cans are also included along with an adjustable door mounting kit.

It is offered in various sizes including single 35qt., single 50qt., double 35qt., and double 50qt. can options. The 50qt. versions do need a full height base cabinet without a drawer above to function. *The product pictured is 14-13/16″ wide.

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Need A Few More Options?

Under-Counter Recycler Trash Pull-Outs

SimpleHuman is known for there full-line of step trash can options, but this pull-out also has a good reputation. 

The black front bin is 20 liters and the blue recycler bin is 15 liters. They are a tad small compared to our other options listed, but are certainly suitable for standard usage. This features a steel frame, full-extensions slides, easy access handle. Overall it’s a great option for smaller cabinets.

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In-Cabinet Soft-Close Double Pull Out Trash Can

What you may notice first on this 14-13/16″ width trash pull out is the backsplash guard in the back of the unit. This is helpful if you don’t want any debris falling behind the waste cans. It also makes it easy to clean. This product comes in a white version and a silver version. One thing I know many of you are looking for is the ability to mount it to your existing cabinet door and this unit provides that too. 

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Single Bin Trash Pull Out w/ Door Mount Brackets

The 53WC Series trash pull out is the perfect option for a basic entry point into a soft closing trash pull out system. This is a straightforward product to get the job done in a moderately used kitchen or laundry room. It offers more style with grey frame and matching waste container can.

This trash pull out comes ready to assemble with all necessary components and can quickly be built and installed in 20 minutes. Check out our overview blog post on this.

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As with many convenience hardware products like above, it is important to grab the accurate measurements of your cabinetry and verify the dimensions of the products.

Generally, you will need to account for extra room when retrofitting items into your cabinets. If you have any questions about products, please let our team know.

Thanks for reading guys! If you have a friend or colleague who might benefit from this information, we’d appreciate you sharing it with them.

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