The 4WCBM Series waste container is the perfect solution for the busy family that needs a solid and reliable working waste container system. This pullout waste container fits multiple widths to easily accommodate various cabinet sizes.

The product comes as a complete kit, which includes the dovetail drawer box, waste containers (1 or 2 depending on part number) soft-close piston slide assembly and all the hardware needed to mount it to the bottom of the cabinet and to mount the cabinet door to the pullout.

The 4WCBM Series is a workhorse and can take lots of abuse with its unique “Rev-A-Motion” soft-open/soft-close piston. The fulcrum point is roughly eight inches. At that point it will fully extend out of the cabinet or soft-close with minimal effort.

The unit is offered in single 35qt. and 50qt. bins as well as double 30qt., and 50qt. bins. The user can load bins up to the brim as the slides are rated for 150lbs. The dovetail construction on the maple drawer box provides a clean look that conceals the slides when extended out of the cabinet and often compliments the cabinet construction nicely.

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