3W Power Pockit Puck Light

The 3W Power Pockit puck light from Tresco Lighting is perfect for under cabinet lighting in kitchens, displays, store fixtures or general task lighting uses. It is offered in six finishes including, satin nickel, chrome, black, white, bronze and brass. At only 1/4″ when recessed and 3/8″ when surface mounted, the Power Pockit is one of the thinnest puck lights on the market.

The 120° beam spread can save time and money versus using a smaller coverage fixture. With warm (3000K) and cool (5000K) color temperatures, these puck lights compliment various cabinetry and furniture applications.

The Details

The Power Pockit light from Tresco Lighting is a perfect entry point into LED under cabinet lighting. The metal housing and diffused lens cover give this light extreme quality and a clean look. The 3 watt output and 120° light spread give you optimal use for standard kitchen applications.

Color Temperature

Depending on the part number, a cool white and warm white color temperature is offered. Cool white is commonly used with white cabinetry and works within modern kitchens and furniture applications. The 3000K warm color tone is usually the optimal color temperature for wood cabinetry.

5000K White Temperature

3000K White Temperature

Tresco 3000K Warm White

What You Need to Get It Working

Along with the Power Pockit puck light, you will most likely need a Tresco power supply that works with a standard 110/120V wall outlet. You can also select an option for turning the light fixture on and off with various switches and controller found.

The Box Contents

The light comes with two screws, detachable surface mount ring, and an AMP connector to plug the light into the power supply.

Helpful Tips

The wire on the light has labels for + and -. These will need to be connected to the + and – on the AMP connector to ensure polarity. These puck lights work perfectly with a 60W Power Supply from Tresco. You can use up to 20 of the 3W lights with a 60W power supply.

Dimensions & Specifications

Light Finish Options: Satin Nickel, Chrome, White, Black,
Bronze, Brass
Lens Finish: Frosted
Height (Inches): .25
Diameter Inch: 2.50
Recessed Diameter (Inches): 2.25
Attached Cord: Yes
Wire Color: Black
Input Lead Length (Inches): 79″
Total Wattage: 3
Voltage: 12V
Current (Amps): .25
Dimmable: Yes
UL Listed: Yes

Light Output

Bulb Type: LED
Life (Hours): 50,000
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 5000K and 3000K
Lumens: 234
Degree of Beam Angle: 120
Foot Candle: 57
UV Output: No


Mount Type: Recess/Surface
Linkable: No
Trimmable: No

*Please consult the manufacturers specification guide for accurate dimensions.


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